FX self defense rocky frizzell

Caitlyn Hina, left, gives instructor Rocky Frizzell a knee to the face at FX Self Defense gym. Frizzell will lead a free Self Defense For Women workshop at Bridge Park from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 23.

By Dave Russell


A Self Defense For Women Workshop for women 13 years and up is set for Bridge Park from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 23.

Hosted by FX Self Defense, the free workshop will teach participants some basic self-defense tips and moves.

“We’ll be talking about awareness, environment, a lot of safety tips to help people in our regular life, “ said Rocky Frizzell, FX Self Defense’s head instructor. “Because most of the time we don’t go looking for trouble, trouble finds us.”

Because it is a women-focused event, there will be a focus on the dangers women might face, he said.

“There are differences between the way attackers attack different types of people,” Frizzell said. “We will be focusing on the things that statistics say women see more often. We’ll focus on things like someone grabbing a wrist or trying to grab them by their arm or hit them, trying to remove a person from point A to point B.”

The emphasis is on simple and functional, he said.

Other topics covered include vital points of the body that will entice the attacker to want to let go, and how to use common objects like keys, purses and flashlights as tools for self-defense.

Frizzell brings 26 years of experience as an instructor in self defense to head up the event.

He has studied multiple systems of self defense and is certified to teach in several.

He is a black belt in Israeli self defense discipline Krav Maga.

“I also have black belts in two different karate styles and am a brown belt coach in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” he said.

Frizzell will be joined onstage by some members of his gym and use a sound system to lead the participants.

“I’ll have some people from our school to help demonstrate and also to talk about each part of self defense,” he said.

The event is BYOB, as in “bring your own buddy” to work with. Buddies can be male or female. The participants will not spar or strike each other, but will practice what Frizzell is demonstrating on stage.

The event is one of many FX has hosted in the region. A 2019 event with the Sylva Police Department at the Sylva United Methodist Church gym drew 137 women.

COVID moved this one outdoors.

“The best situation as far as with COVID is to try to make it something that people would feel good about would be to have an outdoor event and set it up to where people bring their own partner,” he said. “That way they are with somebody they are comfortable with and don’t have to work with somebody they don’t know.”

The park would also allow the pairs to distance, he said.

Self defense should be something everyone learns, Frizzell said. 

“In this day of uncertain times, things seem to be getting a little crazier out there,” he said. “All human beings should know the basics of how to defend themselves, similar to learning to ride a bike or the importance of learning to swim. Everyone should learn the basics of how to protect themselves against some of the most dangerous things in the world, which is other human beings.”

Participants do not need to bring much.

“Just bring a smile and a good attitude, no special equipment is needed,” he said. “I would wear tennis shoes and some exercise clothes that are easy to move around in. We’re going to have bottled water available.”

Participants who enjoy the workshop can take a complimentary class at FX to try it out, Frizzell said.

Anyone with questions should contact FX by text/call at 476-8566 or by email at info@FXSelfDefense.com. The required pre-registration for the workshop and more information about FX Self Defense can be found at www.FXSelfDefense.com.