By Dave Russell


How busy is Sylva’s business scene? Just a month after a business roundup story, the Herald patched together another one. A new eatery, a discount grocer and an upholstery shop are in town, and lips are sealed about one of the most talked about properties in town.

A slice of New York comes to 984 E. Main St. in late October when Everything Bagels opens. Co-owner Vinny Ferrara brought New York pizza to town when he opened Ferrara Pizza and Pasta.

“Now I guess he wanted some New York bagels as well,” said co-owner Jessica DuBoise. “We are getting the bagels shipped straight from New York. We’re going to have everything bagels, plain bagels, sesame seed, blueberry, ancient grain and cinnamon raisin.” In addition to the traditional cream cheese, lox (cured salmon) will be available.

“We are going to have a few sandwiches that we created,” she said. “For breakfast, bacon, sausage, and eggs and Taylor ham, which is a pork roll. Lunch is going to be more of a deli-style selection.”

Everything will be served on a bagel with other bread options, she said.

“I was kind of drawn more to the breakfast aspect, but with COVID going on, we decided a big dine-in breakfast place might not be the best idea, so we went with a little quicker, drive-thru and takeout restaurant, and we will open the dining room when things calm down.”

Hot and iced coffee are on the menu and available from the drive-thru.

The store will open Wednesday through Monday from 6:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. 

Everything Bagels is on Facebook.

Mark Hawkins decided Sylva was a nice place, so after a 27-year career with a “big box” grocery store, he opened Hawkeye Sales at 334 E. Main St., Suite B, right next to Little Caesars. 

Motor oil, shampoo, chocolates, socks, razor blades, hand sanitizer, candy, cookies, country ham, coffee and more can be found inside.

Hawkeye’s goal is to beat “big box” prices on everything a grocery store might have, though it does not offer alcohol, produce or frozen foods.

Hawkins employs his friend Brian Fish, who said the two have been in the food business for about 50 years combined. 

“Our biggest seller is probably beef jerky,” Fish said. “I wouldn’t say it’s our specialty, but nine out of 10 customers buy something off the jerky tables.”

Stock changes according to what Hawkins can find, Fish said. 

“It’s whatever we can get to save you some money on,” he said.

Daily updates on the Facebook page tout Hawkeye prices.

Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Owners of boats, restaurants, airplanes, cars, furniture and more in need of upholstery work have an option at 34 E. Sylva Shopping Center, home of Stitches Custom Upholstery. 

“I grew up doing it,” owner Troy DeBose said. “I started sewing when I was 4 years old. My father always had a shop, so I have 40 years of experience doing it.”

His work comes with a guarantee.

“Fabric is going to wear out eventually, but if my work has issues, I fix it,” he said. “I’ve never had any problems with the stuff that I do.”

DeBose has about 50 fabric sample books for customers to peruse and choose from.

“I have a good relationship with all of the suppliers so they send me material right out,” he said.

DeBose did a soft opening in August but just put up his sign last week.

Hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Stitches is on Facebook and right next to the Sylva ABC Store.

Dreamcatcher, at 648 W Main St., closed down last month. The storefront, which previously housed Bright Sports, remains vacant.

Across the street, clothing boutique Humanite closed in the spring and a similar store is set to take its place when Southern & Sunkissed moves in. The Franklin store offers tanning as well as clothing. 

Southern & Sunkissed is on Facebook and at

A new car wash and a tattoo parlor are on the horizon as well. 

Many have asked “What’s going in at the old Ryan’s site?”

The Herald made phone calls and sent emails, and received this from Tricor International Director of Leasing Stacey CaChat: “We are still working on it and I’ll call you when we are ready to release the tenants’ names.”