Chip Hall


By Beth Lawrence


Jackson County Sheriff Chip Hall announced via Facebook last week that he would not seek reelection.

Hall has served as sheriff since 2014.

In a statement posted to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Hall said he had given the decision much thought and “many prayers.”

“I have discussed this with my family,” Hall said. “And we have decided after 34 years of service with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office the time has come for me to retire.”

Hall considered the matter with his wife Selena and their children who were eager to see him slow down and enjoy life as he ages, he said in a Monday interview. Hall is 53 years old.

“Being the sheriff is very demanding,” he said. “It’s seven days a week.”

Hall has served his entire law enforcement career with the JCSO, starting out at 20 years old. He was hired in November 1988 as a deputy/jailer. He was promoted to sergeant and lieutenant before advancing to jail captain in 2004. In 2010, Hall was promoted to chief deputy. He ran for and was elected sheriff in 2014 and won reelection in 2018.

Hall and his family also considered the effort and commitment it would take to mount a campaign and an additional four years of service should he win.

“That would put me at 38 years,” he said. “I’ve had a good, successful career. It’s time for me to slow down in life and enjoy retirement.”

He doesn’t have any definite plans for retirement other than to fish or hunt a little more. Hall joked that he would also tackle his wife’s honey-do list if she creates one for him.

One of his proudest accomplishments as sheriff is fulfilling his goal to ensure that each of the county’s schools has a school resource officer posted on campus and working with county commissioners to improve school safety.

Hall promised to serve the remainder of his term as sheriff until after the 2022 election and to ensure the transition to new leadership would be a smooth one. 

He did not endorse a candidate but asked that voters choose a candidate “with integrity, commitment and passion for moving the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office forward.”

He called his fellow Jackson County law enforcement officers “some of the finest” and said he had been honored to work with them.

“I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish while working together for the citizens of Jackson County,” he said.

The announcement was met with well wishes in the JCSO Facebook page’s comments section.

“Thank you for your service,” wrote Star Martin. “I’m so proud of our little mountain town.”