By Carey Phillips


Franklin and Tuscola shut out Smoky Mountain last week in Mountain Seven Conference tennis matches,  dropping the Lady Mustangs to 1-10 on the season.



Franklin downed SM 9-0 on Oct. 4 at Mark Watson Park. Results of singles matches, all won by the Lady Panthers, were:

#1 – Alyssa Smith over Anneka Abbott 10-1.

#2 – Carmen Sgro over Addison Cowan 12-10.

#3 – Abigail Angel over Abigail Stanberry 10-4.

#4 – Madi Stork over Emma Jutte 10-0.

#5 – Lydia Holland over Allie Russotti 10-0.

#6 – Laura Holland over Jada Cortes 10-3.

Results of doubles matches, all won by Franklin, were:

#1 – Sgro and Kate Phillips over Abbott and Cowan 8-0.

#2 – Stork and Logan Guynn over Stanberry and Jutte 8-2.

#3 – Lydia Holland and Boston Stringer over Russotti and Cortes 6-4.

“Overall, the girls played competitive tennis all the way down the line,” Coach Ashley Doolin said. “Every match went into ad scoring. It was our longest match to date. That goes to show that individual matches were competitive.”

She noted that Cowan battled back from a 6-3 deficit to almost win her match.

“She kicked it into another gear and played completely different,” Doolin said. “She took advantage of different kinds of shots. She used lobs and came up to the net. You don’t often see that in high school women’s tennis.”

She said Stanberry and Jutte were competitive in their doubles match.

“Their opponents capitalized on some of the points that we should have had,” Doolin said.

She added that Cortes and Russotti continue to play competitively in doubles.



Tuscola won 7-0 last Thursday at Tuscola. The last two doubles matches weren’t played because of rain and the outcome of the team score already being decided.

Results of singles matches, all won by Tuscola, were:

#1 – Anneka Lam over Abbott 10-2.

#2 – Cooper Richardson over Cowan 10-0.

#3 – Sierra Sellers over Stanberry 10-1.

#4 – Julianne Burgin over Jutte 10-4.

#5 – Amelia Muri over Russotti 10-6.

#6 – Lydia Jackson over Welch 10-5.

In the only doubles match played, Lam and Richardson topped Abbott and Cowan 8-0.

“Allie played one of her best matches this season,” said Jim Eyler, assistant coach. “She had some long points and was consistent and continued to get better throughout the match.

“Rebecca also played one of her best matches,” Eyler said. “She played much more consistently with more structure. Putting her in singles is a little bit out of her comfort zone but she continues to add games to her score.

“Emma played a tough match, and it was her first time facing Tuscola,” he added.