The following property transfers were posted between Aug. 27 and 31 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

BWE Land LLC to Buchanan and Sons Inc., Lots D1-2, F1-4, F4-14, H1-8, OS3-6, Preserve at High Grove Subdivison, $50,000.

Jack E. Baltar by AIF and James Baltar AIF to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 44, Townhouse 1244, Building 24, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $2,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to William Crayton Walters III and Louisa G. Walters, .67 acres, Lot HLC-19, Sheep Laurel Section of High Hampton, $675,000.

Thomas V. Amendola, Marylou Amendola and Mary Lou Amendola to Mary Grace Korotva, Phase I, Townhouse 1002, Building 1, Country Club Villas, Cashiers, $329,000.

Helen D. Butkovich by AIF and Nancy Butkovich AIF to Jeremy Stephen Ellenburg, .28 acres, Sylva, $105,000.

Thomas H. Foster and Mary R. Foster to Scott G. Morton and Penny L. Morton, Lot 115, 1/40th Undivided Interest, Balsam Mountain Preserve, Scotts Creek, $85,000.

James M. Fragale and Darlene Fragale to Danita E. Schettig and Kenneth M. Schettig, Lot 97, Townhouse XIV, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $210,000.

Daniel P. Davison and Elizabeth S. Weltner to Richard J. Baroody and Barbara L. Baroody, .11 acres, Lot 2, View Cottages LLC, Cashiers, $347,000.

Merwyn L. Haney, Last Will and Testament of Merwyn L. Haney and Betty Haney Trust to Ronald J. Bove II, The Ronald J. Bove II Trust and Ronald J. Bove II Trust, .83 acres, Canada, $197,500.

Marlene E. Schroeder by AGT, Marlene Schroeder by AGT and Audrey Wood AGT to Charles J. Anderson and Elizabeth R. Anderson, .25 acres, Lot 21, Fairway Hamlets, Cashiers, $430,000.

James R. Morrow and Nina M. Morrow to Steve H. Wallace and Mary L. Wallace, 26.04 acres, Greens Creek, $110,000.

BWE Land LLC to Kevin Gene Varnadore, Donna Shuler Varnadore and Brent Logan Varnadore, 10.08 acres, Lot 89, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $28,000.

Sue Walker Trust and The Walker Trust to Estes Lee Myers and Nora Sutton Myers, $100,000.

Beth C. Sheridan to Allen Builder and Leigh S. Builder, Phase 2, Parcel A, Lot 8BR, Arrowhead Development, Cashiers, $775,000.

Mitchell B. Kranes and Linda J. Kranes to Elizabeth J. Swanstrom, .01 acres, Cashiers, $1,000.

Hayes Baxter Fisher and Sue Fisher to William W. Murajda and Amanda Woods Murajda, $60,000.

Jennifer Goodson Lackey to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 52, Townhouse 1366, Building 16, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $2,000.

Milton J. Barber and Pamela Barber to Hampton Place LLC, 32.47 acres, Qualla, $695,000.

Simpson Investments LLC to Joseph Aruto Jr. and Kimberly Aruto, .9 acres, Lot 6, Woodhaven Estates, Savannah, $217,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Timothy Leo McLeod and Maite G. McLeod, Lot 92, Chinquapin Subdivision, $162,500.

Sharon B. Dittenberger and Richard J. Dittenberger to Timothy T. Taylor and Sherry L. Taylor, 7.21 acres, Tract 2, Sylva-Rural, $30,000.

Tammy Ramsey Stanfield, John Delis Stanfield Jr., Bessie Mae Conner and James Ray Conner to Glenville Landscape Supply LLC, .33 acres, Hamburg, $80,000.

Corey Broda and Janette Lea Broda to Brian F. Krowicki and Katie Krowicki, .65 acres, Scotts Creek, $226,000.

German Family Limited Partnership to H.A. Moore III, 6.56 acres, Lot 5, Laurel Knob at Glenridge, Hamburg, $220,000.

Thomas Edward Werth and Karen Beck Werth to Kenneth M. Fristoe and Susan M. Fristoe, 7.74 acres, Hamburg, $247,000.

Teresa Ann Cooper, Teresa Ann Cooper Revocable Trust and Teresa Ann Cooper Trust to Lauren Pryor Wiseman Trust and Reid Dejarnette Wood, 1.21 acres, Lot 19, Woudes Mountain Village, Hamburg, $22,500.

Maria I. Martinez and Antonio Martinez to Anne B. Bonestroo, 7.92 acres, Mountain, $615,000.

Timothy Ryan Casey and Laura Armstrong Campbell Casey to Dona H. Tannler, Dona H. Tannler Revocable Trust and Dona H. Tannler Trust, 1.19 acres, Lot E-54, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $575,000.

Elizabeth J. Swanstrom to Frank Craig Kolavo and Amy Asay, 3.15 acres, Lot 23 Revised, Holly Berry Mountain Estates, Cashiers, $530,000.

Darlene R. Betty, Darlene R. Newman and Susan S. Reid to Schmitz Properties LLC, Townhouse 8, Building IV, Phase I, Emerald Cove, Cashiers, $265,000.

Mary Ellen Griffin Trust to William George Hanrahan and Leesa Renee Hanrahan, 6.71 acres, Scotts Creek, $280,000.

Bari I. Axelband, Bari I. Axelband Revocable Trust, Bari I. Axelband Co-Trust, Bari L. Axelband Co-Trust and Philip S. Axelband Co-Trust to Jimmy and Georgann Roberts, 2.81 acres, Phase III, Lot 22, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $127,500.

Larry Gray McDonald and Pamela McDonald to Triple Eagle Enterprises LLC, 1.45 acres, Sylva-Rural, $11,000.

Lois A. Connell Trust, H.C. Connell Trust and H.C. Connell Family Trust to Marten J. Brolmann and Anna D. Brolmann, Lot 35 Addition, Laurel Gap Subdivision, Savannah, $135,000.

Jamie Bradley, Kenneth Bradley, Kelly Bradley, Kirland Bradley, Kirkland Bradley by AGT and Tina Bradley Ind. and AGT to Vernon Tracy Henson and Paula Ensley Henson, 8.24 acres, Caney Fork, $25,000.

Julie A. Smith and Kenneth L. Smith to Jopa Investments LLC, 4.15 acres, Scotts Creek, $115,000.

Thomas E. Roberts and Rebecca E. Roberts to Laurence W. Simpson and Georgia Schneidau, Townhouse 6B, Hilltop, Cashiers, $154,000.

Stephen R. Bouchard and Judith S. Bouchard to Emily R. Woomer and Matthew Woomer, .95 acres, Section 6, Lot D, Hawks Ridges, Barkers Creek, $20,000.

Life Information Services LLC to Shadowlawn LLC, two tracts, Cashiers, $85,000.

Sharon J. McGee and John D. McGee to John D. Walsh, .86 acres, Sylva-Rural, $256,000.

Edgar A. Womack, Edgar A. Womack Living Trust and Ann George Conway Trust to Chad Eric Carver, Lot 17, Varners Ridge Subdivision, Qualla, $124,500.

Joseph Y. Bassett, Joseph Y. Bassett Revocable Trust and Christine A. Bassett Trust to Joseph C. Bassett and Beth Wall-Bassett, two tracts, Cullowhee, $230,000.

Cathlene Boring to Amanda R. Storm, .81 acres, Sylva-Rural, $170,000.

Mountain Venture Group LLC to Brian and Sarah Miller, .74 acres, Phase 2, Lot C-1, Lonesome Valley Cottages, Cashiers, $225,000.

Heyward M. Cantrell and Robin G. Cantrell to Brian P. Donovan and Grace B. Donovan, two tracts, Hamburg, $380,000.

Clayton B. Ketcham, Patricia E. Ketcham, Susan E. Riley and Charles R. Riley to Frank Boone and Kimberly M. Boone, 5.19 acres, Lot 6, High Hemlock, Cashiers, $610,000.

Margarett Hamilton and Margaret Hamilton to Brent Ray Parker, .9 acres, Tract 2, Barkers Creek, $255,000.