The following property transfers were posted between Sept. 4 and 7 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Mark E. Throgmorton, The Mark E. Throgmorton Revocable Trust and Mark E. Throgmorton Trust to Eric James Josephson, 1.64 acres, Qualla, $107,000.

Laura McCloud to Karl F. Becker Jr. and Suzanne R. Becker, .2 acres, Phase 2-B, Lot 29, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $190,000.

Peggy Ammons Cope, Eddie Cope, Eddie Stillwell, Maxine Ammons Stillwell, Donna Ammons Scott, Carl Scott and Randy Pazera to Eric S. Fry, Linda Fry and Carl E. Fry Jr., Cullowhee, $200,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Robert John Fordham and Olivia P. Fordham, Lot 84A, Chinquapin Development, Hamburg, $85,000.

Terry C. Schwarz, Terry C. Schwarz Co-Trust, Rhoda M. Schwarz, Rhoda M. Schwarz Co-Trust and Terry C. Schwarz and Rhoda M. Schwarz Joint Trust to Robert Burton, Robert Burton Trust, Robert M. Burton Co-Trust and Joan E. Burton Co-Trust, .64 acres, Lot 14, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $262,500.

Russell B. Winthrop and Vicki G. Winthrop to Peter Bassett, Lot 9, Greycliff Subdivision, $95,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Lot 47, Townhouse 1541, Building 4, Lot 10, Townhouse 1553, Building 5, Lot 19, Townhouse 1461, Building 16, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $12,500.

Moss Holdings LLC to Jed Allen Haley, .19 acres, Cullowhee, $4,500.

Eric D. Romaniszyn and Kathleen M. Brennan to Jeremy S. Hyatt and Manuela Luebeck, 4.16 acres, Webster, $260,000.

Lester L. Conerly, Lester L. Conerly Trust, Sadie Sue Conerly, Sadie Sue Conerly Trust and Lester L. Conerly and Sadie Sue Conerly Revocable Trust to Sandy Ferguson Simpson, two tracts, Savannah, $115,000.

Brent E. Silver, Anita P. Silver and Anita K. Pardo to Kelly A. Smith and Randy P. Yacuzzo, two tracts, Cullowhee, $197,500.

Robert D. Randall and Beth Ann Randall to Trenton Nathaniel Sawyer, 6.02 acres, Lots 2, 3 and 4, Barkers Creek, $27,500.

Dolores A. Hanes and Wayne Hanes to Zachary L. Haynes, 1.6 acres, Lot 10, Scotts Creek, $10,000.

John C. Kirts and Kathie S. Kirts to Lana J. Wood and Donald Blast, .57 acres, Lot 11, Cedar Point Development, .01 acres, Point Dock Lot 1, Cedar Point Landing, Hamburg, $662,000.

Joshua Isaac Brown, Jessica Fish Brown and Jessica Lauren Fish to Alexa Rose Teague, Lot B, Building 6, Riverchase, Dillsboro, $80,000.

Joan Fouts, Joan Fouts Living Trust and Joan Fouts Trust to Richard Alan Schaefer and Kathleen Browne Schaefer, four tracts, Greens Creek, $250,000.

Brookings Inc. to A. Jones Company LLC, Lot 3, Chestnut Square, Cashiers, $207,000.

James M. Michaelson, James M. Michaelson Trust, Gail A. Michaelson, Gail A. Michaelson Trust and The James M. and Gail A. Michaelson Revocable Living Trust to Joshua C. Hornbuckle and Natalie B. Fisher, 1.69 acres, Lot 1, Hunters Ridge Subdivision, Savannah, $159,000.

Elizabeth Rose Camp Owen to Sherry B. Fuller and Kenneth P. Fuller, Townhouse A, Building 1, Laurel Ridge Townhomes, Sylva, $210,000.

Phil O. Nelson and Sarah Nelson to Malone Investment Properties LLC, 3.27 acres, Cashiers, $1,175,000.

Jackson K. Baird and Connie B. Baird to Orlando Lopez-Isa and Jimi Sue Lopez-Isa, .5 acres, Lot 8, Sims Valley, Hamburg, $310,000.

The Mountain Club Association Inc. to Quinton M. Caldwell Sr. and Patricia M. Caldwell, Lot 20-E, Mountain Club Interest, $83,500.

RWB Realty LLC to Woodrow J. Alagood, Diana D. Alagood, Jeffery D. Alagood, Jeffery D. Alagood Co-Trust, Amy S. Alagood, Amy S. Alagood Co-Trust, Jeffery D. Alagood and Amy S. Alagood Trust Agreement, Kenneth A. Locicero, Amie A. Locicero, David H. Schwefler and Jane A. Schwefler, 2.54 acres, Lot 17, Scotts Creek, $590,000.

McCune Development N.C. LLC to Robert Injaychock, .68 acres, Lot 16, Stonecreek Estates, Cashiers, $4,000.

James W. Brand Jr. and Charlotte Brand to MMB Memphis Real Estate, 1.91 acres, Phase 4, Section 1, Lot 274, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $165,000.

A.R. Morsillo and A.R. Morsillo Trust to Stephen A. Lisenby and Susan P. Lisenby, three tracts, Hamburg, $875,000.

Darlene R. Newman Betty and Darlene R. Newman to Thomas W. Ryan and Donna N. Ryan, 5.85 acres, Lot C, Cedar Meadow, Cashiers, $75,000.

James L. Putt, James L. Putt Revocable Trust and James L. Putt Trust to Benjamin C. Stimpson, .62 acres, Lot E-244, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $336,000.