The following property transfers were posted between June 25 and 29 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Susan J. Capurso to Todd and Jennifer Davidson, 1.11 acres, Sylva-Rural, $136,500.

Rick K. Wilson and Dru C. Wilson to Roland and Diane Lajoie, Lot 24, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $499,000.

Chinquapin LLC to NSH Properties LLC, Lot D-3, Chinquapin Development, Hamburg, $235,000.

Bart and Paula Greer to Thomas J. Keenan, Lot 1, Section 1, The Oaks, Hamburg, $210,000.

John A. Adams and Ann K. Adams to David and Gael Stanley, Units 1882, 1883 and 1884, Phase II, River Run Townhouses, Cashiers, $160,000.

Jacob Barlow Day, Kaila M. Day and Kaila Ladonna Martin to Samantha L. Buchanan, 1.65 acres, Lot 50, Wildcat Cove, Savannah, $188,000.

Brian M. Pollins, Brian M. Pollins Revocable Trust and Brian M. Pollins Trust to George M. Nickles and Kristy P. Nickles, 1.16 acres, Lot 26, Paw Paw Cove, Webster, $245,000.

Roger S. Vinton Jr. to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1325, Lot 43, Building 12, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $2,000.

Charles W. Camp and Marie T. Camp to Joseph Stephen Stubblefield and Margaret M. Stubblefield, .73 acres, Townhouse II, Lot 19, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $1,000.

Rock Mountain Corporation to W.R. Howell Company, two parcels, Cashiers, $560,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $33,000.

John C. Chaffee Jr. and Karen Anne Scarbrough to Thomas and Michelle Eggers, two tracts, Canada, $750,000.

David M. Vaughn to Gregory E. Homan and Susan E. Homan, Section 1, Phase TR, Lot 8, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $350,000.

Vincent A. Bryson, Vincent A. Bryson Sr. and Tammy Phillips Bryson to Sean K. Bryson, two tracts, Scotts Creek, $65,000.

Michael B. Firestine and Amy N. Firestine to David Scott Tillett and Danae Jeanene Tillett, 1.54 acres, Sylva-Rural, $220,000.

Rose Marie Bagwell by AIF and Melissa Willis AIF to Foxhunt Townhouses Property Owners Association, Townhouse 1552, Lot 1, Building 5, Townhouse 1511, Lot 2, Building 1, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $5,000.

Richard J. O’Brien and Heidi A. O’Brien to Robert L. Frye and Jean C. Frye, 1.03 acres, $145,000.

Lawrence J. Deangelo and Margaret Van De Water to Steven L. Pottle and Miriam J. Dent, .79 acres, Lot 11, Buck Knob Island, Hamburg, $275,000.

Kenneth and Georgene Holmes to Stewart Wayne Black Jr., Townhouse 259A, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $195,000.

Clifford C. Roltsch, Clifford C. Roltsch Revocable Trust, Clifford C. Roltsch Co-Trust and Margaret B. Roltsch Co-Trust to G. Kenneth Anderson and Kathleen Anderson, 2.44 acres, Phase I, Lot 26, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $750,000.

Hauser Family Foundation Inc. to Peter J. Evanovich and Janet Evanovich, 2.187 acres, Lot 9, Scotts Creek, $2,700,000.

Georgianna Mitchell Carson, The Georgianna Mitchell Carson Revocable Trust and Georgianna Mitchell Carson Trust, Alva M. Winchester and Brian Winchester to Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, 188.36 acres, Qualla, $1,750,000.

John Gregory Steely and Monica Danielle Steely to Virginia R. Harris, 1 acre, Lot M1, Hamburg, $444,000.

Mary and Daniel Corsair to Jennifer P. Blum, 1.57 acres, Greens Creek, $132,500.

BWE Land LLC to Stephen Christopher Martin, 5.41 acres, Lot B-26, 4.703 acres, Lot C-1, 3.07 acres, Lot B-21, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $27,000.

BWE Land LLC to Gail Leach, 2.29 acres, Lot B-10, 1.41 acres, Lot B-11, 1.54 acres, Lot B-19, 1.97 acres, Lot B-20, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $44,000.

BWE Land LLC to Carole Johanson LLC, 3.136 acres, Lot C-3, 2.871 acres, Lot C-4, 3.763 acres, Lot C-7, 2.67 acres, Lot D-3, 3.174 acres, Lot C-6, 3.79 acres, Lot B-13, 2.67 acres, Lot B-14, 2.79 acres, Lot B-17, 3.58 acres, Lot D-4, 2 acres, Lot D-8, 3.35 acres, Lot D-9, 10.45 acres, Lot 90, 10.03 acres, Lot 92, 10.01 acres, Lot 91, 10.04 acres, Lot 93, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, 4.1 acres, Lot E-11, High Grove Subdivision, $116,000.

BWE Land LLC to Rex Dean Nufer and Letha Jane Nufer, 3.37 acres, Lot B-16, 2.83 acres, Lot B-24, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $27,000.

BWE Land LLC to Andrew Sidney Canham, 2.96 acres, Lot B-22, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $7,000.

BWE Land LLC to Mary K. Matthes-Guilbeau, 4.79 acres, Lot 82, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $52,000.

BWE Land LLC to Tsui Lan Lin Bell, 14 acres, Lot 83, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, 4.51 acres, Lot E-10, 1.19 acres, Lot E-12, High Grove Subdivision, $34,000.

Gary D. Wolfe, Cynthia V. Wolfe and Cynthia D. Wolfe to Robert R. Stickel and Lindsey M. Stickel, .69 acres, Lot 15, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $285,000.

BWE Land LLC to Amy Revis Tatro, 2.49 acres, Lot B-15, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $9,000.

BWE Land LLC to Buchanan and Sons Inc., 1.19 acres, Lot E-12, 3.04 acres, Lot E-14, 2.16 acres, Lot E-8, 1.9 acres, portion of Lot 23, Phase 3, 2.23 acres, portion of Lot 24, Phase 3, High Grove Subdivision, 4.62 acres, Lot 80, 29.3 acres, Lot 86, 16.73 acres, Lot 87, 35.06 acres, Lot 88, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $221,000.

BWE Land LLC to Melony Osterhout, 15.73 acres, Lot 94, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $52,000.

BWE Land LLC to William Berry Freeman, 15.5 acres, Lot 84, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $21,000.

BWE Land LLC to Gem Investment Holdings LLC, 1.55 acres, Lot B-12, 3.28 acres, Lot B-27, 5.1 acres, Lot OS-7, 2.81 acres, Lot H-11, 2.36 acres, Lot H-9, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $40,000.

BWE Land LLC to Tennie Jain, 6.925 acres, Lot C-2, Preserve at High Grove Subdivision, $22,000.

BWE Land LLC to Stephen Christopher Martin, 1.95 acres, Lot G4, High Grove Subdivision, $29,000.

Ty Allen Dengler and Katherine Danielle Anderson-Dengler to Jason R. Pry and Anna Pry, .89 acres, Dillsboro-Rural, $199,000.

Walter R. Rudisiler and Kathleen J. Rudisiler to Robert F. Uhrig, Robert F. Uhrig Revocable Trust and Robert F. Uhrig Trust, 3.67 acres, Lot 17, Sapphire High, Cashiers, $770,000.

Dwight L. Nye and Barbara F. Nye to Michael David Armstrong and Jane Lauderdale Armstrong, Lot 2, Block 9, Townhouse XI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $360,000.

Harry D. Howell to Sunita Wright, .25 acres, Cullowhee, $40,000.

William Corbett Fields Sr. and Peggy G. Fields to Donald K. Fields, 27.42 acres, Tract 83-B, Qualla, $447,000.

Harry Curtis Lusk to Terry Ketterman, 4.47 acres, Hamburg, $125,000.

Joanne Loraine Brothers and Joanne Loraine Ward to Allen J. Beyer, Kimberley A. Beyer and Christopher M. Beyer, 2.88 acres, Hamburg, $77,500.

Ferdinand F. Becker III, Jamie L. Becker, William P. Ewing and Alicia B. Ewing to Michael E. Wanner and Jane Cartabiano Buseck, 4.24 acres, Lot 2, The Divide, Cashiers, $735,000.

Michael E. Pendergast and Alice Marie Pendergast to Yiqing Yang, .44 acres, Cullowhee, $243,000.

Enhanced Properties LLC to Nhan Dihn Nguyen, .35 acres, Sylva-City, $185,000.