The following property transfers were posted between April 30 and May 4 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

James H. Miller Jr., James M. Miller Jr. and Tara L. Melton-Miller to John A. Cracchiolo, 2.72 acres, Sylva, $325,000.

MJ Heirs Rentals LLC to Joe Mitchell, 11.76 acres, Tracts 3 and 4, Qualla, $240,000.

Louie Elbert Crowe and Mary Carla Crowe to Frank M. Hodge Jr. and Paula A. Hodge, .78 acres, Lot 245, Townhouse I, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $475,000.

John L. Scheidt, John L. Scheidt Trust and John L. Scheidt Successor Co-Trust, Margaret E. Scheidt, Margaret E. Scheidt Trust and Ann M. Scheidt Greene Successor Co-Trust to Teryle J. Beye and Brenda M. Beye, .84 acres, Lot 5, Section 1, Strawberry Hill, Hamburg, $500,000.

Margaret Fishback to Mitchell Fitzpatrick Achey, .72 acres, Lot 9, .41 acres, Lot 8-B, Split Rail Subdivision, Mountain, $153,000.

Nada G. Miller to Christopher P. Miller and Diana L. Miller, 10.045 acres, Lot 2, Cullowhee, $95,000.

Windrush LLC and Windrush Properties LLC to James H. Clutter and Barbara S. Clutter, .76 acres, Lot 1, Highlands Cove, Hamburg, $1,460,000.

Esther Sue Wakeley and Sue R. Wakeley to Nathaniel Kenneth Shepherd and Erin Tyler Shepherd, .98 acres, Cullowhee, $238,000.

Jeanette Moore to Lauren Steele and Joshua Yopp, .52 acres, Greens Creek, $5,000.

Rudolph Owen Zills and Susan T. Zills to Christin Gail Martin, .83 acres, Lot 3, Ronald A. Green Subdivision, Webster, $254,000.

Earl William Brinkman and Carolynn R. Brinkman to James Bentley, .91 acres, Lot 2-A, Sylva-Rural, $105,000.

Samuel Lewis Beck and Pauline S. Beck to Stephen R. Cole Jr., 1.27 acres, Barkers Creek, $200,000.

Jose Antonio Lamas Jr. and Ana Daniela Lamas to Morgan and Melonie Stewart, 4.17 acres, Tract 37, Brooks Branch Subdivision, Greens Creek, $40,000.

Robert M. Gonzalez, The Robert M. Gonzalez Revocable Trust and Robert M. Gonzalez Trust to Rex D. Gill and Donna E. Gill, 11.35 acres, Tract 1A, Cashiers, $700,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Adam and Rebecca Corder, Lot D16, Chinquapin Development, Hamburg, $300,000.

Joshua Stuckey, Natalie Stuckey, Jack Stuckey, Kelly D. Stuckey, Estate of Kelly D. Stuckey, Sandra Deitz and John P. Tissue Pr. to Caleb Michael Brower and Brittany Schoenfield Brower, .98 acres, Lot 7, Dillsboro, $255,000.

Kenneth D. Feldman and Margaret P. Feldman to Kier Hodas and Carrie Hodas, .52 acres, Lot 25B, Glenshore, Hamburg, $690,000.

Sean T. Forrester and Jessica E. Forrester to Alexandria S. Mathews, .65 acres, Sylva, $221,500.

Robert J. Gibson Jr., Jennifer G. Black and David Black to Jonathan Edward West, Section C, Lot 10, Golf Club Estates, Cashiers, $324,000.

Rodney M. Case Jr. and Kelly Marie Case to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 45, Townhouse 1398, Building 19, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $1,000.

Barbara. J. Buckner to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 28, Townhouse 1353, Building 5, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $2,000.

David and Doris Farmer to Dustin Lee Shuler, 1.01 acres, Tract 3, Webster, $235,000.

George F. Kunkel, George F. Kunkel Revocable Living Trust and George F. Kunkel Trust to Stanley David Gedzelman and Bernice Gedzelman, Townhouse 4, Phase I, Building 2, Emerald Cove, Cashiers, $245,000.

De Vere A. Fader to Candace Prather Fader to Natasha L. Herald and Eric J. Herald, Lot 32, Townhouse 1384, Building 8, Fairway Forest, Cashiers, $1,000.

Virginia W. Cox and Virgina W. Cox to Gayla and James Wiley, 1.184 acres, Lot 27, High Top Mountain, Barkers Creek, $6,000.

June Blanton Coward to Martha Messer, Scotts Creek, $1,500.

Chadwick Lee Cagle, Michelle Cooper Cagle, Amanda Cagle Murajda and Roger Murajda to Andrea Nicole Taylor, .57 acres, Cullowhee, $81,000.

David C. Bond, Rita C. Bond, David C. Bond and Rita C. Bond Family Trust and Charles M. Kelly Jr. Successor Trust to Global Property University 2 LLC, two tracts, Cashiers, $1,700,000.

Sarah Penland Grant and James Allan Grant to Krzysztof Sikorski and Wioletta Koniecko-Sikorska, 1.35 acres, Lot 1, Webster, $30,000.

Cori S. Fritz and Chanz Fritz to Zachary Roseman and Alyssa L. Roseman, 1.183 acres, Lot 4, Savannah, $113,000.

Larry K. Stepp and Karen Denise Stepp to William Eugene Boydston, 1.79 acres, Lot 41, Josh’s Trail, Hamburg, $396,000.

David C. England to Walter and Patti Barringer, 2.49 acres, Savannah, $33,000.

Maverick Riddle to Taylor M. Bruce Jr. and Dorothy C. Bruce, .64 acres, Cashiers, $6,000.

James Matthew Dillard and Ashley Brabenec to Taylor M. Bruce Jr. and Dorothy C. Bruce, 1.75 acres, Tract 7, Cashiers, $20,000.

Howard E. Palmes and Shirley E. Palmes to Jan Nunnally, Jan Allen Nunnally, Jan Nunnally IRA, Jackson Nunnally, Jackson Harvey Nunnally, Jackson Nunnally IRA and IRA Innovations LLC, two tracts, Cashiers, $325,000.