The following property transfers were posted between Aug. 12 and Aug. 16 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Jill Woodruff to Kathryn Reynolds, Sylva city, Lot 1A .23 acres, Lot 1B, .03 acres, $85,000.

Nichele Hooper to Keith and Benjamen Hooper, Cedar Ridge Estates, Lot 31, 2.82 acres, $30,000.

Holly and Jack Harless to Karen Sweatlock and the Karen Ann Sweatlock Revocable Trust, Holly Forest, Cashiers, Townhouse XIV, Lots 57 and 58, $460,000.

Howard and Lorings Byers to Janet and William McKnight, The Wade Hampton Company, Cashiers, Lot N-3, $1,185,000.

Ashley Chaney and Jame Childress to Mary Stayer and Brian Vock, Sylva rural, .75 acres, $156,500.

Renee and Jack Reiner to Tyler Leckenby, Hamburg, 2.41 acres, $249,000.

Jean and Gordon Coleman to DSB Investment Properties, LLC, Holly Forest, Cashiers, Townhouse 1, Lot 80, 1.22 acres, $50,000.

Denise Hasty to Stephen and Cheryl Surer, Savannah, .66 acres, $250,000.

Frankie and Wallace Dail to Ian Likendey, Cullowhee, Tract D, 5.55 acres, $35,000.

Kathy Herold to Edward and Marie Pilarski, Dillsboro, .41 acres, $339,000.

Anne Wyderko and John Gannon to Colleen Antonides, Cullowhee, .634 acres, $245,000.

Charles and Peggy Mason to Charles Proctor, Dillsboro rural, .82 acres, $5,000.

H I Group, LLC, to Entegra Bank, Lake Forest Subdivision, three tracts, $350,000.

Alisha Browning and Dawn Schutters to Kathy Herold, Sylva rural, Book 2215, pages 244 and 247, $85,000 and $15,000.

Eugene Boydston to Nathan Albers, Josh’s Trail, Hamburg, Lot 41, 1.79 acres, $444,000.

Jeffrey Hyatt, Joan Hyatt and the estate of Carolyn Hyatt to JG Investments, LLC, Qualla 7.44 acres, $70,000.

Frank Pauciullo, Lynn Hagar and Josephine Davis to Nicholas and Nicole Leber, Canada, three tracts, $165,000.

Lynn and Christopher Drury to Melissa and Christopher Cantolino, Hamburg, Parcel D, .81 acres, $1,250,000.

Iamonia, LLC, to High Terrapin, LLC, Little Terrapin Top, Cashiers, Lot 1, 2.26 acres, $78,000.

Iamonia, LLC to Golden Rule Properties, LLC, Little Terrapin Estates, Cashiers, Lot 16, 1.28 acres, $23,000.

Wayne and Lynn Monday to Dan Duckham, View Cottages, LLC, Cashiers, Lot 1, .12 acres, $385,000.

Sabra Tatum and Robert Stephens to Carrie and John Irvin, Cedar Ridge Estates, Cashiers, Lot 61A, $870,000.

Samuel Danner to Manuel and Angel Perez, Barkers Creek, 4.4 acres, Tract II, $127,000.

Tina and Roger Jennings to Mark and Derek Fortner, Qualla, 8.89 acres, $80,000.

CMH Homes, Inc. to Saycha and Carlos Negron, .572 acres, $226,500.

Michael Williams and Dereka Taylor to Sue Blair, Barkers Creek, 2.781 acres, $255,000.

Brent and Heather Hyatt to Neil Calvert and Kristin Rhode Calvert, Cullowhee, Lot 8, 1.157 acres, $134,500.

The Ensor Dunsford Revocable Trust and the Margaret Foote Revocable Trust to Eliza and Jeremy Brewer, Cashiers, .61 acres, $595,000.

Eleanor and Charles Gregory to Bryan and Bethany Perryman, Scotts Creek, Lot 123, Phase II, 1.172 acres, $1,125,000.

Jim Hamilton and Beth Gorman c/o the Jim Tudder Revocable Trust to Lisa Bloom and Timothy Martin, Canada, 7.65 acres, $1,000.

Walter and Sherry Wilson to Julie Extine and Robert Painter, Dillsboro City, Lot D2, .08 acres, $45,500.

Stonehouse Associates, Thomas and Sara Goodson to Darryl Jackson, Harris Hills, Lots 176-179, $185,000.

Sheila and William Crawford to Christy and Ralph Wilson, Spring Forest, Cashiers, Lot 5, $1,040,000.

Margaret and Terry Watson to Loralee and Robert Walters, Cullowhee, Lot 3, 3.4 acres, $59,000.

Chinquapin, LLC to Midland Trust Company as Custodian John Fannin, Natures Walk of Chinquapin Development, Lot N-16, $140,000.

David and Elena Graves to Elevated Partners, LLC, Wade Hampton Company, Cashiers, Lot N-37, .74 acres, $85,000.

Dee Henley to Frances E. Wigington Living Trust, Turning Leaf Condominium, Hamburg, Unit 1000A, Phase II, $480,000.

High Hampton Land, LLC, to Laurie and Richard Amerson, Fieldstone Section of High Hampton, Cashiers, Lot 69, .69 acres, $425,000.