The following property transfers were posted between April 15 and 18 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Betty P. Bennett to Cashiers Electrical Supply LLC, Cashiers, $575,000.

Wendy D. Joseph, Neal R. Joseph, Elise G. Dunham, Fatio Dunham, Fatio Dunham and Elise G. Dunham Revocable Living Trust and Whitney F. Dunham Successor Trust to Whitney F. Dunham, .803 acres, Scotts Creek, $53,500.

Reba L. Stokes, Reba L. Stokes Revocable Living Trust, Christopher Tennant Successor Co-Trust and Vivian Mae Ashbaugh Successor Co-Trust to Roger B. Jennings and Tina Jennings, 1.579 acres, Lot 1, 1.191 acres, Lot 4, 1.234 acres, Lot 17, Stekoih Hills, Qualla, $27,500.

C. Brian Chivers and Kathryn H. Chivers to Gregory and Kathleen Schneider, Townhouse 1882, Building 2, Phase I, River Run, Cashiers, $235,000.

Rabun County Bank to Brien B. Peterkin and Sallie O. Peterkin, 7.36 acres, Tract 2, $36,500.

Oda B. Gay and Shawne Francis Gay to Suriel Palestino and Laura Villeda, 1.38 acres, Mountain, $220,000.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Redeemer Presbyterian Church of Citrus County Inc. to Wolfgang and Regina Streer, Lots 62 and 63, Wildcat Cove Subdivision, Savannah, $20,000.

141GN LLC to Eduardo Marquina Cruz and Maria Marquina, 1.33 acres, Cashiers, $124,500.

William A. Buchanan, Katie Buchanan, John A. Buchanan and Melissa Buchanan to John A. Buchanan and Melissa Buchanan, Cullowhee, $22,500.

Gary Hall Jones to Hollie Thompson-Lloyd and Heather Lloyd, Section C, Lot 6, Cowan Valley Estates, Webster, $175,000.

Sara Riofrio and Cory Coleman to Lucas B. Burch and Ashley Nicole Burch, 1 acre, Qualla, $217,500.

Spring Allen, Spring Denise Allen, Estate of Spring Denise Allen and Andrew B. Allen Ind. and ADM to Regina S. Dizinno, two tracts, Scotts Creek, $151,000.

Sheryl Ann Been to Karen Witchcoff Knight and Terrence Lee Knight, two tracts, Hornbuckle Parkway Section, $70,000.

James W. Ansley III and Vickie Stephens Ansley to Cristian Angel Mireles and Hannah Rich Mireles, .75 acres, Section A, Lot 22, University Heights, Cullowhee, $172,000.

Richard P. Reina and Sandra S. Reina to Daniel Funcannon and Elizabeth A. Funcannon, .9 acres, Lot 246, Bear Lake Reserve, River, $271,000.

Karl L. Milkey and Caron A. Milkey to Charles E. Winchester and Mary J. Winchester, two tracts, Dillsboro, $163,000.

Terry E. Mantz to Darrin Graves and Patrycja Pawliczek, 4.11 acres, Sylva, $63,000.

Evergreen Foundation Inc. and Evergreen Foundation to James W. Busbin and Julie J. Busbin, .92 acres, Sylva, $185,000.

Jack Andy Parris and Jack A. Parris to Leslie A. Morris, 1.747 acres, Sylva-Rural, $157,000.

Russell Halver Jones and Janet Wood Jones to Lavinia Adkins, Waterfront Group PLC LLC 401K Profit Sharing Plan FBO Lavinia Adkins, William N. Adkins, Waterfront Group PLC LLC 401K Profit Sharing Plan FBO William N. Adkins, William N. Adkins Trust, Mark R. Adkins, Waterfront Group PLC LLC 401K Profit Sharing Plan FBO Mark R. Adkins and Mark R. Adkins Trust, 3.378 acres, Lot 34, Chinquapin, Hamburg, $69,000.

Louise L. Voreis to Toni Lee Arpaia, The Toni Lee Arpaia Revocable Trust and Toni Lee Arpaia Trust, Lot 2, C.A. Ballough Subdivision, Scotts Creek, $140,000.

Anne Marie Rhyne to Bruce Blick Taylor and Dawn Marie Taylor, 1.96 acres, Sylva-Rural, $205,000.

WMMJ LLC to Philip V. Deems and Kendell C. Deems, 1.167 acres, Lot 40, Mountain Heritage Preserve, Dillsboro-Rural, $16,000.

James C. Grant and Bridget W. Grant to William Thomas Brooks and Judith Renee Shelton, Phase 2, Section 3, Lot 1, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $445,000.

James R. Roberts, Georgann Roberts, Georgeann Roberts and Tommie James Roberts to M&M Building and Design LLC, 2.81 acres, Phase III, Lot 22, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $135,000.

Eduardo and Diane Jettinghoff to Francis J. Sullivan and Valerie A. Sullivan, 16.663 acres, Tract B, River, $199,000.

Bonnie Frady, Estate of Bonnie Frady and Agatha B. Guy ADM to Ronnie Lee Kelly and Linda Kelly, Sylva-City, $18,500.

Mary S. Stowell to Ernest Hewitt and Gloria T. Hewitt, Lots 12 and 13, Jarrett Hills, Dillsboro-Rural, $332,000.