The following property transfers were posted between June 17 and 21 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Mark H. Fortner and Sandra Fortner to James Allen Smith and Brittany Blankenship, 2 parcels, Qualla, $65,000.

Tri Norton Development LLC to Kevin and Pamela Mirner, Lot 24, Glencove, Hamburg, $350,000.

Janie Anne Prentice, Janie Anne Prentice Co-Trust by AIF, Janie Anne Prentice Family Revocable Trust and Mary Ellen Molly Prentice Co-Trust and AIF to Brian James Macleod and Lorraine Susan Macleod, 2 tracts, Cullowhee, $194,500.

Sandra I. Reed to Donald A. Engler and Johanna M. Engler, 2.69 acres, Greens Creek, $137,000.

Jane A. Blankenship to Jonathan L. Bradshaw and Susan G. Pepper, 4.91 acres, Caney Fork, $316,000.

Michele D. Smith and John R. Smith Jr. to Jane A. Blankenship, 1.07 acres, Lot 15, Cole Mountain Subdivision, Greens Creek, $260,000.

Michael J. Devine to Judson C. Scharf and Carole Ann Scharf, 3.33 acres, Phase III, Lot 19A Revised, Bald Rock, Cashiers, $1,199,000.

Travis and Chelsea Cronkrite to Dennis Martin Tonge and Stephanie Bierce Tonge, .891 acres, Lot 51, Sims Valley Subdivision, Hamburg, $18,000.

Joyce E. Berry to Michael M. Macke, 2 parcels, Barkers Creek, $200,000.

Mag Bear Lake LLC and Boto NC Properties LLC to Boto NC Properties LLC, 49 parcels, Warranty Deed and Assignment of Declarant Rights, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $5,635,000.

Mag Bear Lake LLC to East Atlantic Properties LLC to East Atlantic Properties LLC, Parcel C, Warranty Deed, Canada, $3,609,000.

Bear Lake Builders LLC and Boto NC Properties LLC to Boto NC Properties LLC, 29 parcels, Canada, $5,300,000.

Stephen L. Garrell and Louise Garrell to Hector S. Mojena and Bibiana A. Mojena, .83 acres, Lot 6, Glen Pointe, Hamburg, $225,000.

Thomas G. Jarrell and Mary Jo Jarrell to Stacey L. Rosseter, .82 acres, Lot 11, The Vistas at the Cascades at Cedar Creek, Hamburg, $67,000.

John C. Dawson and Joyce A. Flinn-Dawson to Ralph W. Cary III and Sandra A. Cary, Unit A, Townhouse C aka Lot 20, Building 11, The Woods, Cashiers, $86,000.

Zachary Cabe Brown to Janis M. Fritz, Janis M. Fritz Trust, Jack S. Fritz, Jack S. Fritz Trust and Jack S. Fritz and Janis M. Fritz Trust Agreement, 3 tracts, Scotts Creek, $914,000.

Johnny Alan Rich and Angela Kelly Rich to Peter J. Jugis, Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte North Carolina, Lots 8 and 9, Block A, Grindstaff Addition, Sylva, $65,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Dobson Properties Exchange LLC, Lot N10, Chinquapin Development, $250,000.

Cooter Wood to Emily B. Jennings, 2 tracts, Webster, $125,000.

Roger B. Jennings and Tina M. Jennings to Ronald C. Cook and Jodie Cook, 1.579 acres, Lot 1, 1.236 acres, Lot 2, .936 acres, Lot 3, 1.191 acres, Lot 4, Stekoih Hills, Qualla, $5,000.

Tyler M. San Souci, Elisa Morris San Souci, John Allen Squires and Renee Marie Squires to Kimberly Birkenheuer, 1.19 acres, Lot 8, $18,000.

Linda Kay Williams, Linda Hall-Harper and Eric D. Harper to Danny D. Bass and Nita R. Bass, 1.09 acres, $20,000.

Jan D. Shuler and Teri L. Shuler to J.R. Manning, Lot 18B, Mountain Club Interest, $62,000.

Travis A. Bennett and Julie E. Bennett to Kevin Bailey, 1.663 acres, Section 1, Lot 2, Parkway Forest, Scotts Creek, $221,000.

Peter K. Kintz and Madeleine B. Kintz to Terry L. Clements and Donna T. Clements, 7.49 acres, Hamburg, $225,000.

William Taylor III and Kelly Ferrell Taylor to Mitchell C. Metcalf and Julia W. Metcalf, Section B, Lot 8, Little Hogback Creek, Cashiers, $295,000.

John D. Colodny to Thomas Glenn Jarrell, .706 acres, Lot 10, Sunset Ridge, Hamburg, $65,000.

John T. Newton Jr. and Harriet W. Newton to Charles and Holly Spalding, 1.58 acres, Lot 18, Pierson Subdivision, Cashiers, $864,000.

David and Janice Levine to Stephen Michael Phillips and Toni Lyons Phillips, 3.97 acres, Lot 57, Cedar Ridge Estates, Cashiers, $865,000.

Robert Allen Doe to Van Huong Nguyen, .67 acres, Lot 18, Townhouse II, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $275,000.

Watt Properties Co. to Allan H. Weagle, .68 acres, Lot 4, Lakeside Falls Subdivision, Cashiers, $8,000.

David Smith and Darlene Fogle to Ray and Mary Polin, 2.33 acres, Greens Creek, $52,000.

Frances Ann West by AIF and Carlus Russell Bryson AIF to Brandon Lee Monteith, .333 acres, Sylva-Rural, $139,500.

Landing at Western II LLC to ZP No. 342 LLC, Tracts I and II and A and B, $2,600,000.

Jacob Alvin Bradford to Judith M. Henderson, Townhouse C, Building 1, Laurel Ridge Townhomes of Sylva, Sylva-City, $212,000.

George W. Duke III and Kay S. Duke to Michael Garth Ralston and James Wilbur Severance III, 1.77 acres, Lot 6B, Bee Tree Ridge, Hamburg, $215,000.

Donald P. Haney and Theda Haney to Charles J. Fagan and Amy L. Fagan, 2.86 acres, Lot 34A, Eagles Ridge Subdivision, $367,500.

Wendy Denoon to Eric David Wahl, Section A, Lot 13, Eagles Ridge Subdivision, $113,500.

Kent and Julie Leka to John Christopher Wladyka and Lisa Clair Wladyka, Phase I, Townhouse 3D, Brighton Place, Cullowhee, $100,000.

Peter B. Young and Ellen M. Young to Patrick F. Holt and Melinda A. Holt, 3.41 acres, Phase 1, Lot 11, Dogwood Acres, Sylva-Rural, $296,000.

Alvin N. Kinkaid, Alvin N. Kinkaid Trust, Alvin N. Kinkaid Jr. Co-Trust and Virginia Hallie Kinkaid Co-Trust to Scott Blackwell and Andrea J. Blackwell, .34 acres, Tract 1, Hawks Ridge, Barkers Creek, $9,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Arthur and Emma McRae, 5.01 acres, Tract A, Division of Lot 51, Cane Creek Ridge, $231,500.

Phyllis A. Dargel, Phyllis A. Dargel Revocable Trust Agreement, Phyllis A. Dargel Trust, Phyllis A. Nitz Trust and Ron Wilson to Liberty Associates LLC, 4.16 acres, Lots 8 and 15, Sapphire Vista, Cashiers, $90,000.

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC AIF, Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust by AIF, Christiana Trust Trust and by AIF and Wilmington Savings Fund Society BSB/by AIF to Michael M. Jennings, 4.68 acres, $74,000.

Julia F. Campbell and Celestino A. Cagno to Richard James Barrette and Linda Birge Barrette, .49 acres, Lot 25, Townhouse B, Hogback Lake, Cashiers, $365,000.