The following property transfers were posted between May 28 and June 1 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Debra Frady to Barbara R. Russo, 2.04 acres, Lot 4, River, $25,000.

Laura Harms and Henry Danish to Laura Harms, .83 acres, Lot 1, Townhouse II, Tahala Shores, Hamburg, $134,000.

Patricia Ann Morgan to Adam M. Groh and Melissa M. Groh, .48 acres, Sylva-City, $148,000.

Stevie E. Messer and Patricia Messer to Donald A. Severance and Sherry G. Severance, 1.139 acres, Lot 8, Qualla, $231,000.

MJ Heirs Rentals LLC to Joshua T. Mitchell, 5.96 acres, Qualla, $75,000.

Lorie E. Burnett to Michael Earl Pendergast and Alice Marie Pendergast, two tracts, Cullowhee, $276,000.

Wilbur A. Hewitt and Nancy I. Hewitt to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 29, Townhouse 1311, Building 1, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $1,000.

Seth James Orr and Lauren Murray Orr to David and Carmel Kessler, 1 acre, Sylva-City, $140,500.

Robert F. Barnhill Trust and Barnhill Family Trust to High Country Management LLC, .69 acres, Lot 138, Townhouse XI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $1,000.

T. Michael Pentecost, T. Michael Pentecost Co-Trust, Melanie T. Pentecost, Melanie T. Pentecost Co-Trust and The T. Michael Pentecost and Melanie T. Pentecost Trust to John J. Alario and Susan A. Alario, .68 acres, Lot 39, Townhouse V, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $340,000.

Mills Rentals LLC to Marcos Camarillo Sr., .61 acres, Lot 9, Songbird Meadows, Qualla, $70,000.

Donald R. Songer by AIF, Valorie M. Songer by AIF and Melissa Willis AIF to Foxhunt Townhouses Property Owners Association, Lot 39, Townhouse 1582, Building 8, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $5,000.

Ewe Mountaintop LLC to Lawrence Fox, 1.17 acres, Lot E-225, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $295,000.

Erin E. Adams to Jared Salvatore Tramontana, .194 acres, Sylva-Rural, $185,000.

Daniel J. Crouse and Courtney G. Crouse to Flounder Mountain LLC, Townhouse 8R, Marion Forest Condominiums, Sylva-Rural, $122,500.

Melissa Willis AIF, Myrth E. Tummler by AIF and Roy Tummler by AIF to Foxhunt Townhouses Property Owners Association, Lot 41, Townhouse 1573, Building 7, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $25,000.

Judith and John Rutland to Eliot and Sandra Reifkind, 3.53 acres, Lot 15, Norton Overlook, Hamburg, $60,000.

Eastern Mountain Holdings LLC to Susan Robertson, Townhouses 1892 and 1893, Building 8, Phase II, River Run II Townhouses, Cashiers, $105,000.

Eric Hartford Batten to Deborah Kinnear Desocio, 2.8 acres, Scotts Creek, $175,000.

Julia A. Shumpert to David R. Leonard and Sue H. Giovino, Section K, Lot 14, Round Hill Estates, Cashiers, $330,000.

Christine Allyson Hale Monti, Christine Hale and Michael Monti to DKW Associates LLC, .68 acres, Lot 14, Boulder Springs, Hamburg, $40,000.

DKW Associates LLC, Dan C. Duckham and Mary L. Duckham to N.C. Boulder Springs LLC, 3.06 acres common area, Lots 1-17, Hamburg, $1,055,000.

Robert Anderson, Robert Anderson Sr., Bea Anderson and H. Bea Anderson to Estes Lee Myers and Nora Sutton Myers, .96 acres, Section A, Lot 8, Dicks Creek East, Barkers Creek, $120,000.

Ralph J. Aucoin and Keiren C. Aucoin to Helen Vance, .72 acres, Tract 5, Mountain Creek Vistas, Cullowhee, $230,000.

Mark Hooper Ind. Co-Trust Exr. and Pr., Mark Van Epp Hooper Ind. Co-Trust Exr. and Pr., Estate of Eugene N. Hooper, Eugene N. Hooper Family Trust, Celeste Van Epp Hooper, Celeste Vann Epp Hooper, Celeste Hooper, Lynn Monday Ind. Co-Trust by AIF, Lynn C. Monday Ind. Co-Trust by AIF, Eugene Gaye Rettig Ind. Co-Trust by AIF, Frank Robert Cheatham Jr. by AIF, Sorita Jo Cheatham, Robert Shane Cheatham by AIF, Cheston Troy Cheatham by AIF, Adam Norton Smith by AIF, Josh Smith by AIF, Dana Hooper Smith, Deva Templeton, Guy Michael Rettig, Wayne Monday, Cox Land Family Limited Partnership, Dillard Family Limited Partnership, Kaye-Reed LLC, Eugene N. Hooper, Estate of Celeste Van Epp Hooper and Lori Hooper to ADE 806 LLC, 10.29 acres, Tract A, 3.02 acres, Tract B, Cullowhee, $1,200,000.

Dax and Ashley Battaglia to Carol Hartley, .65 acres, Cashiers, $80,000.

Dennis and Linda Dotson to Stephen G. Luther and Gloria J. Luther, Lot 98, Townhouse VI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $295,000.

Teresa A. Ward and Bobby Frank Ward to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 12, Townhouse 1234, Building 23, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $1,500.

Gads Real Estate Holdings LLC to East Sylva Holdings LLC, .31 acres, Sylva, $166,000.

T. Wood Lovell and Josephine Lovell to Jan S. Morrison and William L. Morrison, 1.05 acres, Lot 204 Revised, Cullasaja Club, Cashiers and Highlands, $3,000,000.

Charles R. Oglesby and Debra S. Oglesby to DSB Investment Properties LLC, 5.6 acres, Lot 72 Revised, Spring Forest, Cashiers, $1,470,000.

Matthew Thomas Davis and Margaret R. Davis to Loyal D. Jones and Patricia M. Jones, .77 acres, Lot 135, Townhouse XI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $301,500.

Thomas Fritz Rybert III to Thomas P. Branch, Townhouse B, Mountain Lodge Condominium, Hamburg, $600,000.

Charles Edwin Sykes and Rebecca Brown Sykes to W.H. Cooper IV and Tanya M. Cooper, .86 acres, Lot C-12, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $2,100,000.

Donald Grant Werbeck and Pamela Gail Werbeck to Mountain Cottages LLC, .51 acres, Lot 16, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $267,500.

Ronald Hayes Watson and Debra Ann Watson to Elizabeth Kay Schore and Robin Matthew Sharrett, .64 acres, Sylva-City, $155,000.