The following property transfers were posted between Dec. 10 and 14 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Benny Ward and Nancy S. Ward to George M. Fossett III, .558 acres, Lot 6, Tuckasegee River Landing, Barkers Creek, $190,000.

Anthony Allan McPherron and Kristina Ann McPherron to Alvin Strasburger III and Krupaben Patel Strasburger, Sylva-City, $310,000.

George R. Zimmerman to H. James Langholz, 2.3 acres, Black Rock Creek, Qualla, $25,000.

P.S.I. Pizza Inc. to Ox Investments LLC, .91 acres, Sylva, $970,000.

John David Stovall, John D. Stovall, John D. Stovall Trust, John D. Stovall Living Trust, John D. Stovall AIF, Tina Lou Cogdill Stovall, Jan Stovall by AIF, Janis Stovall by AIF, Janis K. Stovall by AIF, Janis Kay Stovall by AIF, Lynda Stovall Brown and Olney Joseph Brown to South Sylva Main LLC, two tracts, $492,500.

David and Mary Shelton to Carol H. Stewart, Carol H. Stewart IRA and IRA Innovations LLC, Lot 19, Hardscrabble Ridge, Cashiers, $180,000.

Premium Preserver Organization Inc. to Peter Kraft and Dawn A. Kraft, three tracts, Hamburg, $75,000.

Frederick M. Derr and Teresa E. Derr to William and Daphne Howard, .94 acres, Lot 9, The Cottages at Cedar Crest, Cashiers, $745,000.

Arthur B. Childress, Arthur B. Childress Revocable Trust, Arthur Brud Childress, Arthur Brandon Childress, Estate of Arthur Brandon Childress, Brandon C. Childress Co-ADM, Brandon C. Childress Successor Co-Trust, Wanda D. Childress Co-ADM, Wanda D. Childress Successor Co-Trust to Rodney A. Seydel Jr. and Margaret Gulotta Seydel, two tracts, Lots M-46 and C-11, Cashiers, $826,000.

Patricia Beauchamp Cook, Estate of Patricia Beauchamp Cook, James S. Cook, Charlotte K. Cook and Robert T. Cook Jr. Exr. to Robert T. Cook Jr. and Debra H. Cook, Lot 6D, Golf Club Estates, Cashiers, $160,000.

Windon B. Biesecker, Windon B. Biesecker Revocable Living Trust, Windon B. Biesecker Trust, Roland M. Biesecker, Roland M. Biesecker Revocable Living Trust and Roland M. Biesecker Trust to Samuel Lee Oxendine and Jamie Dyan Oxendine, 2.18 acres, Lot 27, Chestnut Ridge, Scotts Creek, $280,000.

Blake L. Queen and Rebecca E. Manring to Clark S. Lipkin and Becky J. Lipkin, two tracts, Sylva-Rural, $72,000.

Russell Halver Jones and Janet Wood Jones to Peter E. Mills and Diane M. Mills, Lot 91, Chinquapin Development, Hamburg, $92,500.

Tonya Lynn Hensley, Ronald Hensley and Darryl Todd Jones to RD Home Sales Inc., .56 acres, Sylva-Rural, $20,000.

NSH Properties LLC to Elliott T. Harwell and Heather F. Harwell, Lot 24, Chinquapin Development, Cashiers, $60,000.

Brian D. Hagerty and Donna Hagerty to Barbara K. Bradley, Barbara K. Bradley Revocable Trust and Barbara Kay Bradley Trust, Unit A, Lot 13, Townhouse B, Building 9, The Woods, Cashiers, $117,000.

Patrick W. Booth and Betty J. Booth to Michael and Ewa Sultenfuss, 16.2 acres, Tract 60, 7.7 acres, Tract 61, Hornbuckle, Wooly Back Section, Qualla, $335,000.

Kathy Lynn McFadden to David Pournaras and Linda S. Pournaras, 2.249 acres, Savannah, $262,500.

Hal Arthur Phillips, Estate of Hal Arthur Phillips, Brenda Higdon Lovelace Phillips Exr. and Ind. and Brenda Higdon Lovelace Exr. and Ind. to Candice Elaine Fresa, 1 acre, Lot 16, Creekwood Subdivision, Hamburg, $10,000.

Deborah Hooper Harrison Trust, Frank Nickolas Harrison Jr. Trust and Revocable Trust to Russell Louis Hill, .98 acres, $210,000.

Jackson Savings Bank SSB to Wayne Kendig and Patricia O’Reilly Kendig, 3 acres, Lot 10, Wolf Creek Subdivision, Canada, $230,000.

Emma’s Properties LLC to B and R Land Development LLC, 1.475 acres, Lot 3D, Sylva-City, $240,000.

Patrick McCoy, James Patrick McCoy, Jill McCoy, Steven Shepherd and Steve V. Shepard to Donna L. Reynolds, two tracts, Sylva-Rural, $135,000.

Edward E. Greer II and Novella S. Greer to Jessica M. Hall and James H. Stevens, 5.8 acres, Webster, $174,000.

Triple Eagle Enterprises LLC to Susan L. Gingerich, 1.09 acres, Lot 17, Riverside Acres, Dillsboro-Rural, $235,000.

Timothy G. Gillis and Janel R. Gillis to James Murzynsky, 1.67 acres, Mountain, $222,000.

R.W. Langill and Leslie A. Williams to Sarah and Jason Colby, .514 acres, Lot 47, Forest Hills Subdivision, Cullowhee, $50,000.

Kathlyne Walkup and Marvin Sheppard to Steven L. Dutoit, Steven L. Dutoit Revocable Living Trust, Steven L. Dutoit Trust, Larry L. Campa, Larry L. Campa IRA and Advanta IRA Services LLC, 1.82 acres, Barkers Creek, $252,000.

Williams Contracting and Land Development LLC to Michael T. Kerekes, .72 acres, Lot 156, Hunter Jim Cove and Hunter Jim Crossing 8th Phase, Tuckaseigee at Riverrock Mountain, $1,000.

Lowaine Mashburn Wilson, Harriet M. Parker, The Harriet M. Parker Family Trust, Gregory Dean Parker Trust, Gregory D. Parker Trust and Grady D. Parker Trust to Landing at Western II LLC, 14.84 acres, Cullowhee, $650,000.

Lowaine Mashburn Wilson, Arbra Gibson, Charles Gibson, Harriet M. Parker, The Harriet M. Parker Family Trust, Gregory D. Parker Trust and Grady D. Parker Trust to Landing at Western II LLC, 6.43 acres, Cullowhee, $500,000.

Judy M. Morris, Judy M. Clark and Scott W. Morris to Landing at Western II LLC, two tracts, Cullowhee, $325,000.

Lee Joint Venture LTD. and Latis II Inc. to Silver Run Reserve LLC, Cashiers, $8,200,000.