The following property transfers were posted between March 25 and 29 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Clarence E. Case Jr. and Sharron W. Case to Luke A. Hodgson and Rachel A. Hodgson, 1.224 acres, Lot 11, Torwood, Barkers Creek, $10,000.

Andy Shaw Ford Inc. to Sheila M. Owens, .89 acres, Lot 5, Chappell Hill Subdivision, Hamburg, $9,000.

Hanuman Investments Inc. to NHN Holdings LLC, .584 acres, Sylva-City, $183,500.

Michael F. Cochrane and Maria B. Cochrane to Scott and Elizabeth Bridges, 5.28 acres, Lot 1, Scotts Creek, $345,000.

John Dane Terrell and Charlotte Jane Terrell to William Paisley, 1.369 acres, Lot 18, Apple Dumplin Hill Subdivision, Mountain, $200,000.

Daniel and Jody Shank to Ales Svoboda, Lot 103-A, Qualla, $226,000.

Mark Stephen Ray to Darrin and Amy Sutton, .61 acres, Dillsboro-Rural, $130,000.

CG of Franklin LLC to Dale Worley, 1.1 acres, Lot 2, Cullowhee Properties, Webster, $20,000.

McDowell Cut Partners LLC to Robbie Franklin Properties LLC, .07 acres, Lot 2, Schoolhouse Cottages, Cashiers, $659,500.

Deborah M. Hooper to Jeremy Cauley and Lindsi R. Cauley, 4.93 acres, Sylva-Rural, $17,500.

Kirsten Peek to Georgina Scott Seamon and Michael Logan Seamon, .42 acres, Sylva-City, $190,000.

Lisa R. Cramer Vonclausbruch and Andreas Cramer Vonclausbruch to Diane May Hatfield, Lot 29, Townhouse 1453, Building 15, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $1,000.

CMH Homes Inc. to Tanner Wendell Anderson and Alexandra Keeley, .79 acres, Lot 7, Scotts Creek, $154,000.

David Stanley to William and Lisa Long, Unit 1882 aka Unit 1882, 1883 and 1884, Phase II, River Run Townhouses, Cashiers, $150,000.

Brenda Sue Cole to Sky Fi Inc., 1.44 acres, Webster, $3,000.

Jacob T. Cook and Brittany G. Cook to Jennifer Lynn Costello Mackey and Joseph Raymond Mackey, 3.69 acres, Sylva-Rural, $265,000.

Martha C. Popplewell, The Martha C. Popplewell Revocable Trust, Sue Ann Popplewell Cooper Trust and Verna Kay Popplewell Shuler Trust to John Alan Wilson, 23.86 acres, Sylva, $127,500.

Lyle R. Fox and Mary Fox to William Serridge and Mary Ann Serridge, Townhouse 1-B, Hilltop, Cashiers, $184,000.

Donald Holbrook to Marc Keith Bowers and Dawn Ann Bowers, 7.45 acres, Hamburg, $72,000.

Daniel M. Allison III to Jackson Savings Bank S.S.B., .89 acres, Rivercrest, Webster, $165,500.

Deborah Johnson Bennett, Deborah Johnson Bennett Revocable Living Trust and Deborah Johnson Bennett Trust to Michael Everett Shelby and Jill Elizabeth Shelby, 1.82 acres, Lot 8, Section E, Golf Club Estates, Cashiers, $943,000.

Reedwood Associates Limited Partnership to Reedwood Manor LLC, 4.789 acres, Reedwood Manor Apartments, $1,500,000.

David and Susan Carlile to Dennis R. Hanson and Cynthia L. Hanson, two tracts, Scotts Creek, $1,050,000.

Robert M. Burton to Blue Star Ranch LLC, Townhouse 600C, Turning Leaf Condominiums, Hamburg, $485,000.

Highlands Cove LLC to Blue Star Ranch LLC, Townhouse 1300C, Turning Leaf, Hamburg, $450,000.

John Kurt Mast, The John Kurt Mast Revocable Living Trust and John Kurt Mast Trust to Blue Star Ranch LLC, Townhouse 300A, Turning Leaf, Hamburg, $480,000.

Violet A. Goddard and Claude H. Goddard Jr. to Rainee Love Tetreault and Benjamin Charles Tetreault, Phase II, Lot 51, Ivy Ridge, Greens Creek, $176,000.

Mountaintop Investments LLC to Wayne D. Wilkinson, Townhouse B, Hilltop Condominiums, Cashiers, $110,000.

Mary Hicks, The Mary Hicks Special Needs Trust, Carole Ann Madden, Carole Ann Madden Pr., Carole Ann Madden Trust, Roger Madden, Stephen Francis Hewitt, Carlyne Jeanne Hewitt and Estate of Carlyne Jeanne Hewitt to Roy McNichols and Dawn L. Sundvall, .27 acres, Sylva-City, $175,000.

Robert W. Martin Jr. and Linda C. Martin to Michael Douglas Friday and Christine Marie Friday, 1.29 acres, Lot 4, Townhouse III, Silver Slip Falls, Cashiers, $61,500.

Summit Charter School Foundation Inc. to Andrew J. Szescila and Martha M. Szescila, Section 1, Phase 4, Lot 197, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $105,000.

Peggy Baucom, Ted M. Baucom and Zephyr LLC to Mark Stephen Ray, two tracts, River, $27,000.

Zephyr LLC to Mark Stephen Ray, 1.27 acres, Lot 2B, River, $35,000.

Carolyn Elizabeth Baur and Michael Baur to Marc Miclette, two tracts, Barkers Creek, $89,000.

Anne Luten Renfroe, Anne Luten Renfroe Revocable Living Trust and Elizabeth Anne Renfroe Trust to Jennie T. Garlington, 2.54 acres, Lot 46, 1.34 acres, Lot 46A, Phase II, Big Sheepcliff, Cashiers, $1,250,000.

Sharon S. Blanchard, The Sharon S. Blanchard Family Trust Agreement, Hiram Hampton Successor Co-Trust and Rafaela Ramirez Successor Co-Trust to Cat Real Estate Holdings LLC, 16.1 acres less .2 acres, Hamburg, $330,000.

Cynthia C. Hanenburg and Donald T. Hanenburg to G. Kenneth Anderson and Kathleen L. Anderson, 2.87 acres, Lot 4B, Sapphire High, Cashiers, $690,000.

Arthur J. Mellor and Bonnie Mellor to Dean E. Pugel and Linda C. Pugel, two tracts, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $520,000.

James F. Kelley and Anne H. Morgan to Thomas R. Conklin and Cheryl J. Burns-Noble, 4.7 acres, Section I, Lot 6, Chattooga Club, Cashiers, $860,000.

Monroe Schiestel, Dusty R. Schiestel and Dusty R. McLeod to Jacob Oakley and Tracy Brooks, .65 acres, Lot 2, Scotts Creek, $181,000.