The following property transfers were posted between Dec. 3 and 7 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Margo Guenther, Margo Guenther Lifetime Trust and Margo Guenther Trust to John Daniel Culos and Lisa Marie Culos, 3.35 acres, Cashiers, $475,000.

Tuscan Group LLC to Steve and Fran Wilkinson, Phase III, Lots 39 and 40, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $135,000.

Earnest R. Hudson Jr. and Tamara J. Hudson to Thomas Morris Sayre, Lots 7 and 8, Leafstone Mountain, Sylva-Rural, $435,000.

Danny J. Shew and Heather S. Pearce-Shew to Leeann Steele, 1.17 acres, Lot 2, Dillsboro-Rural, $244,000.

Jeffrey G. Jones, Laurie A. Jones, Robert C. Eckman and Donna L. Eckman to James and Patricia Monteleone, Phase II, Townhouse 28, Building 14, Chestnut Ridge Townhouses, Cashiers, $228,000.

Leonard F. Bittner and Anita S. Bittner to Stephen B. Lentz, .03 acres, Townhouse D, Hampton Glen Six, Cashiers, $315,000.

Joseph Parker Bethea, Joseph Parker Bethea Trust, Katharine Brooks Bethea, Katharine Brooks Bethea Trust and Joseph Parker Bethea and Katharine Brooks Bethea Living Trust to Sandra Jean Gill, Sandra Jean Gill Revocable Trust, Sandra Jean Gill Trust, Janice Holmes Sweet, Janice Holmes Sweet Revocable Trust and Janice Holmes Sweet Trust, 2.39 acres, Phase I, Lot 56, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $532,000.

Burton E. Eno and Suzanne S. Eno to Donald David Crayton, 4.497 acres, Lot 13, Grand View Estates, Qualla, $34,500.

Frederick and Jule Northup to Steven L. Dutoit, Steven L. Dutoit Revocable Living Trust, Steven L. Dutoit Trust and Larry L. Campa, .737 acres, Savannah, $108,000.

Pameco Inc. to El Patron Mexican Restaurant Inc., 1.25 acres, Tract B, Sylva-City, $780,000.

Beverly Shuler Minister Crespo Trust, Carey Minister Crespo Co-Trust and Shuler-Crespo Legacy Trust to Rafael Rodriguez, 1.75 acres, Scotts Creek, $52,000.

Jean D. Hoitsma to Daniel K. Elko and Daniel L. Harshaw, 1.42 acres, Lot 21, Scotts Creek, $65,000.

Steven D. Ward and Kim M. Ward to Larry James Porter and Jaclyn Marino Porter 2 acres, Dillsboro-Rural, $240,000.

Robert Lewis Tims and Lynne Hussa Tims to MDC Jax Properties LLC, 4.7 acres, Lot 10, Bald Rock Subdivision, Cashiers, $660,000.

Hugh M. Durden and Wendy Druce Durden to John R. Pope, .52 acres, Lot TB-8, High Hampton, Cashiers, $660,000.

Warren and Donna Hall to Harry M. Wilson III and Mary Jane Wilson, .72 acres, Cashiers, $760,000.

Juanita Young Cowart, Revocable Living Trust of Juanita Young Cowart and Juanita Young Cowart Trust to Peter Berardi and Ann Cho, 5.04 acres, Tract A, Greens Creek, $120,000.

Patricia E. Dahne to Loyd James Butdorf and Shawna Lee Butdorf, 1.57 acres, Lot 33, High Top Mountain, Barkers Creek, $222,500.

James W. Britton and Suzette P. Britton to Douglas Queen, Section 2, Lot 34, LaPorte Acres, River, $170,000.

John R. Espey and Martha E. Espey to Adam Young, .419 acres, Scotts Creek, $65,000.

Thomas E. Dill, Karen R. Dill and Karen R. King to Ezekiel C. Cooper and Krysta B. Cooper, 1.7 acres, Webster, $313,500.

Jack R. Brown Jr. and Drucilla C. Brown to Merrie-View LLC, 2 acres, Block G, Lot 13, Round Hill Subdivision, Cashiers, $455,000.

Craig G. Bloxham and Deborah L. Bloxham to Timothy E. Davis and Angela C. Davis, 4.06 acres, Lot 24, Falcon Ridge, Cashiers, $688,000.

Edward V. Roberts Jr. and Patricia A. Roberts to 323A Overlook Road Investment LLC, Townhouse 11, Summerwood Villas, Cashiers, $212,000.

Michael J. Groff and Katherine A. Groff to John R. Quinn and Shaney M. Quinn, .875 acres, Phase 1, Lot 3, Dillsboro Villas, Dillsboro-Rural, $150,000.

Pinchot 46 LLC to Marianne Weyen, The Marianne Weyen Living Trust and Marianne Weyen Trust, 4.09 acres, Lot 46, Pinchot, Cashiers, $695,000.

Charles R. Oglesby and Debra Smithart-Oglesby to Pinchot 46 LLC, 8.26 acres, Lot 13, Pinchot, Cashiers, $395,000.

Joseph A. Scarmuzzi, Second Amended and Restated Joseph A. Scarmuzzi Revocable Trust and Joseph A. Scarmuzzi Trust to William H. Monie Jr. and Phyllis C. Monie, .39 acres, Lot 3, Stonecreek Crossing, Cashiers, $470,000.

Scott Campbell, Lucia M. Campbell, Julie S. Miler, Debbie J. Miler, D. Sherwood Miler III and Richard L. Miler to Vladimir Bravo, Townhouse 3A, Hilltop, Cashiers, $84,000.

Mary E. Hampton Rice to Capital Exchange Advisors LLC, 15.29 acres, Parcel B, Cashiers, $175,000.

Gerardo Escobar to Brian and Natasha Welch, 3.627 acres, Barkers Creek, $190,000.

Millie Brown and Heb North Carolina Investments LLC to Robert C. Skaggs Jr., The Robert C. Skaggs Jr. Trust Agreement, Robert C. Skaggs Jr. Co-Trust and Kimberly M. Skaggs Co-Trust, Cashiers, $1,950,000.

Richard B. McGowin and Susan Slemons McGowin to Samuel D. Lupas and Wendy S. Lupas, 1.23 acres, Cashiers, $533,000.