The following property transfers were posted between July 29 and Aug. 2 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Thomas and Mary Lehman to Suzan Zoukis, The Lake Club of Cashiers, Hamburg, Lot 24, 2.57 acres, $195,000.

Richard and Ann Ottum to Michael Macke, Barkers Creek, 6.533 acres, $220,000.

George and Lisa Cogdill to Richard and Ann Ottum, Scotts Creek, 7.771 acres, $540,000.

TRI Norton Development, LLC to Randall and Marcia Godfrey, Glencove, Hamburg, Lot 28, $350,000.

Summer Cove, LLC to James and Cynthia Rahe, Summer Cove, Hamburg, Lot 17, 1.43 acres, $1,200,000.

Murray and Madelyn Winland to Cristina Rodriguez and Marta Napoles, Hilltop Townhouse A, $108,000.

Herbert and Carol Oxendine to Michael and Rhonda Wise, Savannah, two tracts, $25,000.

Wanda Dee Prince to Wanda Dee Prince and Amanda Mathis, Cullowhee, .29 acres, $1,000.

Real Estate Interest, LLC to Brian and Sallie Peterkin, Cashiers, .68 acres, $450,000.

Robert Kerr and Irvine Welling to Robert and Eleanor Kerr and Todd and Lisa Klumok, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $310,000.

Thomas Hyde to Roger and Tina Jennings, Qualla, 8.89 acres, $60,000.

Chinquapin, LLC to James and Bernadette Mauchly, The Chinquapin Development, Lot T5A, $320,000.

John Jones to Robert and Barbara Bitchko, Chestnut Ridge Townhouses, Cashiers, Unit 5, $130,000.

Chinquapin, LLC to Charles and Carolyn Callihan, The Chinquapin Development, Lot D24, $325,000.

I.W. Land Partners to James and Jill Huston, Overlook Villas, Cullasaja Club, Cashiers, .33 acres, $680,000.

High Hampton Land, LLC to Easterlin Land Holdings, Sheep Laurel, High Hampton, Cashiers, Lot 1-A, .51 acres, $325,000.

Kenneth and Laurie Borick to Greg and Sandra Mazza, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, Lot 174, 4.16 acres, $4,000.

John and Anne Parker to Williams Family Partners, LLLP, Mountaintop, Hamburg, Lot E-125, .57 acres, $850,000.

James and Ann Vickery to Zachariah and Virginia Palmer, Hilltop townhouse 2-A, $118,000.

Richard and April Demoss and the Demoss Qualified Person Residence Trust No. 1 to Paul and Molly Weathington, Mountaintop, Hamburg, Lot C-27, 033 acres, $1,600,000.

Henrietta Wade B. Living Trust, Taylor Garnett to Daniel and Susan Witka, Hamburg parcel A, .25 acres, $12,000.

Kalmia Holdings to James Farmer, Cashiers, .78 acres, $635,000.

Terri Extine, Terri Norton and James Extine to Dennis and Dorothy Brown, Paw Paw Cove, Webster, Lot 16, 1.32 acres, $219,000.

John Druffel Revocable Trust, John Druffel III to Casey and Terra Edwards, Round Hill Estates, Cashiers, Lot 2, Section F, .78 acres, $324,000.

Rachel Worth-Doney and Michael Doney to Danielle Alderman, Canada, two tracts, $135,000.

Ingrid, Gary and Daniel Bolick to Devin and Jennifer Mason, Qualla, 2.87 acres, $23,000.

Ashley Rivers to Taylor and Kourtney Sandefur, Dillsboro rural, 1 acre, $159,000.

GGPOP, LLC, Karen and Michael Randazzo, Christine Dose and Dennis Sprow to John and Cynthia Jackson, Hamburg, two tracts, $350,000.

Diana Kenney to Stanley and Jennifer Kremzar, Qualla, three tracts, $355,000.

Charles and Amy Fagan to Leroy and Amber Quick, Forest Hills Subdivision, Cullowhee, Lot 13, $257,000.

Michael Devine and Meryl Monivis to Ronald and Beverly Piccione, Cashiers, .663 acres, $833,000.

Toni and John Hoffman to Billabong Woods, LLC, Hilltop Cashiers, Townhouse 1-A, $100,000.

William Bangs and Debbie Jarrett-Bangs to Cullowhee Finance, LLC, Cullowhee River Club, Lot 36, Phase 2-A, $105,000.

High Hampton, LLC to Whiteside Property Management, High Hampton Cashiers, Lot 65, .91 acres, Fieldstone Section, $325,000.

Jean Bice and Constance Knight to Caroline Anderson, Silver Slip Falls, Cashiers, Lot 1, Section 2, .98 acres, $305,000.

Thomas, Adrienne, William, Nancy and Joseph Hodges to James Manning and Betty Farmer, $130,000.