The following property transfers were posted between Sept. 24 and 28 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Norma Jean Cessna to Kevin Bourdon Sr. and Kim Bourdon, 5.76 acres, Sylva, $310,000.

Vickie Owen Queen, David Glenn Allison and Tamera D. Crisp to Richard Thomas Elrod and Amy Melton Elrod, three tracts, Greens Creek, $215,000.

Mark David Shealy to Robert C. Kornegay and Rebecca S. Kornegay, .51 acres, Parcel B, Caney Fork, $6,000.

Clifton R. Byrd, Debbie R. Byrd and Rebecca R. Hoch to Randall and Joyce Sutherland, Lot 42, Townhouse 1213, Building 21, Fairway Forest, Cashiers, $2,000.

Wade and Tonya Riner to Lyman Andrew Mayton Jr. and Charlene Chantel Mayton, 1.826 acres, Lot 3, Grand View Estates, Qualla, $3,000.

Ilse M. Miller, The Ilse M. Miller Trust and Ilse M. Miller Trust to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Lot 37, Townhouse 1366, Building 16, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $2,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Julia E. Parrish, .46 acres, Lot 2, $43,000.

Alison Umstead to Paul Steven Shumaker and Beverly Shumaker, .56 acres, Lot 2A, Sylva-Rural, $175,000.

William B. Johnson and Gerry M. Johnson to Danny L. Bottoms and Kimberly A. Bottoms, 4.17 acres, Lot 46, Falcon Ridge, Cashiers, $130,000.

Paula J. Thomson and Paula J. Morgan to Don L. Collins and Pamela A. Collins, 1.2 acres, Cashiers, $45,000.

Robert E. Bolick and Dorothy B. Bolick to David Michael Hallway and Nicole Hallway, 4.98 acres, Webster, $277,500.

Charles Gary Cox, Charles Gary Cox Revocable Trust, Charles Gary Cox Trust, Carole Crenshaw Cox, Carole Crenshaw Cox Revocable Trust and Carole Crenshaw Cox Trust to Nathan L. Gazaway and Cory L. Crownover, .35 acres, Lot 5, Tater Knob, Hamburg, $935,000.

Michael D. Benitez and Cheryl A. Benitez to Stuart C. Pliner and Barbara Bing Pliner, 5.28 acres, Lot 9, Cross Creek Preserve, Hamburg, $960,000.

Stephen D. Patnode and Angela Patnode to Herbert Grantham Oxendine and Carol Bryan Oxendine, .65 acres, Section Three, Lot 8-B, Hemlock Falls, Savannah, $7,500.

Karl J. Ordetx and Kristina E. Ordetx to Kelly Elizabeth Toole, The Kelly Elizabeth Toole Revocable Trust and Kelly E. Toole Trust, .8 acres, Lot 7, Townhouse VII, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $669,500.

Benjamin Clifford Blakley to Linda K. Blakley, 2 acres, Tract A, $24,000.

Tamara L. Fine and Jeffrey E. Koreman to Robert Keenan and Janice Kuster, .94 acres, Lot 20, Townhouse VI, Glenshore, Hamburg, $1,145,000.

Wendell L. Batchelor and Paula C. Batchelor to Stephen R. Bryant, Sharon W. Bryant, Guy W. Peterson and Cynthia L. Peterson, 2.18 acres, Lot 38, Spring Forest, Cashiers, $150,000.

Craig W. Smith and Nancy A. Smith to Robin Mendel Kromis, .94 acres, Lot 14, Townhouse I, Silver Slip Falls Subdivision, Cashiers, $1,025,000.

W.H. Cooper IV and Tanya Melton Cooper to L. Christopher Esposito and Helen L. Esposito, 1.3 acres, Phase I, Lot E-79, Mountaintop, Cashiers, $545,000.

Michael T. Lain and Margaret M. Lain to Michael Roger Collins and Christine Joan Collins, Phase II, Townhouse 25, Building 13, Chestnut Ridge Townhouses, Cashiers, $189,000.

Ray C. Bryson and Ray Chelsey Bryson to Philip L. Henderson and Mary Ann Henderson, Hamburg, $325,000.

Elaina F. Hampton, The Elaina F. Hampton Trust and Elaina F. Hampton Trust to N.C. Cashier House LLC and Christy D. Jones, Section E, Lot 10, Golf Club Estates, Cashiers, $125,000.

Odell Haskett to Mark S. Hudson and Kayla B. Hudson, .41 acres, Sylva-Rural, $7,500.

United Community Bank to Jose A. Gonzalez and Evenly J. Bravo-Gonzalez, 3.75 acres, Lot 85, Cane Creek Ridge, Cullowhee, $7,000.

Gayle B. Hamrick and Anna Katherine Hamrick to Richard L. Potts Sr. and Barbara J. Hayden-Potts, 2.32 acres, Lot 1 Revised, Holly Berry Mountain Estates, Cashiers, $295,000.

David McClister and Joseph Kessler to Sarah Korellis, Lot 51, Townhouse II, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $190,000.

Theodor K. Huber and Marian E. Huber to Barbara B. Mora, .1 acres, Lot 3, Townhouse XII, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $255,000.

John G. Boatwright Jr., Barbara S. Boatwright and John G. Boatwright to Donald F. Glisson Jr. and Carolyn A. Glisson, Phase II, Estate Lot 212, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $250,000.

Steven E. Harris and Faye E. Harris to Daniel and Terri Hilborn, 14.57 acres, Lot 26 Revised, Cullowhee Forest, Mountain, $39,000.

High Hampton Land LLC to Robert T. Gammill Jr. and Mary Ann Gammill, .73 acres, Lot 5, Mountain Holly Trail Neighborhood of High Hampton, Cashiers, $705,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Lots 1 and 6, Townhouse 1512, Lot 6, Townhouse 1514, Building 1, Lots 1, 20 and 47, Townhouse 1531, Lot 26, Townhouse 1532, Building 3, Lot 27, Townhouse 1553, Building 5, Lot 5, Townhouse 1571, Building 7, Lots 9, 26 and 52, Townhouse 1501, Building 10, Lot 24, Townhouse 1412, Lot 2, Townhouse 1413, Lot 6, Townhouse 1414, Building 11, Lot 27, Townhouse 1423, Building 12, Lot 22, Townhouse 1444, Building 14, Lot 24 and 52, Townhouse 1462, Lot 51, Townhouse 1463, Building 16, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $126,500.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Trust by AIF, Residential Accredit Loans Inc. Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2007-QS7 by AIF and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC AIF to Penny M. Minich and Kent D. Minich, 1.57 acres, Sylva, $165,500.

Calleen Freeburg Karcher, Aaron Karcher, Kenneth A. Freeburg and Joanne Freeburg to Abigail Rose Watson and William Dalton Snodgrass, 1.6323 acres, Lot 17, Cross Creek Estates, Caney Fork, $188,000.

Chong S. Gaias to Gary A. Hall, two tracts, Savannah, $190,000.

Nicholson Homecrafters Inc. to Jennifer Price, Lot F5, Chinquapin Subdivision, $90,000.

Sandra Ashe to Bruce Nollman, 4.299 acres, Greens Creek, $42,000.

Amanda S.B. Lane and Amanda Bridgeman Lane to Toineeta Kirkland, .67 acres, Qualla, $160,000.

Nancy K. Johnson and Terry Duane Johnson to John Louis Spear Jr., Alexandra Sanchez Spear, John Louis Spear Sr. and Angela Spear, Townhouse 400D, The Views at Highlands Cove, Hamburg, $523,000.

James D. Connors Jr. and Shay L. Connors to Gary E. Williams, Gary E. Williams Trust, Krista Bennett Williams, Krista Bennett Williams Trust and The Gary E. Williams and Krista Bennett Williams Revocable Living Trust, Highlands Falls Subdivision, Cashiers, $1,455,000.

Weegee Lewis, The Weegee Lewis Trust and Sarah Jane Lewis Trust to Brand S. Lewis and Sherry L. Lewis, Lots 6 and 7, Lewis Monteith Subdivision, Hamburg, $150,000.

Weegee Lewis, The Weegee Lewis Trust and Sarah Jane Lewis Trust to Ronald T. Maisano Jr. and Shanan L. Maisano, Lot 9, Lewis Monteith Subdivision, Hamburg, $15,000.

James E. Huempfner to Cheryl Boyd, Lot 8, Savannah Creek Resort, Greens Creek, $20,000.

James L. Mueller and Grace Mueller to David S. Morgan and Karen E. Morgan, Phase II, Townhouse 1916, Building 10, River Run II Townhouses, Cashiers, $52,500.

Scot Kryzenske to Mary Scarborough, two tracts, $375,000.

Carroll Young, Carroll M. Young, The Carroll M. Young Living Trust, TUW Carroll Young for the Benefit of Dr. Carroll M. Young, James Cargile Trust and Cumberland Trust and Investment Company Trust to Bryan and Angie Klock, 10.1203 acres, Qualla, $299,000.