The following property transfers were posted between Sept. 17 and 21 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Apollo D. Grace and Amrita D. Grace to Kendra R. Johnson and Aaron A. Johnson, 6.49 acres, Qualla, $259,000.

Highlands Cove LLC to Mountain Vision LLC, .8 acres, Lot 145, Highlands Cove Subdivision, Hamburg, $395,000.

Terry L. Habig and Deborah A. Habig to Gayle C. Eby, Gayle C. Eby Revocable Trust and Gayle C. Eby Trust, 1.63 acres, Lot R-40, Wade Hampton, Cashiers, $945,000.

Robert J. Jaycox and Nancy R. Jaycox to Two Bear Development Company, Phase 3, Section 5, Lot 181, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $355,000.

Northwoods Capital LLC and Northwood Capital LLC to Buford and Cynthia Ortale, Section II, Lot CC-8, Chattooga Club Cottages, Cashiers, $575,000.

Pamela M. Shaw, Pamela M. Shaw Trust, Robert L. Shaw, Robert L. Shaw Trust and The Pamela M. Shaw and Robert L. Shaw Revocable Trust to Michael and Kimberly Bowman, 1.79 acres, Hamburg, $218,500.

William David Marsh and Alecia Renee Marsh to Stanley T. Smith and Jenifer P. Smith, Phase I, Lot CA-2, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $375,000.

William C. Adair and Nanette R. Adair to Jonathan and Anne Ishee, 33.18 acres, Cashiers, $2,550,000.

Thomas P. Branch and Anna C. Branch to Henry Kent Holland and Eva M. Holland, Section II, Lots 25A and 26, Strawberry Hill, Hamburg, $645,000.

Kam Louise Parker, Kam Louise Green and Timothy Vance Green to Jeremiah Jackson and Kimberly Guffey Jackson, 4.87 acres, Scotts Creek, $300,000.

Mark William N. Adkins, William N. Adkins Trust, Waterfront Group PLC LLC 401K Profit Sharing Plan FBO Mark William N. Adkins, Mark R. Adkins, Mark R. Adkins Trust and Waterfront Group PLC LLC 401K Profit Sharing Plan FBO Mark R. Adkins to William Lawrence Benner and Kristin Margarete Hendricks, Lot 25-B, Chinquapin Subdivision, Hamburg, $149,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC Mr. Cooper to Marc E. Ottinger and Angela Ottinger, 2.42 acres, $98,500.

Jane E. Murphy, Mildred L. Phillips, Mildred L. Phillips Revocable Trust and Mildred L. Phillips Trust to Blowers Wholesale Products LLC, Lot 20, Townhouse 1544, Building 4, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $1,000.

Jane E. Murphy, Mildred L. Phillips, Mildred L. Phillips Revocable Trust and Mildred L. Phillips Trust to Blowers Wholesale Products LLC, Lot 37, Townhouse 1378, Building 17, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $1,000.

Gordon Mueller and Mary Elizabeth Mueller to William Collins Smith and Monica Clark Smith, Lot 70, Townhouse XI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $674,000.

Gregory M. Nichols and Eleonore M. Nichols to Laura K. Opalka, .81 acres, Phase II, Lot 92, Whisper Lake Subdivision, Cashiers, $335,000.

William A. Anderson II and Sandra Sevier Anderson to John Pack George, North Section, Lot N-2, The Wade Hampton Company, Cashiers, $1,010,000.

Michael A. Brusky and Bebe B. Brusky to Charles Scott Moody and Pamela B. Moody, two tracts, Barkers Creek, $32,000.

Cullowhee River Club LLC to Peter and Laurie Cooke, .17 acres, Phase 2-B, Lot 33, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $185,000.

Pilots Knob Development LLC to Gene David Cox, .96 acres, Lot 12, Pilots Knob Subdivision, Hamburg, $85,000.

Tammy Decesare to William R. Arledge and Marian S. Arledge, .45 acres, Lot 2, Cullowhee, $228,000.

Shelly C. Anand, The Shelly C. Anand Amended and Restated Living Trust Agreement, Shelly C. Anand Co-Trust and Rajesh Anand Co-Trust to Susan B. Belcher, .9 acres, Phase I, Lot CA 9, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $95,000.

Neil H. Ketting and Ilona A. Ketting to William Doyle Snyder Jr. and Linda G. Snyder, 17.79 acres, Savannah, $128,000.

Robert J. Wittman, Sterling Trust Co. Custodian FBO: Robert J. Wittman IRA Account No. 71420 and Equity Trust Company to Cynthia C. Ware, Cynthia C. Ware Revocable Trust and Cynthia C. Ware Trust, .76 acres, Phase I, Lot 13, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $1,600,000.

RLJ Real Estate LLC to Ronald C. Muzii Jr. and Stacy Muzii, .76 acres, Section B, Lot 15D Revised, Golf Club Estates, Cashiers, $505,000.

William and Jessica Springer to Matthew and Haley Hopper, .39 acres, Lot 34, Oak Forest Subdivision, Cullowhee, $200,000.

Jerry F. Lersch and Terri Lee Lersch to Randy Neal Hill and Jessica Rose Hill, two tracts, Canada, $54,000.

Cullowhee River Club LLC to Steve and Chris Yauch, .17 acres, Phase 2-B, Lot 32, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $185,000.

William J. Boswell Jr. and Kathryn H. Boswell to Michael and Stephanie Mason, .69 acres, Lot 7, Bear Lake Reserve, River, $278,000.

David S. Dimling and Constance V. Dimling to William H. Bell III and Leigh Pratt Bell, 1.73 acres, Section IV, Lot E-3, Chattooga Club, Cashiers, $1,200,000.

Corbin Shaver, Corbin Shaver Family Trust, Julie R. Shaver Co-Trust and Ronald B. Demers Co-Trust Residuary Trust to Luna Enterprises LLC, three parcels, Hamburg, $850,000.

Marie Elise L. Foster, Marie Elise L. Foster Revocable Trust and Chadford Wells Foster Trust to Jack Lynn Sharrett and Bromley S. Sharrett, Lots 5 and 6, Southwinds, Cashiers, $402,500.

Mike Maret, Carla Evans Maret, Donald Lee Evans, Estate of Donald Lee Evans and Lisa Evans Admr. and Ind. to Donna Reed, two tracts, Barkers Creek, $50,500.

Jane T. Fleischer, Jane T. Fleischer Living Trust and Jane T. Fleischer Trust to Edwin and Maureen Kohn, Cashiers, $17,500.

Kathleen Kelly Lunday Revocable Trust, Kathleen Kelly Lunday Ind. and Trust, John Billingslea Lunday Revocable Trust and John Billingslea Lunday Ind. and Trust to Mark Norment, Lots 21 and 22, Laurel Lake Subdivision, Cashiers, $280,000.

Melvyn Cooper and Teresa A. Cooper to Kevin D. Tarter and Laurie K. Tarter, 1.78 acres, Parcel A, Hamburg, $336,000.