The following property transfers were posted between Aug. 13 and 17 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Anne E. Wenger to Chudney Anderson, Lot 51, Townhouse 1274, Building 27, Fairway Forest, Cashiers, $5,000.

Jerry Raymond Grant, Fannie Hoyle Grant and Mary Helen Denton Ward to Charles D. Hartline, 13.007 acres, $13,000.

Zedora LLC and Atom LLC to Edward L. Hess and April L. Hess, .92 acres, Lot 31, Bear Lake Reserve, River, $267,500.

Frank C. Manning and Virginia M. Manning to Ronald W. Bircher and Mary Colleen Bircher, Lot 36-A Revised and Block 37-A, Lil Switzerland Subdivision, Hamburg, $280,000.

Donald Francis Sink, Donald Francis Sink Family Trust, Donald Francis Sink Co-Trust, Edith Virginia Sink Co-Trust and Edith V. Sink Co-Trust to Richard M. Robson and Vicky L. Robson, Lot 65, Townhouse VII, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $330,000.

Richard C. Stargel and Elizabeth H. Stargel to James F. Hetmanek and Penny L. Hetmanek, Townhouse A, Building XIV, Hilltop, Cashiers, $115,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Lot 26, Townhouse 1562, Building 6, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $16,500.

B.W. Matthews and Dora J. Matthews to Michael C. Forester and Sandra Forester, Section 1, Lot 11, Mountain View Estates, Greens Creek, $87,000.

Eli E. Troyer to Charles Eric Queen and Jennifer Dameron Queen, 2.352 acres, Lot 35, Barkers Creek Preserve, Barkers Creek, $15,000.

Jamie T. Cunningham to Alison Ensley, Scotts Creek, $297,000.

Wendell L. Batchelor and Paula C. Batchelor to Guy W. Peterson and Cynthia L. Peterson, 2.22 acres, Lot 37, Spring Forest, Cashiers, $1,400,000.

Ryan Jack, Elizabeth Helen Roemer Jack, Elizabeth Helen Roemer, Katherine Roemer, Katherine Lee Roemer McLaughlin, Chris McLaughlin, Emily Roemer, Emily Fraser Roemer Prouse and Andrew Prouse to Wayne S. Price and Martha Z. Price, 6.42 acres, Lot 13, Chestnut Ridge, Hamburg, $32,500.

K. Scott Wagers and Ladonna N. Wagers to Jamie Cunningham, .94 acres, Lot 2, Sylva-Rural, $165,000.

Cullowhee River Club LLC to Susan B. Belcher, .26 acres, Phase 2-B, Lot 27, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $185,000.

Raymond and Joann Franks to Jennifer A. Bright and Bobby S. Bright, two tracts, Savannah, $9,000.

Paul E. Allen and Jeanne B. Allen to Dennis Messer, Lots 25, 26 and 27, Block C, Oaklyn Hills, Sylva-Rural, $75,000.

Fern Creek Builders LLC to Kelly R. Frank, Ronald E. Fusco and Robert Gerald Montgomery III, 2.53 acres, Lot 10, Cashiers Crest, Cashiers, $835,000.

Donald E. Debacher Jr. and Martha C. Debacher to Vincent J. Alonzo and Susan Alonzo, Townhouse 1840, Building 4, Phase I, River Run Townhouses, Cashiers, $140,000.

Amanda Smaridge to Jeffrey and Ellen Kahn, .459 acres, Lot 9, Macdonald-Penzenik Tract, Hamburg, $158,000.

N.C. Vacation Rentals LLC to James J. McDonald and Dina L. McDonald, .57 acres, Tract B, Hamburg, $900,000.

Mag Bear Lake LLC to Karl J. Taylor and Karl J. Taylor Trust, 2.26 acres, Lot 731, Canada, $115,000.

Robert P. Wallace and Karen E. Wallace to Advantium LLC, 4.78 acres, Section II, Lot 20 Revised, Continental Cliffs, Cashiers, $550,000.

Donela P. Madden to Larry D. Madden and Sarah J. Madden, .75 acres, Lot E-62, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $469,500.

Tyler M. Klipa and Heather S. Klipa to Joseph Zachary Hawkins and Allison Hugger Hawkins, .76 acres, Lot 32, and .62 acres, Lot 33, Jarrett Hills, Dillsboro-Rural, $282,000.

Ivan L. Hill and Debra J. Hill to Alan Smith and Angela Conner-Smith, 4.995 acres, Lot 4, Webster, $39,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Thomas A. Shuster and Deborah E. Hobbs, Lot 39, Chinquapin Development, $140,000.

Jennifer L. Muse to Bradford C. Melton, 2.26 acres, Lot 28B-2, Cane Creek Ridge, Cullowhee, $188,000.

Nicholas A. Venturino and Tiffany D. Venturino to Raymond and Shannon Lindsey, 1.43 acres, Lot I, 1.24 acres, Lot J, Block C, Qualla, $195,000.

Christopher N. Conner and Tracie N. Conner to Charles E. Reutter III, Charles E. Reutter IV and Richard R. Reutter, 1.2 acres, Lot 244, Townhouse I, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $470,000.

DBK Highlands LLC to Durbin Benjamin Kleinpeter, 5.896 acres, Lot 168, Cullasaja Club, Cashiers, $975,000.

Sue C. Deitz to Arthur Roy Rohman and Pamela Lamoine Rohman, Lots 1 and 2, Cole Mountain Subdivision, Greens Creek, $35,000.

Beverly Cowan and Beverly J. Waycaster to Gregory T. Schulz and Tonni R. Schulz, three tracts, Dillsboro, $584,000.

Rogers Timber Products Inc. and Phillip Van Rogers to Pat Walter Nations and Dora Jones Nations, 1 acre, Barkers Creek, $12,000.

Dewayne D. Wright and Shirley Anne Knapp to Erin Elizabeth Adams, .25 acres, Lot C2, Sylva-Rural, $35,000.

Dewayne D. Wright and Shirley Anne Knapp to Veda Ann Fuller, .25 acres, Lot C3, Sylva-Rural, $35,000.

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina Inc. to Lincolnton Real Estate Repair LLC, 34.4 acres, Barkers Creek, $25,000.

McDowell Cut Partners LLC to Sheila M. Crawford and William W. Crawford, .07 acres, Lot 3, Schoolhouse Cottages, Cashiers, $659,500.

Bank of American N.A. by AIF and Servicelink NLS LLC AIF to Rivendell Ventures LLC, .77 acres, $604,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Derek Hamilton Ford and Ashleigh Anne Ford, Lot 96, Chinquapin Development, $110,000.

Andrea B. Altman and Richard Altman to H&S N.C. Holding Company LLC, .57 acres, Lot 8, Bald Rock Mountain Cabins, Cashiers, $18,000.

Bradford P. Castleberry, Bradford P. Castleberry Revocable Trust and Bradford Paul Castleberry Trust to Rocio G. Armsey, Donald L. Armsey and Sylvia M. Moore, two tracts, Qualla, $240,000.

WNK LLC to Mountain Mystique LLC, Townhouse 400C, Turning Leaf Condominiums, Hamburg, $475,000.

Victor R. Galef, Victor R. Galef Revocable Trust, Victor R. Galef Co-Trust, Mary C. Galef, Mary C. Galef Revocable Trust and Mary C. Galef Co-Trust to Tiffany Ann Carr and John Patrick Howard Jr., 2.5 acres, Lot 31, Pinchot, Cashiers, $1,900,000.

Donna Marie Kinney and Charles Richard Kinney to Eagle Valley Rentals LLC, two tracts, Dillsboro-Rural, $42,500.