The following property transfers were posted between April 1 and 5 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Rebecca Greene, Rebecca G. Greene Trust, Ralph Greene, Ralph M. Greene Jr. Trust and The Ralph and Rebecca Greene Living Trust to Johnny Dean Underwood and Maria Jill Underwood, Lot 19, Wolf Creek Subdivision, Canada, $14,000.

Ann Gonzalez and Eloy Hernandez to Loyd James Butdorf and Shawna Lee Butdorf, 2.063 acres, Lot 76, High Top Mountain, Barkers Creek, $12,000.

Sydney Louise Vom Lehn, Sydney Louise Vom Lehn Revocable Real Estate Trust, Sydney Louise Vom Lehn Revocable Trust and Karen Vom Lehn Anderson Weed Successor Trust to Robert T. Ackart and Jennifer C. Ackart, two tracts, Cullowhee, $156,000.

Amanda Owen Houston by AGT, Michael Houston by AGT, Susan W. Owen AGT, Gretchen Wilson Breese by AGT, Thomas Breese by AGT and Walter Wade Wilson Jr. AGT to Thomas W. Quinn, .224 acres, Dillsboro, $116,000.

Grasshopper of Sylva LLC and Grasshopper LLC to KG Investments of Franklin LLC, 1.31 acres, Dillsboro-Rural, $143,000.

Allen W. Woodring and Tammy Woodring to BHL Group LLC, two tracts, Savannah, $4,000.

Joseph B. Baird Jr., Helene Baird, Southeast Ridge Water Association Inc. and Found Forest Property Owners’ Association Inc. to Norbert and Pamela Wagner, 2.5 acres, Lot 25, 5.19 acres, Lot 26, Phase II, Found Forest, Cashiers, $173,000.

Frank Jackson to William S. Goodwin, two tracts, Cashiers, $1,450,000.

BHL Group LLC to Lawrence S. Phillips and Patsy L. Phillips, 2.062 acres, Lot 11, Savannah Meadows, Savannah, $6,000.

Timothy A. Lewzader to Leigh A. Colombo and Michael M. Colombo, .48 acres, Lot 8D, Heartland Ridge, Savannah, $163,500.

Pamela M. McLane to Benjamin R. Garner and Debra Y. Garner, two tracts, Savannah, $26,500.

Sergio A. Fedelini and Pamela Jane Fedelini to P.N. Cornell, P.N. Cornell Revocable Trust and P.N. Cornell Trust, Lot 121, Deer Run, Cashiers, $303,000.

John Stronski, S. John Stronski and Susan D. Stronski to Duke Energy Carolinas LLC, 18.5 acres, Lot 3, River, $198,500.

Blue Sky Mountain Company and Blue Sky Mountain Co. to Duke Energy Carolinas LLC, .16 acres, River, $2,000.

Westmark Land Company to Carl Bradford Vanvick and Sharon Simmons Vanvick, 1.36 acres, Lot 34, Parcel A, The Divide, Cashiers, $795,000.

David Carrigan to Frank Craig Kolavo and Amy Asay, 5.267 acres, Lot 34, Holly Berry Mountain Estates, Cashiers, $825,000.

Ryan and Delicia Lee to Michael C. Corn and Sarah E. Corn, 1.461 acres, $218,000.

Roy F. Wiley Jr. and Amanda K. Wiley to William Charles Maybille Jr. and Claudia Shand Lucas Mayville, .46 acres, Lot 26, Pilots Knob Subdivision, Hamburg, $560,000.

Erin L. McDaniel Ind. and AIF, Erin Leigh McDaniel Ind. and AIF, Cale W. McDaniel by AIF and Cale Woerner McDaniel by AIF to Darryl E. Rose and Susan B. Rose, .96 acres, Webster, $265,000.

Daphne C. Howard and William L. Howard to Donald E. Jansen and Debra Ann Jansen, Hamburg, $775,000.

Danny L. Stephens and Beverly K. Stephens to Laura J. Paap and Blair D. Deffenbaugh, .86 acres, Sylva-Rural, $180,000.

Laraine Gorman-Hurd to Carl Andrew Albanese and Anna L. Albanese, 1.64 acres, Lot 75, 3.2 acres, Lot 77, Section B, Pilot Mountain, Hamburg, $8,000

Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Ronald Henderson Trust, Hugh Blanton Trust and Belva Ham Trust to Nathaniel H. Darnell, .48 acres, Qualla, $123,000.

Dale Elders to Nathan E. Morgan and Tanya R. Morgan, Tracts 6 and 7, Barkers Creek, $132,000.

Sherrie M. Yopp, Sherrie D. Yopp and Charles Shane Ramsey to Charles Herman Schmidt and Karen Lynn Glover, .4 acres, Webster, $114,000.

Anne Lauppe, The Anne Lauppe Family Trust, Thomas Pinkney Lauppe Trust and Thomas Pinckney Lauppe Trust to Luke Wyatt Templeton, 1.004 acres, Barkers Creek, $88,000.

Mag Bear Lake LLC to John M. Flagg and Erin M. Flagg, .77 acres, Phase II, Lot 719, Canada, $225,000.

Austin Lewis Johnson and Sarah Renee Johnson to Anthony and Kerry Viviani, 7.31 acres, Dillsboro, $167,500.