The following property transfers were posted between Oct. 29 and Nov. 2 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Jacques D. Blais and Teresa A. Blais to John M. Flagg and Erin M. Flagg, 1.21 acres, Lot 184, Bear Lake Reserve, $287,500.

James H. Nolen and Darlene A. Nolen to Michael George Helock and Tammy Lee Helock, 2.09 acres, Barkers Creek, $68,000.

Secure Inc. to Megan and Joy Ayscue, .6 acres, Sylva-City, $150,500.

Harrell T. Revell, Tim Revell and Karlene Revell to Charles K. McClellan and Barbara D. McClellan, .88 acres, Scotts Creek, $56,000.

Gaines C. McCorquodale and Deborah H. McCorquodale to William Earl Monroe and Brandly Converse Monroe, Townhouse 1100A, Turning Leaf, Hamburg, $229,500.

Paul G. Valyo and Irene Thon to Paul David Haenlein and Laura Marie Haenlein, Lot 17, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $250,000.

Marcia M. McCarley and John N. McCarley III to Joshua M. Kimball and Dena J. Kimball, 3.65 acres, Lot 4 Revised, Cashiers, $865,000.

Charles G. Davis and Dianna A. Davis to Terry and Janice Bryson, 2.07 acres, Section A, Lot 10, Catspaw, Mountain, $460,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $700,500.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $301,500.

Britta Lee Holcombe, Estate of Britta Lee Holcombe, Britta Lee Phillips Robinson and Theresa Phillips Exr. to Christopher C. Sutton and Connie Sutton, 5.66 acres, Qualla, $25,000.

M&HV LLC to Brian D. Kellogg, Barkers Creek, $40,000.

Donald H. Coggins Sr. and Suzanne Lindsey Coggins to Stanley Charles Coggins, 2.27 acres, Scotts Creek, $180,000.

Doug Ring, Polly Ring, The Doug and Polly Ring Revocable Trust, Ross D. Ring Trust and Charlotte Ring Trust to John Ring, Claudia H. Ring and Darleen R. Vance, 2.93 acres, Lot 9, Scotts Creek, $200,000.

Cope Creek LLC to Jerry A. Coffey, Lots 6, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, Sylva, $67,000.

Margaret Jean Boggs to Milton J. Barber and Pamela K. Barber, 1.4 acres, Lot 14, Stekoih Hills, Qualla, $315,000.

View Cottages LLC to Yvonne Johnson, .16 acres, Lot 4, View Cottages LLC, Cashiers, $365,000.

Joseph M. Winter and Debra W. Winter to Trillium Links and Village LLC, Lot 8, Trillium Links and Villages, Hamburg, $1,000.

Arrant Inc. to William Harrell Taylor Jr. and Melinda Kim Strickland Taylor, 1.37 acres, Lot 13, Greene Acres Subdivision, Scotts Creek, $45,000.

Shirley C. Laws to Milton L. Aitken and Michelle Aitken, 13 acres, Greens Creek, $53,500.

C. Eric Fowler and Mikala Fowler to James A. Kaysing and Joy L. Kaysing, 1.17 acres, Lot 28B, Oak Forest Subdivision, Cullowhee, $206,000.

Katharine Gennett Henry and Katherine Gennett Henry to Anthony Brian Chowney and Barbara Chowney, Lot 10 Revised, The Shoppes at Cashiers Commons, Cashiers, $270,000.

Robert L. Haller Sr. Trust, Martha M. Barnett Trust and Haller-Barnett Revocable Living Trust to Lauren Pryor Wise and Reid Dejarnette Wood, Lot 22, Woudes Mountain Villages, Hamburg, $10,000.

High Hampton Land LLC to Douglas E. Coltharp and Catherine I. Coltharp, .77 acres, Lot 6, Mountain Holly Trail Neighborhood of High Hampton, Cashiers, $700,000.

High Hampton Land LLC to CBA Investments LLC, 1.04 acres, Lot 4, Mountain Holly Trail Neighborhood of High Hampton, Cashiers, $700,000.

Stacey Wayne Goff and Leigh Ann Epting Goff to Mtnayer LLC, 2.59 acres, Phase II, Estate Lot 180, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $275,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Ronald J. Mencarelli and Deborah Mencarelli, Lot 93, Chinquapin Development, Chinquapin, $150,000.

Charles F. Moore and Janet M. Moore to William Lee Lefevers III and Deborah C. Lefevers, three lots, Holly Hills Estates, Webster, $360,000.

United Community Bank to Linden Brothers Investments LLC, .86 acres, Lot 5, Hickory Ridge, $15,000.

Andrew T. Stenberg, Andrew T. Stenberg Revocable Trust and Andrew T. Stenberg Trust to Craig P. Jones and Ann L. Jones, 1.15 acres, Lot 622, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $300,000.

Charles W. Miller and Joyous M. Miller to Charles S. Swanson and C. Dunwreath Swanson, three tracts, Cashiers, $1,662,000.

Pelican Management Group LLC to Jean J. Avent, The Jean J. Avent Trust and Celeste Lindeman Trust, .63 acres, Lot 10A, Hamburg, $1,168,500.

Mav Investments LLC to Mark R. Adkins, Mark R. Adkins Trust, William N. Adkins, William N. Adkins Trust and Waterfront Group PLC LLC 401K Profit Sharing Plan, Cashiers, $280,000.

Racking Cove LLC to Paul Wilcox Jr. and Jessica Shuler, 1.287 acres, Lot 1, 1.166 acres, Lot 2, Jarrett Hills Subdivision, Dillsboro-City, $235,000.

Mary Ann Haskett to Shaun and Tara Heptinstall, 3.088 acres, Lot 1, River, $25,000.

Clinton R. Price and Marilyn Price to Scott R. Mathews and Katherine C. Mathews, Phase 4, Lot 51, The Ridges, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $625,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Jeffrey S. Sprague and Rosemary S. Sprauge, Lot 88, Chinquapin Development, $133,000.