The following property transfers were posted between Nov. 13 and 16 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Foxhunt Townhouses, $73,000.

David Farmer, David J. Farmer, Doris Farmer and Doris A. Farmer to Harlan G. Helmers and Susan R. Helmers, 1 acre, Tract 4, Webster, $40,000.

William A. Lindquist and Joanne M. Lindquist to Christopher D. Warren and Alexandra B. Warren, .99 acres, Lot 12, Tahala Shores, The Point, Hamburg, $227,500.

McCamy Capital LLC to Paramount Locations LLC, 5.53 acres, Lot 1, Pinchot, Cashiers, $430,000.

Robert D. Raney and Barbara F. Raney to Kevin and Toni Jones, .68 acres, Lot 2, Laurel Hills Subdivision, Barkers Creek, $160,000.

Kathleen M. Hartley to Nancy T. Hector, 2.83 acres, Lot 42, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $482,000.

Joshua Goldfarb, Charlotte Goldfarb and SFBL LLC to Michael Alan Douglass and Maleisa Lee Keith-Douglass, .98 acres, Lot 284, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $235,000.

Gloria J. Kirkendall and James Kirkendall to Jeffery R. Hampton and Cara L. Harrison, .039 acres, Sylva, $46,000.

Tristan Wade Parton and Lindsay A. Parton to Ricky J. Buchanan and Amanda H. Buchanan, 1.573 acres, Qualla, $10,000.

Elisabeth Ventriglia and Donald W. Underwood to James Michael McCarn and Angela D. McCarn, .73 acres, Lot A, Savannah, $110,000.

William P. Hoffman, Barbara D. Hoffman, The Barbara D. Hoffman Living Trust and Barbara D. Hoffman Trust to Don C. Harting Trust, Elizabeth H. Harting Trust and The Harting Family Revocable Trust, .85 acres, Section II, Block G, Lot 26, Highlands Falls Country Club Subdivision, Cashiers, $792,500.

Florence Mauboules, The Florence Mauboules Charitable Trust and Kenneth O. Privat Trust to Justin Lynn Mathis and Erika Robyn Mathis, 17.67 acres, Hamburg, $170,000.

Deborah J. Randall, David R. Parmelee, Nancy Parmelee and Frances H. Parmelee to Fiore Capri Anthony LLC, 2.55 acres, Cashiers, $100,000.

Joyce P. Watts to Timothy and Michelle Fraelich, 1.11 acres, Lot 22, The Cascades at Cedar Creek, Hamburg, $499,500.

Rita W. Fox, Michael N. Fox, Elizabeth W. Stevens, James Randall Stevens, Rory H. Ward and Marianne M. Ward to Catherine D. Jones, .43 acres, Qualla, $35,000.

Brenda H. Council, Brenda H. Council Revocable Trust, Brenda H. Council Trust, James R. Council Jr., James R. Council Jr. Revocable Trust and James R. Council Jr. Trust to Katherine McDaniel, Katherine McDaniel Trust, Joseph David McDaniel, Joseph David McDaniel Trust, Joseph David McDaniel Revocable Trust and Joseph David and Katherine McDaniel Revocable Trust, Lot 50 Revised, Bald Rock, Cashiers, $1,300,000.

Isobel P. Cordero and Michael O’Loughlin to Cory and Alicia Tyre, .7 acres, Lot 25, Townhouse VI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $224,000.

Sandra D. Messer to Richard Asa Green, .77 acres, Lot 6, Hummingbird Acres, Savannah, $37,000.

Nancy L. Mongoven, Nancy L. Mongoven Declaration of Trust and Michael K. Mongoven Successor Trust to Juli P. Hulcy, three tracts, Savannah, $229,000.

Chester Parker and Penney Marshall Parker to Angela Lee Lewis, 1.57 acres, Qualla, $179,000.

Elaine D. Moss, William Isaac Moss and James David Taylor to Amanda Pearl Talley and Korey Jerel Thompson, 1.95 acres, Mountain, $25,000.

Tammy Nell Johnson to David and Carmaletta Gates, 18.56 acres, Tract 1, 3.18 acres, Tract 2, Dillsboro, $289,000.

Robert A. McCabe Jr., The Robert A. McCabe Jr. Revocable Trust and Robert A. McCabe Jr. Trust to Neil Bryan Spradley and Rae Taylor Spradley, Phase 1, Parcel A, Lot 4-BR, Arrowhead Development, Cashiers, $760,000.

Richard M. Currence to Hugh M. Durden, The Hugh M. Durden Revocable Trust and Hugh M. Durden Trust, Wendy Druce Durden, The Wendy Druce Durden Revocable Trust and Wendy Druce Durden Trust, 1.15 acres, Lot S-19 Revised, Sheep Laurel Section of High Hampton, Cashiers, $975,000.

Earl B. Douglass Jr., Earl B. Douglass Jr. Revocable Trust, Earl B. Douglass Jr. Co-Trust and Nancy J. Douglass Co-Trust to Nancy N. Gregory, 1.25 acres, Lot 30, Stillmont, Cashiers, $360,000.

Donna Regina Monks, Vickie Karen Webster, John Paul Webster, Tony Byron Sutton, Inga Dyson Sutton and Tammy Lynn Sutton to David William Hart, .618 acres, Tract A, Dillsboro-Rural, $138,000.

Jan E. Roush to Jennifer C. Blake, Townhouse 600A, The Views at Highlands Cove, Hamburg, $375,000.

Ivan L. Hill and Debra J. Hill to Jesus Gonzalez Cardenas, .78 acres, Lot 1A, Dillsboro-Rural, $35,500.

Earl T. Long and Patricia D. Long to Kenneth W. Davis Jr. and Debbie S. Davis, .56 acres, Lot 1, Savannah, $175,000.

Darlene R. Newman Betty to Premier Sales and Rentals Inc., 1.2 acres, Lot 40, Cedar Ridge Estates, Cashiers, $525,000.

Ann M. Miller, Ann M. Miller Revocable Trust, Ann M. Miller Trust, Michael L. Miller, Michael L. Miller Revocable Trust and Michael L. Miller Trust to George K. Geils and Audrey Wood, Phase 3, Section 6, Lot 193, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $375,000.

Andrew Carlton Cagle to Chester Parker and Penny J. Marshall Parker, 4.61 acres, Greens Creek, $75,000.

Kenneth L. Owen LLC to James G. Dixon and Joan S. Dixon, .71 acres, Greens Creek, $155,000.

James Timothy Bumgarner and Denise E. Bumgarner to Jason Bradley Jenkins and Emily Taylor Jenkins, 2.25 acres, Webster, $35,000.

William K. Patterson and Michelle L. Patterson to James L. Blount and Sandra P. Blount, Lot 4, Townhouse 10, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $405,000.

MGSP LLC to Russel Daniel Akin and Autumn Jackson Akin, 8.39 acres, Lot 49, 2.88 acres, Lot 69, Big Sheepcliff, Cashiers, $315,000.

Generation II LLC to Thomas H.W. Craig and Kay K. Craig, .1 acre, Lot B, Cashiers, $250,000.

Dennis J. Graves and Laura C. Graves to Jack M. Lurie and Kathi A. Lurie, 3 acres, Mountain, $8,000.

Doug and Carey Benham to Cynthia C. Ware, 1.36 acres, Phase I, Lot L-1 Revised, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $2,200,000.

Jeffrey A. Zirker and Denise C. Zirker to Bradley P. Orvis and Sherrie L. Orvis, .21 acres, Phase I. Lot 7, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $420,000.