The following property transfers were posted between June 24 and 28 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Larry D. Boone and Lisa M. Boone to Dickson R. Shreffler and Tracy A. Wright, Lot 24, Greens Creek, $28,000.

Richard L. Beaver and Elizabeth Beaver to Peter James Jinks and Diann P. Jinks, .55 acres, Lot 107, Bear Lake Reserve, Canada, $1,200,000.

Daniel B. Kittrell Jr. and Natasha A. Kittrell to Joseph Carlo Pastura, The Joseph Carlo Pastura Trust and Joseph Carlo Pastura Trust, $196,500.

Graeme Straeffer to Erica M. Gunnison, 7.99 acres, Scotts Creek, $45,000.

Ronald J. Blythe and Judy A. Blythe to Robert Alan Anders and Joanne Marie Anders, .57 acres, Qualla, $325,000.

Matthew J. Nicholson, Amanda P. Nicholson, Amanda P. McClure and Amanda Lee Parris to John R. Smith Jr. and Michele D. Smith, 2 tracts, Scotts Creek, $362,000.

Peter A. Stirrup and Margo A. Stirrup to John David Turner, The John David Turner Revocable Trust Agreement and John David Turner Trust, .52 acres, Lot 67 Revised, Townhouse XIV, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $515,000.

Ivan L. Hill and Debra J. Hill to Jane E. Munro, 1.42 acres, Scotts Creek, $34,000.

James Ledford, Gail D. Ledford and Jacqueline Sue Ledford to Ronald R. Kaiser and Martha M. Saeli, 1 acre, Qualla, $73,000.

Charles Gary Dillard to Robert B. Taylor and Lynn Denise Taylor, 3.66 acres, Greens Creek, $27,000.

Michael P. Marino Trust, Florence M. Marino Trust and The Marino Family Trust to Janice Hughey, Lot 45, Deer Run, Cashiers, $300,000.

David Bock Builders LLC to Joseph A. Householder Trust, Katherine B. Householder Trust and Householder Family Trust, 2.01 acres, Lot 51, Big Sheepcliff, Hamburg, $1,675,000.

Charles H. Gifford and Janice M. Gifford to Frederick Becker III, 3.5 acres, Lot 71, Wildcat Cove, Savannah, $22,000.

Wayne McBride and Lisa Ann Byrd to Murray and Madelyn Winland, Lot 77, Townhouse VI, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $289,000.

Margaret Patricia Farrell Bowdoin, Last Will and Testament of Margaret Patricia Farrell Bowdoin, Margaret Patricia Farrell Bowdoin Maximum Tax Credit Shelter Trust and William R. Bowdoin Jr. Trust to Rivard Holdings LLC, .54 acres, Hamburg, $350,000.

Kenneth H. Gillis, The Kenneth H. Gillis Living Trust and Erica Zoe Gillis Successor Trust to Brandon and Stephanie Newport, Parcels A, B and C, Webster, $225,000.

Eric Wetherell to Jan P. Harbour, 2.304 acres, Tract A, 2.182 acres, Tract B, 2.455 acres, Tract C, Cullowhee, $237,500.

Sims Valley Homeowners Association Inc. to Charlene Ierna, Lot 90, Sims Valley Subdivision, Hamburg, $2,500.

Robert A. Seel and Patricia C. Seel to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1362, Lot 41, Building 6, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

Robert A. Seel and Patricia C. Seel to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1361, Lot 21, Building 6, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

J. Vincent Vigil and Mary E. Vigil to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1382, Lot 8, Building 8, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

John J. Landgren and Karen D. Landgren to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1212, Lot 33, Building 21, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

Carter Investments LLC to Full Circle Holdings LLC, .28 acres, Phase 3, Section 3, Lot 144A, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $350,000.

James J. Coyne and Martha E. Coyne to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1391, Lot 17, Building 9, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Alejandro Manzano and Rachel Ewing, Lot 98, Chinquapin Development, $120,000.

John O. Anderson and Lydia D. Anderson to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1223, Lot 6, Building 22, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

Thomas D. Riggs and Judith K. Riggs to Diamond Resorts Sapphire Valley Development LLC, Townhouse 1302, Lot 44, Building 10, Fairway Forest Townhouse, Cashiers, $1,000.

Morris E. McCall and Gladys McCall to Stephen William Clark and Deborah Lenz Clark, .7 acres, Cashiers, $395,000.

Walter David Chandler and Pamela G. Chandler to Barbara N. Brown, The Barbara N. Brown Revocable Trust, Barbara N. Brown Co-Trust and Thomas Brown Co-Trust, 3.49 acres, Phase 1, Lot 52 Revised, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $1,025,000.

Kimberly and Michael Hirsch to John B. Hill and Leah B. Hill, 3.04 acres, Lot 19, Norton Overlook, Cashiers, $605,000.

Rita W. Kollist and Kollist LLC to SGI of WNC LLC, .42 acres, Sylva, $175,000.

Justin Nash Barfield, Stephanie Barfield, Rebecca Denise Hinton and Craig Hinton to Miles Auger, 2 tracts, Barkers Creek, $171,000.

Harold D’Apice and Marlene D’Apice to Ray Dennis Hedrick and Faye Rhodes Hedrick, .06 acres, Lot 7, Savannah Creek Cottages and RV Resort, Greens Creek, $25,000.

Marcia Lynn Marshall Reid, Marcia M. Franklin Successor Trust, David Ronald Marshall Successor Trust, Joan Renee Marshall Keever Successor Trust and The Marshall Family Living Trust to Marcia and Barry Franklin, 2 parcels, $210,000.

Kathryn Ruth Knowles to Cinthia Jocabel Lopez Alvarado, Lot 22, Savannah, $110,000.

Richard A. Lepore and Vickie W. Lepore to Ty Dengler and Katherine Anderson-Dengler, Sylva-City, $235,000.

Jessie Retherford to Richard Edward Wallis and Jeanette Wallis, 7.388 acres, River, $409,500.

Todd Lawrence Asarch and Kasey Asarch to J2D Investments of North Carolina LLC, .7 acres, Lot W-9, Wade Hampton Company, Cashiers, $2,350,000.

Todd Hunt and Midland IRA Inc. FBO Todd Hunt to Richard and Lauren Nathan, .58 acres, Lot 21, Bridge Creek Subdivision, Hamburg, $15,000.

Maxie Earl Crick to Loyd James Butdorf and Shawna Lee Butdorf, 2.144 acres, Lot 75, Barkers Creek, $8,000.

RCH Properties LLC, to Michael M. Ash and Anna M. Hall-Ash, .78 acres, Lot 2, Buck Knob Island, Hamburg, $1,100,000.

Rabun County Bank to Vandrake Investments LLC, 4 tracts, $50,000.

Robert R. Moss and Marilyn Moss to Hidalgo’s Pro Construction LLC, 3.18 acres, Hamburg, $54,000.

Frank M. Holmes and Rita Holmes to Jeffrey Peck and Katherine Leesue-Peck, .11 acres, Phase I, Lot CA 17, Cullowhee River Club, Cullowhee, $380,000.