The following property transfers were posted between April 23 and 27 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

John B. Rawls Jr. to David Michael Hadd and Robin Joy Hadd, 1.65 acres, Lot 11, Hickory Ridge, $135,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Richard Francis Milanese and Christine E. Milanese, Lot N19, Chinquapin Development, Hamburg, $90,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Foxhunt Townhouses, $283,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., $133,500.

Spring Acres Enterprises LLC to Adam West, 36.15 acres, Qualla, $199,000.

R. Lee Marlow to Brian Joseph Gimbel and Tracy Jean Gimbel, 3.039 acres, Scotts Creek, $265,000.

Donald Andrew Southards and Casey Wall Southards to Mary Duclos, 1.27 acres, River, $165,000.

Donald M. Condren, Donald M. Condren Revocable Trust and Terence Condren Successor Trust to Jason C. Beasley and Kimberly K. Beasley, 11.29 acres, Webster, $92,000.

Ryan S. Griffin and Amber Griffin to Jennifer Ann Cooper, Lot 34, Sunrise Park, Sylva-City, $127,500.

Joseph C. Tomato and Susan D. Tomato to James Alan Murray, 3.33 acres, Savannah, $210,000.

Joshua Yopp and Lauren Steele to Leland Robert Plank and Leland Flint Plank, .98 acres, Greens Creek, $147,000.

Henrietta Elizabeth Hall, Edwin Emilous Thompson by AIF and Derek William Dellinger AIF to Lauren Steele and Joshua Yopp, two tracts, Greens Creek, $198,000.

Donnie Ballew, Sandra K. Ballew Ind. and AIF and Marilyn J. Hipps by AIF to John and Debra Ballew, 1.002 acres, Qualla, $7,000.

Richard Daniels, Richard E. Daniels Co-Trust, Marion Daniels, Marion A. Daniels Co-Trust and Richard and Marion Daniels Revocable Trust to Robert Joseph Bryan and Terri Swift Bryan, 1.35 acres, Lot 7 Revised, Beechwood Subdivision, Greens Creek, $280,000.

Frank B. Stevenson and Elizabeth M. Stevenson to John Edward Douglass and Maryann Naomi Douglass, Pilots Knob Subdivision, Hamburg, $528,000.

Susanne B. Sellers, Jerry Sellers, Sarah B. Owen and Donald Owen to James W. Webb Jr. Co-Trust, Patricia M. Webb Co-Trust and Webb Family Living Trust, three parcels, Hamburg, $147,000.

Donald W. Rhame and Alacia Rhame to Nancy L. Morrow, 7.05 acres, Cashiers, $730,000.

Catamount Holdings LLC to Windley Key Rentals LLC, Tract 85, Black Rock Creek, Qualla, $7,000.

Homer Harris, Beverly Cochran and Lynn U. Cochran to Marcus B. Robertson and Alice O. Robertson, 65 acres, Canada, $295,000.

Paul F. Tidroski and Lynne M. Tidroski to Vincent Demasi, Townhouse B, Hilltop, Cashiers, $110,000.

Barry J. Whitehead and Sheila Whitehead to John Oliver Batchelor and Cristina Rinaldi, 1 acre, Hamburg, $126,000.

Lisa Dye and Marvin R. Dye to David J. Farmer and Doris A. Farmer, .37 acres, Greens Creek, $130,000.

James Merton Farrell to Jocelyn Hills, 3.94 acres, Mountain, $87,500.

Robert E. Tribble and Frances S. Tribble to Barnes D. Delancy and Pamela Y. Delancy, .3 acres, Lot 95, Townhouse XIV, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $176,000.

William M. Patton, Kristen Fortney Patton, Michael C. Patton, Stephanie B. Patton, Charles R. Patton and Robin Hughes Patton to Heaton Forest 276 LLC, 1.47 acres, Lot WH 16, Cashiers, $650,000.

Frank H. Doherty to William E. Gregory and Melody A. Gregory, 1.28 acres, Parcel B Revised, Cashiers, $150,000.

Benjamin and Traci West to Steve Kimball and Angie Miranda, 2.18 acres, Lot 1, Sylva Vista Subdivision, Sylva-Rural, $177,500.

Susan P. Nicholas Trust and O’Hearn Irrevocable Trust to Benjamin and Traci West, two tracts, Scotts Creek, $190,000.

Pierre Pelchat and Carmelle Blais to Ivan W. Fannin III and Chelsea B. Fannin, Tracts 74 and 73, Hornbuckle Subdivision, Green Mountain Section, $195,000.

Sheila Davis Adams and Michael Moss to Carl A. Jardin, two tracts, Scotts Creek, $80,000.

Jacqueline Hooper to Matthew M. Mason and Kimberly C. Mason, 6.99 acres, Lot F, River, $330,000.

Brian Keith Bard and Maria Bard to Steven Douglas Bryson and Samantha Leigh Bryson, 1.28 acres, Barkers Creek, $145,000.

Ruby W. Jolly to Douglas J. Homolka and Charlene E. Homolka, 1.54 acres, Section 1, Lot 1, The Knolls of Cedar Creek, Hamburg, $8,500.