The following property transfers were posted between Oct. 8 and 12 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

United Community Bank to Mitzie and James Bowers, two tracts, Qualla, $21,000.

U.S. Bank National Association Trust and CIM Trust 2015-3AG Mortgage-Backed Notes Series 2015-3AG to Teena Arsenault, .3 acres, $6,000.

Susan R. Sheehan, Susan R. Sheehan Co-Trust, Charles V. Sheehan, Charles V. Sheehan and Susan R. Sheehan Joint Irrevocable Trust and The Northern Trust Company Co-Trust to Linda M. Shield and Michael W. Anderson, Lot 9, S.P. Ravenel Lands, Cashiers, $925,000.

Susan M. Landreth AIF and Evelyn Alice Jones Passmore by AIF to Hugh and Carla Hinote, 3.04 acres, Cashiers, $135,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Michael and Carrie Cole, 1.037 acres, $93,000.

Guy M. Dunlap and Wendy R. Dunlap to William and Carole Keck, 1.03 acres, Lot 11, .91 acres, Lot 12, Wolf Knob Acres, Mountain, $330,000.

Lisa M. Williams to Derrick and Tasha Cornatzer, 8.7 acres, Parcel 1, Hamburg, $60,000.

Benjamin J. Sloan and Elizabeth P. Sloan to Gerald K. Brantley and Kathryn Brantley, 1.02 acres, Cashiers, $770,000.

Kathleen Marie Lengel, Kathleen Marie Lengel Revocable Trust and Kathleen Marie Lengel Trust to Tammy Martin Barnes Trust, Tracy Martin Rogers Trust, Wendy Martin Collier Trust and Martin Mountain Irrevocable Trust, 3.9 acres, Lot 33, Shepards Mountain, Hamburg, $6,000.

E. Mitchell Betty LLC to RLJ Real Estate LLC, Lot 4, Chestnut Square, Cashiers, $187,500.

Carle Todd Sylvester and Julie Sylvester to Adam and Cheryl Knobeloch, 1.09 acres, Block B, Lot 1, Woodridge Subdivision, Webster, $245,000.

Jenny Lynn Hooper and Jenny Lynn Devane to Harold Walter Sims Jr., Harold Walter Sims Jr. Successor Trust, Kay Marlene Sims and The Harold Walter Sims Jr. and Kay Marlene Sims Revocable Trust, .486 acres, Greens Creek, $149,000.

Carla M. Mast, Joseph P. McGuire, Ellen B. McGuire, John S. McGuire, Tina McGuire, Mary Martha M. Spencer and Mark Spencer to William Jeffery Gordon, Michael Matthews and Rodney Dodson, three tracts, Canada, $80,000.

Gene W. Milner Jr. and Rhonda D. Milner to LDO Holdings LLC, Lot D-11, Wade Hampton, Cashiers, $750,000.

Terry D. Bryson and Janice S. Bryson to Barbara Willis Reich and Shannon Reich Bullard, 1.09 acres, Hamburg, $348,000.

Challis C. Surles and Richard B. Surles to Edgar E. McDonald, 2.6 acres, Lot 20 Revised, Laurel Lake, Cashiers, $301,500.

Carol A. Turner, Carol A. Turner Revocable Trust, Carol A. Turner Trust, Gary W. Turner, Gary W. Turner Revocable Trust and Gary W. Turner Trust to George Edward Rollins III and Annette Fay Rollins, Phase 2, Lot 2, Hillside Cottages, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $295,000.

Andrew P. Angle, Revocable Trust Agreement of Andrew P. Angle and Andrew P. Angle Trust to Barkface LLC, 1.62 acres, Phase III, Lot 13, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $1,650,000.

Richard A. Griggs and Mary Ayres Lewis Griggs to Allen B. Amsler and Madge G. Amsler, 2.51 acres, Cashiers, $980,000.

David Martin Hale and Rebecca Fritz Hale to Ricky Joseph Buchanan and Amanda H. Buchanan, 2 acres, Qualla, $9,000.

Leafstone Mountain LLC to Daniel H. Pierce and Debra Pierce, .27 acres, Lot 18 Revised, Leafstone Mountain, Sylva-Rural, $214,500.

Richard A. Howell and Susan P. Howell to Elsa A. Sibley, 13.5 acres, Lot 48, Bald Rock Subdivision, Cashiers, $845,000.

Bowyer Family Limited Liability Partnership RLLP to Hillary S. Lamendola, Lot D-15, Wade Hampton, Cashiers, $2,950,000.

Steven W. Doughty and Landra B. Doughty to Phillip and Allyson Barth, Section 1, Phase 4, Lot 198, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $625,000.

David L. Long and Elizabeth Valk Long to William C. Viehman and Ann L. Viehman, 1.49 acres, Lot E-14, Wade Hampton, Cashiers, $2,135,000.

John Henry Druffel III, The John Henry Druffel III Revocable Trust and John H. Druffel III Trust to Ted C. Barrack and Kelley Q. Barrack, 5.74 acres, Cashiers, $489,000.

Sarah Gilreath Thompson, Martha Gilreath Dell, Estate of Martha Gilreath Dell and Elizabeth T. Cook Adm. to James E. Flanigan and Susannah C. Flanigan, four tracts, $135,000.

David and Mary Seidenberg to Bernadine S. Love, 1 acre, Parcel A, Hamburg, $320,000.

Alfred F. Ritter Jr. and Caroline O’K. Ritter to Hollicott II LLC, 1.63 acres, Lot S-21A, Wade Hampton Company, Cashiers, $11,000.

Timothy and Francine McCabe to Martin Ray Adams and Elizabeth B. Adams, Phase 4, Lot 47, The Ridges, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $420,000.