The following property transfers were posted between July 16 and 20 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

Louann A. O’Dell to Christina Alessandra, Lots 2 and 7, Block B, Balsam Heights Subdivision, Scotts Creek, $177,000.

Thomas W. Hoyt to Gary L. Trantham, .88 acres, Lot 17, Shady Oak Woods II, Mountain, $173,000.

Ronald J. Blythe and Judy A. Blythe to Joe Billy Cline and Shanna Dolores Conner, 2.803 acres, Qualla, $60,000.

Cow Rock Mountain Inc. to Elevated Partners LLC, 1.17 acres, Lot 108, Phase IV, Lonesome Valley, Cashiers, $380,000.

Cow Rock Mountain Inc. to Elevated Partners LLC, 1.26 acres, Lot 106, Phase IV, Lonesome Valley, Cashiers, $380,000.

Sylvia A. Peck to Claudia Morales-Mendez and Juan Aguilera Villanueva, .67 acres, Lot 1, Hamburg, $102,000.

Phillip L. Sealy and Lori M. Sealy to Mark Jeffery Thomas and Teresa Beck Thomas, two tracts, Caney Fork, $290,500.

Aaron and Bridget Grant to Maria White, 1.7 acres, Tract 6, River, $34,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Anthony M. Nicolli and Martha A. Nicolli, Lot 115, Chinquapin Subdivision, $115,000.

David C. Prescott Sr., Gerri Montgomery Prescott and Gerri M. Prescott to Ralph C. Cabage III and Tatyana Kuzin Cabage, 3.4 acres, Lot 4, 2.2 acres, Lot 7, Cashiers, $140,000.

Thomas E. Calderone and Willa M. Calderone to Stephen David Doughty and Melissa Mae Doughty, 3.513 acres, Tract 7, Qualla Estates, Qualla, $373,000.

Paul H. Sutherland and Constance H. Sutherland to Anthony Cole, Lot 130, Townhouse XIV, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $2,500.

Judith M. Robertson, The Judith M. Robertson Living Trust, Judith M. Robertson Trust and Ronald W. Robertson Trust to Jose and Kerri Torres, three tracts, Cashiers, $198,000.

East-West Vista LLC to Mary Patricia Azevedo and Carl Dan Killian Jr., 1.84 acres, Lot 2, 1.6 acres, Lot 10, Mountain River of Cullowhee, Cullowhee, $60,000.

Theron C. Bolen and Mary E. Bolen to Danielle and Colin Duffy, 3.63 acres, Tract E, Barkers Creek, $119,500.

Lindsay Marie Drake Heim and Jeffrey Allen Heim to Alisha Lambert Thomas and Philip Johnson Thomas, 1.02 acres, Lot 38, Wildcat Cove, Savannah, $180,000.

Eric E. Krueger and Shari D. Krueger to BMP Real Estate Holdings LLC, 2.306 acres, Phase II, Lot 195, $300,000.

Phillip Eugene Turpin, Victoria L. Turpin, Michael Anders, Mike Anders and Wanda Turpin Anders to David and Doris Farmer, 6.115 acres, Sylva-Rural, $105,000.

Fred W. Venable Jr. and Lynda Robey to Yiota and Nancy Bertrand, Block One, Lot 7 and Lot 7A, Soco Gap Development, Qualla, $105,000.

Clyde W. Blankenship, Clyde Wayne Blankenship and Shila Mae Blankenship to Sky King Inc., .82 acres, Sylva, $185,000.

Reginald A. Pate and Kimberly W. Pate to Craig W. Edwards and Darlene B. Edwards, .51 acres, Lot 111, Holly Forest, Cashiers, $260,000.

Joy M. McGrew to Donald A. Fischer Jr., 12 acres, Dillsboro, $111,000.

Margaret P. Clark and Obed I. Clark Jr. to J. Mark Clark and Jennifer B. Clark, .41 acres, Tract A, Sylva, $25,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Tom and Janet Gaughan, Lot 61A, Chinquapin Development, Hamburg, $182,000.

Chinquapin LLC to Mark and Tina Tracy, Lot 29, Chinquapin Development, $125,000.

Mag Bear Lake LLC to Thomas Anthony Power and Anne Mussell Power, .37 acres, Lot CT5, Canada, $75,000.

CRG Acquisitions LLC to CRG Club Trust Inc., Foxhunt Townhouses, $36,000.

Larry and Loretta Reinhart to Tonya Marie Grimme and Phillip M. Grimme, 1.8 acres, Barkers Creek, $260,000.

Ralph J. Orsello and Beverly Orsello to Herkong Kue, .875 acres, Dillsboro-Rural, $55,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Trust by AIF, Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2004-SL4 and Ocwen Loan Servicing AIF to Darius L. Allen and Yelisa M. Jimenez, .49 acres, $70,000.

W.C. Fields to Grouse Point LLC, .3 acres, addition to Parcel A, Cashiers, $100,000.

W.C. Fields to Elevated Partners LLC, .2 acres, Parcel B, Cashiers, $195,000.