Transfer correction: Paul Williams and Dereka Taylor to Sue Blair, Barkers Creek, 2.781 acres, $134,500.

The following property transfers were posted between Aug. 26 and 30 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Transactions included are the ones on which a revenue tax was paid; the deed tax is $2 per $1,000 paid, which means the purchase price can be calculated based on the tax paid per deed. Timeshare transactions are exempted in the listing below.

A complete list of all deed activity is available online at

BMP Real Estate Holdings, LLC to John Oliver, Lot 90, 2.043 acres, $200,000.

Andrew Bryson to Hubert and Randy Bryson, Hamburg, two parcels, $90,000.

Jane and Lennis Smith to Sandra Wilson, Chestnut Ridge Townhouses, Cashiers, Unit 24, $112,000.

Janice Jones to CMH Homes, Inc., Qualla, two parcels, $55,000.

Barbara and Charles Helms to Mary and Michael Quillen, Big Sheepcliff, Cashiers, Lot 21, 2.66 acres, $613,000.

Advanced Titles Research Services, Inc. to Patricia and Massimiliano Proietti, Turning Leaf, Hamburg, Unit 200D, $429,000.

Edna and Robert Reynolds to Wanda and David Johnson, Cullowhee, two tracts, $165,000.

Gina Hamilton to Jean Levitz, Sylva Rural, .67 acres, $155,000.

Shannon and Billy Woodring to Jeanette Rhinehart, Greens Creek, 1.56 acres, $170,000.

Marina Barbier Living Trust to Superior Properties, Summer Hill, Lot 33, $149,000.

Marian and Paul Tenhoopen to Sarah and Patrick Cheatham, Hamburg, 32.37 acres and .101 acres, $330,000.

Patricia Merrell to Sharpsburg Advisors, LLC, Cashiers, 1.6, 1.07 and .13 acres, $785,000.

Melton L. Augustine Revocable Trust to Doug Roam, Laurel Ridge Subdivision, Hamburg, Lot 6, $390,000.

Heather and Adam Koonts to Jan Harbour, Cullowhee, 10.146 acres, $175,000.

Kenneth and Margaret Holcomb to Jan Harbour, Cullowhee, 3.464 acres, $8,500.

Barium Springs Home for Children to Susan and Harlan Helmers and Stephanie and Andrew Rowell, Webster, Tract A 2.09 acres, and Tract B, 2.56 acres, $93,500.

Current Medical Center, LLC to McGuire Estate, LLC, Sylva, .48 acres, $325,000.

Debbie Hooper to Steven Broom, Hamburg, four acres, $40,000.

Hunter Tract, LLC to Cashiers Hunter Tract, LLC, Cashiers Tract B, 25.6 acres, $1,125,000.

Landon and Stephen Lanier to Cashiers Hunter Tract, LLC High Hampton Cashiers, Lot 11, Cherokee View Road, 1.53 acres, $375,000.

Beverlee and Gerald Anderson to Cullowhee Finance, LLC to Cullowhee River Club, Lot 21, .19 acres, $110,000.

Connie and Shane Stafford to Brandon Knolls, LLC Hamburg, 3 acres, $18,000.

James and Marilyn Lambert to Albert Wessel and Joan Nickerson, Scotts Creek, Lot 2, 1.08 acres, $185,000.

Anna and Stephen McGarrity to Melanie and Peter Birch, High Hampton, Cashiers, 1.42 acres, $365,000.

Tami and Collin Askew to Mark Laro, Cullowhee, .5 acres, $24,500.

Kenneth and Pamela Williams to Marshall Albritton, Pilot Mountain, Hamburg, Lots 69 and 70, $8,500.

Billy and Sharron Crain to Michael Kowalski, Bradley Falls Estates, Hamburg, Lot 5, 2.96 acres, $15,000.

High Hampton Land, LLC to Carolyn and Henry Garrard, Fieldstone Section of High Hampton, Cashiers, .62 acres, $370,000.

Trees and Streams, LLC to Pamela Toledo and Dakota Curtis, River, 4.04 acres, $230,000.

Robert and Martha Noble to Bradford Herman, Cashiers, 1.31 acres, $510,000.

Tania Breteler to Cindy and Jay Pennell, Hamburg, 1.93 acres, $250,000.

Gay Mitchell and the Gay Mitchell Revocable Trust to Stanley Lesley, Qualla, 19.992 acres, $90,000.

Carol and Jack Eckdahl to Theresa and Richard Larsen, Mountain and Millshoal, two tracts, $435,000.