The following property transfers were posted between July 1 and 5 by the Jackson County Register of Deeds Office.

Gregory T. Doin and Leila J. Doin to Bryan Valdes and Diana Hincapie, .3 acres, Lot 4, Phase 3, Section 1, Trillium Links and Village, $310,000.

Steven C. Ohliger and Judith B. Ohliger to Danny Lee Lyons and Linda Torres Lyons, 1.236 acres, Lot 10, 1.162 acres, Lot 5, .971 acres, Lot 7, 3.322 acres, Qualla, $1,175,000.

James C. Thomas, Joan Johns Thomas and Joan M. Thomas to Kevin W. Heiser and Nancy K. Heiser, .78 acres, Savannah, $70,000.

Glenn B. Cooper and Evelyn C. Cooper to Kurt Gustafson Pusch and Mary Cobb Pusch, Phase 2, Section 4, Lot 5, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $470,000.

FOE Investments LLC to Shaun and Angela Chandler, 1.94 acres, Barkers Creek, $215,000.

Gerald C. Everett Sr. and Rebecca H. Averett to Barry Leigh Brubaker and Nancy Slosson Brubaker, .47 acres, Phase I, Lot E-33, Mountaintop, Hamburg, $2,275,000.

Susan Vance Sikes to Kenneth Asbury and Tracy L. Asbury, Lot 4, Phase 3, Section 2, Trillium Links and Village, Hamburg, $10,000.

McDowell Cut Partners LLC to Teresa and Robert Ellenson, .07 acres, Lot 4, Schoolhouse Cottages, Cashiers, $135,000.

Ezekiel C. Cooper and Krysta M. Cooper to Adam Allan Phillips and Julie Anne Phillips, .57 acres, Lot 3, Coosa Crossing, Barkers Creek, $365,000.

Bobbie Nell Stephens to Aaron and Elizabeth Littlefield, .429 acres, Sylva-Rural, $225,000.

James A. Nashman and Milla N. Nashman to Gary and Sandra Fackender, Lot 73, Chinquapin, $125,000.

Vicent M. Brunelliere, Barbara M. Brunelliere and Barbara A. Brunelliere to Joshua L. McDaniel and Julia H. McDaniel, 1.63 acres, Savannah, $5,000.

Gregory A. Glynis and Miriam E. Mason to Robert and Peggy Montgomery, 1.57 acres, Lot 180, Highlands Cove, Hamburg, $185,000.

Rebecca C. Endzel, Gregory G. Endzel, Barbara J. Endzel, Edward W. Endzel Jr., Carol S. Garrison, Carol S. Garrison Revocable Trust and Carol S. Garrison Successor Trust to Department of Transportation, 2 tracts, Sylva, $632,000.

Wanda Victoria Esters Trust, Zeno L. West Trust, Geraldine D. West Trust and The West Family Trust to Jennifer Lance Parks and Christopher David Parks, 2.52 acres, Scotts Creek, $305,000.

Dasher Properties LP to Amanda H. Talley and Matthew E. Holland, 5.336 acres, Mountain, $200,000.

Cedar Beach RWC Commercial LLC to Cedar Hill Waste Water Treatment LLC, 2.26 acres, Phase I, Lot 73B, Cedar Hill, Cashiers, $19,500.

Cow Rock Mountain Inc. to Lonesome Valley Property Owners Association Inc., 5.37 acres, Tract M, Lonesome Valley, Cashiers, $1,500,000.

Bradley B. Letts to Justin C. Wright, 40.474 acres, Sylva, $95,000.

Mae E. Fitzgerald to Keith David Gilbert, Lot 6, Red Fox Ridge Resort Colony, Cashiers, $181,000.

Jorge Eduardo Riofrio Espinoza and Ruth Alicia Egred Jaramillo to Cory Coleman, 1.25 acres, Sylva-Rural, $12,000.

Joseph Kurt Fulmer to Alexander Y. Ellwood and Chelsea Turlington Ellwood, .91 acres, Tract B, Cullowhee, $149,000.

John A. Dickerson and Anita J. Dickerson to Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation and Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc., Lot 28, Townhouse 1314, Fairway Forest Townhouses, Cashiers, $10,000.

James T. Farmer III to Richard D. Moore, .66 acres, Lot C-9, High Hampton Inc., Cashiers, $700,000.

Jane S. Toney, Jane S. Toney Revocable Trust and Jane S. Toney Trust to Susan R. Clark and Larry M. Clark, 1.571 acres, Lot 2, $297,500.

Travis Lee Jones and Becky Jones to Patricia M. Sluder and Angela M. West, 8.79 acres, Scotts Creek, $35,000.

Steven L. McBee to Tracey Weber, Lot 39, Townhouse 1501, Building 10, Foxhunt Townhouses, Cashiers, $5,000.

Dan Company Construction Inc. to Burtt Terry Lee Johnson and Crystal Marie Johnson, 1.14 acres, Barkers Creek, $93,000.

SFONE Inc. to Hotel Cashiers LLC, 2.29 acres, Cashiers, $1,015,000.

Janice Kathryn Pieper, Janice Kathryn Pieper Revocable Trust, John Scott Pieper Co-Trust and John Derek Pieper Co-Trust to Jonathan Charles Clay and Kelly Michelle Clay, .57 acres, Lot 108, Holly Forest XI, Cashiers, $466,000.