Is climate change political?


To the Editor:

Ask the people in China, Germany, India and the Netherlands if their politics made a difference in how they suffered from the recent devastating floods. Ask our citizens in New York, Alabama and Arkansas if their politics made a difference in how they suffered from recent devastating floods. Ask our countrymen out west where 80 wildfires are raging in 13 states if their politics have made a difference in how the fires have affected them.

Fire season has grown longer and more extreme in recent years. Because the earth continues to warm, dry spells will be more extreme. Currently 64 percent of the U.S. is in extreme drought, 28 percent in exceptional drought.

Much of our produce and vegetables come from California, Washington and Oregon. Have you noticed how food prices have increased? Suppose climate change has anything to do with that?

What about here in Jackson County? We’ve had a Code Orange for poor air quality for days, creating a hazard for people with respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD. Moreover, do tourists, hikers and trout fisherman want to come where there’s so much smoke pollution? How will that impact our economy?

What about the record breaking heat waves – near 120 in some places out West! Power grids have been overwhelmed, hundreds hospitalized for heat related illnesses, dozens of deaths. Could that happen here? The oil and gas industries emit 16 million metric tons of methane into the atmosphere. It’s 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide in the short term and responsible for 25 percent of global warming.

Citizens Climate Lobby works to get bi-partisan support for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 2307). This bill would put a tax on carbon emissions, and the dividend would come back to we the people. In the U.S. House, of 77 co-sponsors of the bill, there was only one from North Carolina, and no Republicans. Sens. Burr and Tillis voted against an amendment that said “climate change is real, and human activity contributes to climate change.” Does this sound like combating climate change has become political?

Mother Nature doesn’t care whether we’re Republicans, Democrats or Independents. If we keep abusing her she will have the last word. So, what are we to do if we care about the planet we’ll leave to our children and grandchildren?

Go to for sample letters you can send to our N.C. Congresspersons. Consider joining the Western NC Chapter (Sylva) – go to

There is no planet B – this is the only home we’ve got. In the long run, does it matter whether we beat COVID, repair infrastructure or who we elect if many places on planet earth become uninhabitable? Please contact your members of Congress now and ask them to support the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act.

Gene Tunnell, Sylva


Giveaways get votes


To the Editor:

Lately we hear praise of Democrats and President Joe Biden, for spending trillions of dollars in aid to chosen groups.

There is the Child Tax Credit bill, the American Rescue Plan, the Farm Aid Bill to name a few. This aid is not given because Democrats are sympathetic, compassionate, concerned or benevolent. They are handouts shoveled out to get votes, retain power over people and for a good excuse to tax to the hilt everyone who has income.

Do not think there are not stipulations for aided groups. Parents of certain income levels receive no tax credit. Democrats that have bankrupted their blue state are bailed out in aid bills to meet obligations because they no longer have state funds to do so.

Republicans are deemed bad, unfeeling and malevolent for not supporting some of these bills. The truth is under President Trump, with Republican support, jobs increased, needs for food aid decreased, manufacturing returned to the U.S. hence more jobs, energy production was encouraged (more jobs) causing the U.S. to be energy independent, unemployment figures reduced because there were jobs, trade deals like NAFTA were renegotiated to favor the U.S., debtors to the U.S. like NATO were made to pay what is owed. Instead of handing out government money, Republican aid helps citizens earn, become independent and profit along with the country.

Presently there is an infrastructure bill before Congress. To most of us infrastructure means improvements and rebuilding roads, bridges, rail and even water and power supplies. Democrats have tied the infrastructure bill to a reconciliation bill.

Reconciliation is a complicated Congressional process but in this case it is first and foremost a Democrat wish list bill at the cost of $3.5 trillion. It is expected to deliver promises such as free community college, paid family leave, expanding child tax credit, help with child care costs, universal child care costs, climate change initiatives and immigration reforms. The bi-partisan infrastructure bill has a price tag of $579 billion which will add up to $4.1 trillion if the reconciliation bill is tacked on. Democrats are at it again – spend trillions for votes with many stipulations.

Carol Adams, Glenville