Will critics thank Trump for vaccine?


To the Editor:

The letters of one frequent writer always have one theme: “How I hate Donald Trump!” – then follows a litany of faults, flaws and failures, both fact and fantasy.

A new political administration will soon be in place, and I wonder if the Biden-Harris days will be examined with such scrutiny regarding truth and appropriate actions. It will be an interesting four years.

If the writer should soon choose to opt for the protection of the COVID-19 vaccine, will these words be uttered: “Thank you, Donald Trump?”

Rebecca Mack,



COVID casts shadow over Christmas


To the Editor:

I always look forward to your Christmas edition of The Sylva Herald. However, this year, I could not read it. I lost my husband to COVID on Dec. 19, along with eight others reported in Jackson that day.

Do you not realize you had a perfect, if sad but helpful opportunity to reach out to those who were sick, alone, grieving. The psychology group picture was nice but they could have spent that money with an article reaching out to the people. And the paper should start having weekly articles to help families, individuals deal with their situations. The churches should too but do they?

I spent Christmas alone with the beautiful 4” of snow at Pinnacle Mountain. I was afraid to get out and try and get to Webster Baptist not knowing road conditions, didn’t have their phone number but they would have had to have 4-wheel drive to get to me. I’m not in the mood to cook so I had a frozen spaghetti meal (ugh, but food) and chocolate covered cherries.

COVID GO AWAY – Happy New Year.

Kathy Wilson,