Traffic issues in south part of county need to be addressed


To the Editor:

Earlier this year a car driven by a relative of a friend of mine was hit head-on in a sharp curve on Pine Creek at/near the north end of Glenville Dam.

There was heavy damage to the front driver’s side of the vehicle.

Apparently, the striking vehicle was going so fast as to have to go across the double yellow line to make the sharp curve.

Therein lies the problem.

Many times in the past 25 years I have had to try and avoid oncoming vehicles that were over the double yellow line. I’ve had several close calls. In all such cases, oncoming vehicles were speeding, causing them to cross the line.

Whether the oncoming driver crossed because of sheer speed or because he or she had just passed a slower vehicle on a blind sharp curve means little to the driver about to be struck, putting their lives at risk ... needlessly.

The solution, of course, is enforcement. However, those charged with that duty are few in number.

Our State Highway Patrol does a great job.

Most recently, several vehicles were given traffic citations for exceeding the speed limit on Cullowhee Mountain Road, with some going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. One-on-one radar works every time.

Is it now the time for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to add a traffic division? Our Sheriff’s Office had a two-man traffic unit for several years funded by a federal/state grant. A few months ago, I requested our Sheriff’s Office apply again for such a grant. To date I’ve had no reply.

According to the State Highway Patrol Liaison with our 100 county sheriffs, there are specific time frames in which to apply, adding there may even be funding available from time to time.

That can be the short-term answer, or can the county own up and provide this very much needed service?

Thomas Fischel, Cullowhee