To the Editor:

While it is true I am not a rocket surgeon or the sharpest tool in the crayon box, I do have a few questions:

Why is it that we do not go to the courthouse for history lessons, yet we think “historical” statues belong in front of buildings of justice?

And if it’s only about history, where are the lovely monuments to those brave British soldiers who perished in the Revolutionary War? Is there not a Sons and Daughters of the Brits organization that could do the fundraising for that?

And if we don’t go to see a politician for our annual health exam, why should we listen to a politician regarding wearing a face mask and social distancing?

If we shout progressively louder when our kids ignore our pleas to “Do your homework,” or, “Clean your room,” why do we not understand protests are the language of the unheard?

If we have two ears and only one mouth, why do we listen so little and talk so much?

Diana Jurss,