Sylva-Webster Fest a rousing success

To the Editor:

Thanks to Cathy Stillwell Gibson and those who helped to make the Sylva-Webster reunion successful. The reunion was well organized, and the Elderly Brothers and Train provided great music. Thanks also to all the classes for participating in this event.

Mary Moody, 

class of 1962, Sylva


There is no ‘there’ there


To the Editor:

There is no there there! The “there” is the latest accusation from the Democrats that President Donald Trump committed something wrong in a phone call with the president of the Ukraine and therefore should be impeached.

The accusation is based on a whistleblower’s second or third-hand accounts. No law was broken, there is no threat to national security and therefore no high crime and misdemeanor which is the standard for impeachment. Without following the constitutional process, U.S. House Democrats have gone wild with misguided hearings and inflammatory comments to media.

All of these accusations and harassments of our president stem from the intense, bordering on psychotic, hate that the Democrats, the left and media have for President Donald Trump. Democratic leaders lead the way to hate and their minions follow suit. Hateful local letters to the editor insinuate that every word out of his mouth is a lie, he has stolen funds from the military for a border wall or he stole the 2016 election.

In the meantime today’s economic report shows that median household income in the U.S. is up and continues to rise. This rising income of working people is because, thanks to President Donald Trump’s leadership, government has gotten out of the way. Tax cuts, reduced regulations, manufacturing plants reopening and small business expansions have resulted in the lowest employment in years, more job availability and highest levels of minority employment. Despite the challenges Trump has faced he has accomplished more good for the U.S. in his two and a half year as president.

Maybe it is frustration that fuels the revolting and repulsive hateful behavior of Democrats and the left. Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the left and their media enablers have tried over and over to destroy him and his presidency with no results. Investigating Russian collusion for over two years came up empty, the attempt to derail the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court failed, filing unsuccessful lawsuits time after time to deny the president’s executive orders and describing him as racist and every phobia known to man, all these efforts do not move the needle to diminish President Trump.

None of these attempts prevent Trump’s leadership to deliver his campaign promises nor do they take him down. This latest effort to impeach the president will have the same result because it is based on nothing but hate.

Carol Adams,