Acton’s words on power hold true


To the Editor:

In response to “On hamburgers and handguns,” Feb. 27 letters, I am reminded of a statement that was made years ago by Lord Acton:

“A government that is generous enough to give you anything that you want is also more than powerful enough to take away everything that you have.”

I believe that this is the simple message that was being conveyed on the TV advertisement by congressional candidate Jim Davis. Enough said.

Bob Morris,



Stagnant minimum wage

holding back a generation


To the Editor:

The current minimum wage of $7.25 wasn’t a living wage 10 years ago and it isn’t now. I am a student and 10 years from now I hope to have my degree and be building my life and career. But struggling on low wages today feels like it is preventing me from getting to the future I need.

In rural areas like Jackson County, good-paying industrial and manufacturing jobs have left and been replaced by service sector jobs. While these jobs help decrease the unemployment rate, they offer little to no benefits and wages that don’t help people meet even their most basic needs. People often say that these jobs are not supposed to support a family and are for young people. Well, as a college student, low wages, my ever-changing work schedule, and having no benefits doesn’t help me get to where I am going.

In fact, it stands in my way.

It’s nearly impossible to plan for a future – let alone study – when you are constantly trying to make ends meet. Furthermore, one of the hallmarks of low wage service jobs is that your schedule is not up to you. Your hours get cut with no notice, your hours shift. I find it hard to get all my school work done working like this; I don’t know how someone with a child or an elderly parent scrambles to make do. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy … but doing it this way is so hard.

My professors say that we need to spend at least 15 hours outside of class to pass. But for students like me who have to work, this is impossible. I am having to work long hours for low wages just to afford to go to school, but now I’m always afraid of failing my classes because I am working so much.

I am working with Down Home North Carolina to fight for a $15 minimum wage because, in the long run, I know it will help me get the degree I know I need.

Hannah Presnell,


Presnell is a Down Home NC member and student at Western Carolina.


What did/does the 

Second Amendment really mean?


To the Editor:

Some of my friends and neighbors have asked the county commissioners to declare Jackson County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” May I ask, “What for?”

There is scant understanding across America of the original meaning of the first part of the Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…” The National Rifle Association conveniently ignores those words as they encourage members to push to retain their “right to bear arms.”

Democrats have been falsely accused of plotting to take peoples’ guns. Few people in America have ever witnessed the confiscation of a firearm by a Democrat or a Republican. 

The Jackson County Democratic Party recently officially adopted a stance of support for the Second Amendment. 

Still, there is a great need to clarify the meaning of the entire amendment as written in 1789 and interpreted in 2020. We could all defend the amendment better if we knew what it meant/what it means. Is that not our duty as American citizens?

Dave Waldrop,