Fair impeachment trial a necessity


To the Editor:

I moved to North Carolina from Illinois almost five years ago when the president was Barack Obama, when things seemed pretty normal; however, since the 2016 election, it has been anything but.

Our senators, who were elected by the people, not by Donald Trump, must base their decisions only on evidence and cannot, under any circumstances, accept fundraising help from Trump or coordinate with his defense either before or during the impeachment trial. The House must be allowed to present its full case – calling necessary witnesses and allowing all evidence from the impeachment inquiry into the trial record.

The American people deserve to see what’s happening, limiting transparency only to protect classified information and whistleblower anonymity.

Our senators must vote for a fair trial with witnesses and public documents, to ensure our continued support of and belief in the Constitution of the United States; and if they do not, they do not deserve to hold the positions they currently have.

Sue Resnik,