To the Editor:

The old adage “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” has been certainly true during the pandemic we are currently experiencing. To the first responders, nurses, doctors, emergency room staffs, hospital workers and service providers, part of the Tough Group, we say thank you.

The world and specifically the United States of America have not experienced anything like this in more than 100 years, and depending on the severity of COVID-19, may never have experienced such illness, death and economic devastation. It is easy for us to remember and show our appreciation to the medical community, and the wonderful services they provide. Let us think for a moment about other service providers, also part of the Tough Group, that have remained at the job during the pandemic:

The educators, pre-K through higher education who instantly switched to online instruction to educate the students; the truckers who haul the food to the grocers, the deliverymen and women who bring goods to our doors; the linemen and operators who keep our lights on and internet going; the clerks at the groceries and pharmacies who check us out behind the screens with their masks on; the service station workers who keep the gasoline and diesel flowing; the farmers who milk the cows and harvest the fruits and vegetables; the butcher and meat cutters who provide the meats for the grocery shelves; the ministers who attend to our spiritual needs, and the great military that keeps us safe regardless of what else is happening.

To all these workers and any I have omitted, we Democrats say a big thank you. Without attention and dedication to your work, we would be in deep serious trouble.

Frank Burrell,

Chair, Jackson County Democratic Party