Jackson County residents step up to the plate again


To the Editor:

Since the pitchers and catchers reported for spring training last week, I am using a baseball analogy as once again the wonderful residents of our county came out to support Jackson Neighbors In Need.

They stepped up to the plate, and the advisory board would like to thank everyone for coming to our dinner and for the great financial support. To see the large community room at First Baptist Church full of people willing to help others says so much about our community and how it cares about others.

We also had wonderful support from local businesses that donated items for the raffle, and we thank them as well. From beautiful, white coconut cakes to deep, dark chocolate, our cake bakers outdid themselves and our taste buds are grateful.

Because of community support we are currently helping people who do not qualify for other assistance pay for heating/electric costs, and are funding small financial emergencies for those who have no other source of help.

Our blanket drive this year gave out 300-plus blankets. This drive is also supported by the Sylva Rotary Club, and we are most appreciative of their help.

We are planning to host a Community Resource Fair late this spring in order to help the community know what many of our agencies and nonprofits offer. We hope to see you at this event.

Judy Annis,


Annis is Chair, JNIN

Is Tillis camp getting nervous?


To the Editor:

As reported in a number of media outlets, some Republicans apparently fear that their U.S. Senator, Thom Tillis, may be vulnerable in his upcoming re-election bid in November.

They apparently are using deception to tilt the playing field in Tillis’ favor. The deception comes from an allegedly pro-Republican Faith and Power PAC spending $2.4 million in “dark money” for advertising to promote a reputedly weaker Democratic candidate in the Democratic primary to enhance Tillis’ chances of winning this election. Nothing illegal in their efforts, simply deceptive about their practices.

The solution to this gambit? Simply vote in November for whomever the eventual Democratic nominee may be who will run against Tillis.

Dan Perlmutter,