North Carolinians deserve healthcare


To the Editor:

There’s a shameful history of healthcare failures in North Carolina. It’s so past time we shared healthcare with all North Carolinians.

As my husband and I were treated medically, both of us recently, I am reminded of how thankful at our age we have Medicare and a Medicare supplement so that we don’t have to worry that we can’t afford to be treated. In today’s world of COVID-19, flu, cancer, heart issues, mental issues, child health concerns, and on and on, it’s difficult to imagine how tragic it would be not to have access to healthcare.

Our hard earned tax dollars are already paying for improved healthcare for all North Carolinians, but because the N.C. Republican-controlled state legislators have refused to expand Medicaid, we are one of only 11 states that are still forfeiting state tax receipts, yours and mine, to the tune of $4 billion per year, $40 billion over the past decade, to other states for their healthcare. And, on top of this expense, our tax dollars also pay for those folks without medical insurance who visit the emergency rooms. How foolish, cruel and short-sighted. It’s so past time to expand Medicaid in North Carolina!

 Democrats will make healthcare a priority for North Carolinians. We deserve it and are already paying for it! Gov. Roy Cooper has been fighting hard to expand Medicaid but needs our help. Make 2021 the year Medicaid expansion is finally passed in North Carolina.

Carolyn Cagle,



Now is the time for healing


To the Editor:

I think I can rightfully say that all of us are exhausted from the continuing politics of the last few weeks.

If we want to make this community a better place for everyone, we need to realize that the only people who can stop this craziness is us. One person at a time. Now is the time for all of us to take a deep breath. Swallow our pride, our opinions and truly listen to “the other side.” Rather than each of us looking at the other party as an opposing sports team that needs to be crushed, we need to listen and learn.

Our beloved democracy is fragile and needs our help. Our political leaders cannot mend our country. In fact, they prefer that we all demonize one another… it gets them elected, it feeds their egos and makes a lot of money for them and the media.

Having just worked the polls the last two weeks, I experienced firsthand the fact that us folks in the blue tent and the red tent get along just fine. That’s who we are – Americans and mountain people. Don’t let the media and the politicians make us the Divided States of America. Open your heart, listen and try to understand.

I know it is very hard for me to just listen with no judgment or counter-opinions, but I need to seek first to understand. I fear I will bite my tongue until it bleeds, but I do know that I learn absolutely nothing with my mouth open! Let’s get out of our preferred media bubbles/comfort zones and do the hard personal work. Only we can change this trajectory of bitter recriminations one person at a time.

So, please in the month of November be brave. Reach out to your family and friends with different viewpoints and just ask them the simple question of who they voted for and why. Promise to just listen, not judge, and don’t share your viewpoint unless they ask you … which they probably won’t. But you will walk away a wiser person, and you will have started the process of toning down the crazy anger that is engulfing all of us. You will be saving our beloved democracy.

Mary Anne Farrell,



Sexual harassment is a real problem


To the Editor:

Stores can be fun places, but they can also be scary places. One time when I was a teenager, I was in a clothing store with my mom when she realized she left her purse in the car, so she left me with our cart while she ran out to the parking lot to grab her purse and come back for us to check out.

While I was standing with the cart waiting for her, a boy walked up to me who was a few years older than me and started talking to me. He looked me up and down and seemed to be getting closer to me as he talked, but for some reason my legs felt frozen to the floor unable to move. I was just wishing he would go away or my mom would come back. Right when he had gotten so close that I was terrified he would try to kiss or touch me my mom came through the door and it was like the chains feel off my legs and I quickly rushed over to her with the cart.

All while we were in the check-out line, I tried to hide myself behind shelves or our cart and kept glancing back, feeling as though he was watching me. The way he had looked at me, I just felt so … violated. This experience clearly could have gone much worse, and I am very grateful my mom came when she did. I am most definitely not the only one to have had this kind of experience or ones much worse.

Stop Street Harassment found that 81 percent of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. They also found that, out of that 81 percent, 66 percent of those women had been sexual assaulted in public places. This is a majority of the 81 percent of women. Public places are not alleyways or bars and clubs, they are just as the name entails, public.

This gives most people a mental image of a lit building with people around. This wouldn’t be a scenario that most people would imagine sexual assault occurring in. However, this includes parking lots as well, and those aren’t as well lit or populated. This is something we as a society need to be aware of and do something about. Workers in public places should be trained to watch and be aware of sexual harassment or any form of violence and be ready to call someone for help or step in if the situation permits. There should also be more lighting in the parking lots, and I would propose that we even have security guards in parking lots especially during the dark hours a store is open.

Sexual harassment is a problem in our society, and we should do something about it to protect our families and community.

Natalie McCabe,



We need an honest accounting


To the Editor:

First of all, Joe Biden is not the president-elect. President Trump has not conceded and multiple legal challenges have yet to be adjudicated. George Bush was not president-elect for 37 days after the election in 2000; it has only been two weeks after this election.

Secondly, the news media has no authority to proclaim anyone president-elect until everything has worked through the process. Remember the famous “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline?

Thirdly, the unseemly rush to declare the inevitability of a Biden presidency with repeated assertions that there is no evidence of fraud just makes me even more suspicious. The media sees no evidence only because they are not looking for it, in fact, making an effort to not see it. Shouldn’t we all care that every legal ballot be counted and that none of the illegal ones be counted? If the Democrats were confident of their “victory,” they would welcome revisiting it so that they could silence all voices crying foul. However, they know full well that the results are sketchy and the invalidation of many ballots could very likely tip the outcome to Donald Trump?

I’m not privy to all the evidence that has been amassed, but the circumstantial case is overwhelming. If I were a juror having to render a decision based on the beyond reasonable doubt standard, I would have to conclude that the elections in the disputed states were corrupted. Why was ballot counting halted simultaneously in several places when Trump held a solid lead and then had that lead erased with early morning ballot dumps that mysteriously appeared?

Why were thousands of ballots marked only for Joe Biden with no down ballot races marked? What about reports of ballots being double counted if not more often? What about votes for Kanye West allegedly being automatically counted for Biden? These all cry fraud to me. If it’s not and is proven not to be, then I will accept the outcome. Only independent media is reporting any of this. If you believe the corporate media, they are laughing at you right now.

I certainly don’t need any lectures about how balking at Biden’s coronation is damaging our democracy. President Trump is only taking Hillary Clinton’s advice to Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances. She who acted so appalled that Trump might not accept the result of the election in 2016 and said how damaging that would be spent the next four years not accepting the election.

Now we are all supposed to fall in line for the sake of unity, but this unity would be acquiescence to a lie. If we don’t get an honest accounting of this election, we will have to hold a funeral for Uncle Sam.

David Parker,