Cawthorn must serve all constituents


To the Editor:

My responses to Mr. Cawthorn’s interview in the Jan. 21 Sylva Herald are these:

• In supporting the continued questioning of President Biden’s election as president, he was perpetuating an untruth. That is rooted in nothing but partisan politics. Policy differences are different from supporting an idea that is simply false. For example, if we both agree that climate change is real, a progressive might want to support all actions to reduce carbon emissions, while a conservative may say that humans affect the environment and we can carry on and adapt to a warmer world. Those are acceptable differences on what policies might be implemented, while both understand the truth of climate change. Cawthorn’s oath of office obligates him to accept the results of a legitimate election, especially when numerous court cases and public news conferences by election officials (many Republican) have verified the election.

• Cawthorn may have disowned me, when he stated at the end of the interview that he represents the North Carolinians who voted for him from our district. I refuse to let him off the hook that easily. Like it or not (and I don’t like it much), he is now my representative to the U.S. Congress, which means that the oath he took obligates him to serve my needs as a citizen as much as anyone who did vote for him.

• Because of this above obligation, I hope he will do all he can to work with the Biden administration, most importantly at this moment, on addressing the serious health and economic issues related to COVID-19.

• He wanted to be a congressman and was elected to office. He needs to stop being a partisan hack who looks to what is most expedient for himself politically. It makes him seem like a pip-squeak trying to play with the grown-ups. He wanted to be a congressman, so he needs to act like one who deserves respect by basing decisions on facts and working throughout Congress to solve legitimate problems in a thoughtful and well informed way.

Ever hopeful in Western North Carolina,

Judy Robinson, Sylva


Cawthorn has done an excellent job


To the Editor:

Madison Cawthorn unfit to serve? Jan. 21 Letters contained a letter that believes so.

To the contrary, many believe that Cawthorn did vote for the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election. Cawthorn has done an excellent job as our congressman, concluding that there has been no evidence reviewed about the legitimacy of the election, to date. It and all potential criminal issues rightfully should be investigated by impartial court systems.

It is sad that all people cannot see that truthfully, transparency is the way to go.

Bob Morris, Webster


A community coming together


To the Editor:

A loss of life especially when unexpected is always a tragedy. It affects family and friends and we mourn with and comfort them.

Sometimes a loss of life is also an especially profound loss to the community. It says much about the impact these individuals had on the community, but it also says much about the fabric of the community itself.

When I see a long procession of first responders or candlelights adorning the fountain and steps of the courthouse I see not just mourners, but a strong and caring community; a community that has turned out to honor and thank those individuals that have left such a mark on the space we all share together.

Ben Guiney, Sylva


A very impressive legacy


To the Editor:

I would like to reply to a recent letter to the editor about our former President Donald J. Trump. To answer the question “what good he has done” I respectfully disagree with the writer’s opinion. The rules say no more than 500 words, so I will list a few of the reasons life for most of us is better than it was four years ago.

First, he set aside his very lucrative job to work for “We the People” while donating his salary for those years. Second, I remember this time last year when the Sanctity of Life March was on the Mall at D.C., the POTUS personally spoke encouraging words to the thousands of pro-life marchers, because he is pro-life. Third, the largest tax cut that I can remember in my 70 years put hard-earned money back into the hands of workers and small businesses as we can better invest it than those elected in office who claimed to represent us. Fourth, his bold actions to roll back unnecessary regulations help make it possible for manufacturing to return to America, and our country to be energy independent. (Lowest unemployment ever)! Fifth, he, like most conservatives I know, love for people to immigrate to this country, but enter legally. (The beautiful and graceful First Lady was a legal immigrant).

I don’t want to be too critical of the writer, I don’t really blame her for not being informed about the “Trump Legacy” as many others who show symptoms of TDS (Trump derangement syndrome), they still get their news from CNN.

Sixth, getting trade deals made to benefit America’s workers. Seventh, moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, promoting peace in Middle East. Eighth, getting rid of ISIS. Ninth, appointing three good judges to the Supreme Court. Tenth, not dragging the U.S. into endless wars, and 11th, being a “law and order” president (backing our brave police and military men and women).

All these accomplishments and more while being falsely accused of being a Russian agent, (investigated by special council, millions of dollars wasted), five years of relentless lies and badgering by left-leaning political enemies and mainstream media, and not one, but two unconstitutional sham impeachments. Myself and 70-plus million voters, (millions more than voted for Obama), think that is a job well done.

Andy Beck, Sylva


On hate and hatred


To the Editor:

We all probably hate something. It could be a certain vegetable, a hard or distasteful task like doing laundry, going to the dentist, or even some kinds of weather.

It is even not unusual to hate a person which in the case of the hate of Donald J. Trump turned into a derangement. In 2015 the minute Donald Trump announced as a candidate for president, he was hated. When he was elected president in 2016 that hate escalated to excessive proportions in media, with lefty voters, politicians and especially the bureaucrats known as the Deep State in Washington, D.C. He was hated to the point of continual attempts to rid the country of President Trump. Many like me could not understand such hate. Some hated his personality or style. Others hated the fact that he won an election from Hillary Clinton. Besides those reasons such colossal hate remains a mystery to many.

But the hate of Donald Trump is now over… it has morphed into hatred, a much more dangerous emotion. We have seen hatred often in our world. Hatred of a race, ethnic group, religion, individual, region or countries across the globe has unfortunately been prevalent throughout history. This kind of hatred, still found in our world, is dangerous, vicious, vile and often unexplainable. It brings on acts designed to destroy, hurt, marginalize and harm the subjects of hatred. That is what hatred is doing now to Donald Trump.

It is revengeful, ruthless, malicious and vindictive. It causes some who we thought to be ordinary citizens, politicians, celebrities, businesses, corporations to turn into nasty, malevolent, rancorous uber-haters set out to use any and all methods to not only destroy a president of the United States but to destroy a man, his family and his livelihood.

If you have only heard one side of the story, the anti-Trump story, you will probably think all of the above is OK. There is another side of that story. For instance the latest reason for the rampant hatred is that Donald Trump encouraged a violent breach of the U.S Capitol.

The other side of that story is Donald Trump did no such thing. His exact words were for supporters make “a peaceful and patriotic” march to the Capitol. Even before a final investigation of who the Capitol attackers were, a vengeful Democrat majority House of Representatives went right ahead to impeach President Trump. Funding to help those who have been greatly damaged by COVID-19 business closings and lockdowns took months… but not the impeachment of President Trump. They got that done in two days!

Hatred is a serious human flaw that does nothing but harm to the haters and those who receive the hate.

Shirley Slaughter, Cashiers


Mountains being shunned on vaccine?


To the Editor:

After a snail-like vaccine rollout, North Carolina has decided to get its numbers up by pouring a disproportionate amount of the vaccine into mass vaccination sites in the center of the state.

This will de-humiliate the governor by cosmetic improvements to the overall percentage of the population vaccinated, but will leave the western and eastern counties wallowing in high rates of COVID and low rates of vaccination.

Is anyone advocating for us? Even just to advise mountain and coastal folks how to take advantage of the mass-vaccination campaign bestowed on the lucky urban centers? Should we be speaking sharp words to someone about fairness in sharing our limited, life-saving supplies? Does someone need to call Mandy Cohen and give her a good talking to? (Her phone number, by the way, is 919-855-4800.)

Donna Glee Williams, Balsam