Vaccination well-planned, 



To the Editor:

I would like to thank everyone who aided with the program to provide the vaccinations for COVID-19 on Feb. 12. The operation was well planned and well-executed; “good job and thanks” to everyone involved.

Harold Sims, Cullowhee


Thoughts on vaccine priorities


To the Editor:

I want to thank those who were responsible for the decision to vaccinate our Jackson County school personnel. I’ve not researched other counties in N.C. that have done that, but I think that decision to be rare.

While I know some parents were wary or very wary, and rightly so, when the school board decided to begin in-class instruction, and not everyone took advantage of that, that has proved to be a pretty good decision thus far. I support strongly what they are trying to do, and the caring and caution they are showing. And a particular shout out to school principals trying to sort through this, make it work, and do what’s best for children.

Maybe not much, but I know a little about what that looks like. I admire all the employees, particularly the cafeteria staffs, bus drivers, teacher assistants and other educators who worked, many who volunteered, all spring and into the summer to provide meals. These are all tough decisions, not knowing what effect that would have on school personnel or on children. 

I do not have an accurate record on the number of students or teachers in N.C. who have died due to COVID-19, but I have heard of eight teachers and located six (Paige St. Elementary in Stanley County, Whiteville Elementary, Swift Middle School in Johnston County, Capital Encore Academy in Union County, Ashe County High School, and Lincoln Charter in Charlotte). Our hearts go out to those heroes, their families and their schools. Know there are risks.

My understanding is that more vaccines are soon coming. I’d like to encourage those making the decisions to target staffs at all preschools, nurseries, etc., public, religious and private. Also, to look at senior day program staffs. Being 68 myself (and on the waiting list) I think, while nice that the first doses are going to seniors who are most vulnerable, many of us would gladly delay our vaccine for the teachers and children of Jackson County.

Dennis Proffitt, Webster