In reference to the guest opinion in the Jan. 31 edition, I would like to emphasize the Food Drive for the Shutdown held by the Jackson County Democratic Party for Community Table was only for the Shutdown.

Members of our party were frustrated and wanted to help people in our community during this special time of need, and therefore started the Food Drive for the Shutdown. The Food Drive for the Shutdown was specifically for the increase expected from the shutdown, and not for the Community Table’s general day-to-day operations.

It’s important to recognize that the Community Table is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) and has support from both parties on a regular basis. Usually, people are not vocal about their party in this setting; they are all there to help our food-insecure neighbors. The Community Table is an organization that is important to all people, regardless of their political beliefs.

However, we would like to encourage the Republicans to participate in the Food Drive for the Shutdown. The Community Table is still feeling the effect of the last shutdown and will definitely need more support if another shutdown occurs.

Diane Jettinghoff,