To the Editor:

I consider myself to be patriotic and a grateful American citizen; however, I am concerned about the direction of our country.

Our great God created this world and called it “good’’ without any favored status for people or continents. This world belongs to the Creator and not for us to say one race, religion or social status have favor over anybody else. This is contrary to God’s purpose. This is not a socialistic or humanistic worldview, this is a realistic worldview based on treating all humans being created by God to have an equal opportunity to inhabit this country with an opportunity to thrive.

I realize we have people who may have challenges and wrong intentions, but to not address mental health and social inequities is missing the foundational point. May we deal with the challenges and our imperfect human conditions working through this in a way which encompasses justice, mercy, humility and agape love. This is needed now more than ever in a civilized society.

Tom Davis,