The June 13 edition of The Sylva Herald included a letter to the editor titled “Community should be worried about roadwork plan.” I understand Mrs. Kelly’s opposition to the plan for the proposed roadwork as it will affect Kelsave Drugs and Krismart, businesses with which she has a financial, economic and apparently an emotional stake. But that is not what my letter to the editor is about.

The writer, in her letter, alludes to “…has there been coercion, conflicts of interests and plain old greed involved in this project.” The writer has made these veiled accusations before when in public meeting of the Sylva town board she voiced them openly. I am fully in favor of exposing corruption or malfeasance in local, state or the federal government. This is especially true of local government, in that I believe that this is the one place in which an individual’s voice can truly be heard and concerns responded to. If the writer has evidence and documentation of malfeasance or wrongdoing by the mayor or the Town of Sylva, she should bring this to the forefront so that all may see it. If the writer does not have this evidentiary information, then she needs to stop making these accusations. Baseless accusations only foster and encourage distrust in the local governmental institutions to the detriment of the community as a whole. The writer has the right to believe what she will. To a limited degree, the writer has the right to say whatever she wishes to say. But to disparage and denigrate the local government and its elected representatives through innuendo and unsubstantiated accusations is only detrimental to the governance of the Town of Sylva.

Luther Jones,


Jones is the son-in-law of Sylva town board member Harold Hensley