Increased valuation at a time of no business shameful


To the Editor:

I closed the Quin Theaters on March 14, 2020, for the safety of the public and our employees. As many remember, Gov. Roy Cooper closed all theaters shortly thereafter. We have had zero admissions and zero revenue for almost a year. The film industry, to safeguard themselves, started streaming movies online; new theatrical releases have been coming about one every three months.

It is for this reason that we are totally amazed that the now 60-year-old pavement in our parking lot, which did not increase in value during the COVID shutdown, has been revalued at a much higher price. The one business that never truly shut down served by the parking lot was the ABC store. The ABC store is the biggest retail store in the shopping center. It has been guaranteed to remain open during the pandemic.

I cannot express how shameful it is to reach into the back pocket of a small-town business that has been closed for a year and raise the value of its property. The city and county benefit the most from the parking lot through ABC revenues.

Our small-town theatre has tried to keep prices low so our patrons can go to a small local theater, one they can afford to visit. We started in 1978 and our tickets started at $3.50; after 42 years prices have risen only to $7.50 for veterans, seniors for $6.50 and children for $5.50.

I disapprove of what the assessment is doing. It’s not just the theatre that will be impacted by the new appraisals. I know it will impact others. Our valuation is now $305,720 and before it was $221,200. We double-pay taxes because we’re inside the city limits.

It’s shameful to tax the little man this way. Many properties are owned by Jackson County and do they contribute to the property tax pool? I think not, and that makes it more shameful.

Johnny Ray Maney,




Don’t judge a book by its cover


To the Editor:

Recently I walked into a local establishment and was stopped by an older lady whom I’d never met before. Initially, she was very nice. She asked me if I am Chad Jones to which I responded that yes, I am.

From there she spent about three minutes telling me how I’m a horrible human being. I stood there and let her speak until she was finished. She then said, “Are you going to say anything?” I then asked her if she’d ever considered sitting down with me and asking me direct questions as to my beliefs and where they come from, and that she may be surprised to learn I’m not Satan reincarnate. Surprisingly, she said “I’m free right now.” So we sat down and talked for about 45 minutes. I explained my beliefs as she asked questions, the things I view as important in our town, county and country as well as why I don’t agree with other beliefs or ideas being pushed.

At the end I would not say I swayed her or changed her mind on much but as we parted, she flat out told me that I’m nothing like she was told I was like... that I’m much more than “a big dumb wrestler...” LOL.

I thanked her and as I reached out to shake her hand before parting she hugged me. I’ll take this as a win.

Another day was much different... I encountered a young man at another local establishment who had a swastika on his right calf. He saw me looking at it (honestly I was taken aback... never seen one on a person in real life) and he asked if I liked it? I told him that no, I didn’t like it at all, nor what it represents historically and today. This kid then looked at me as he walked out and asked me, “What are you, a n--- lover or something?” Guys... I was floored but even more so I was very saddened by the level of evil, hate and ignorance there. Me and the young man working the register just looked at one another as if to say to each other, “Did that really just happen here in Sylva?” Sadly, it did.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge people based on what you hear on Facebook group pages or from individuals that perpetuate hate and divide. Take the time to talk to one another and hear one another’s point of view. If you don’t agree at the end, that’s OK too. Agree to disagree and move forward to find a middle ground and work for the common good.

When encountered with evil and hate and I mean the real kind like I saw? Pray for them because the only thing that can change their heart is God himself.

Have a blessed day. Isaiah 40:31

Chad Jones,

Little Savannah



They own you, or soon will, unless...


To the Editor:

The mainstream media (MSM) (e.g., TV, internet, radio, social media, etc.) and the big tech conglomerates in America (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), which are predominately left-leaning politically, are telling you what to believe. They are telling you how you should vote and how voting procedures should be changed. They are attacking the First and Second amendments and are attempting to help pass laws and budgets that will decimate our economy.

They are doing so by promoting actions/laws/budgets using a “politically correct” title for those efforts that don’t do what the titles would imply. If anyone challenges those efforts, they will be attacked at a personal and professional level. The use of “Cancel Culture” techniques, or being censored or being de-platformed will make the “dissenters” essentially disappear on social media or any other online format.

Book publishers are also being harassed to stop publication of certain books that are considered to be contrary to the advocated MSM and big tech view.

The MSM and big tech companies are saturating all of the various entities they control to “re-educate” the ignorant masses to help us understand that they know what’s best for us, rather than what we believe is best for us.

So be prepared, for if you don’t, the MSM and big tech will “own” your brain, now or later, unless you question what you are being told.

Tom Rodgers,