Some want to take our vote away. Some want to go so far as to remove our basic institution for communicating with each other and eliminate our Postal Service, an institution originating at the founding of our nation.

This is a crass effort to frighten us away from participating in our basic democratic American right, the right to choose our leaders. Most of us don’t enjoy the prospect of standing in a long line, 6 feet apart, wearing masks to cast our vote in November. One way to protect our right to vote is to vote by mail, using an absentee ballot. Think of it, casting a vote from a safe place to ensure that each of our voices will be counted. A count that will not be interfered with by craven foreign interference or insidious domestic threat.

Here is what absentee voting entails. First request an absentee ballot from the Jackson County Board of Elections. All voters are entitled to assistance from their near relative or verifiable legal guardian.

The Board of Elections Office is located at Skyland Services Center, 876 Skyland Drive. You can call them at 586-7538 for more assistance. Or get help to use a computer to see and get the absentee request form online at Then simply download the request form. Carefully read the absentee request form, fill it in, send it back and wait for your ballot.

The ballots themselves won’t be sent out to you until after candidates for office from each party have been chosen. Then you can fill in the ballot and return it to the Board of Elections directly or mail your ballot to Board of Elections Jackson, 876 Skyland Drive, Ste 1 Sylva, NC 28779-2705.

Voting by absentee ballot means we can rest easier knowing the die has been cast and with pride that we have made the effort and honored those who have struggled in the past to keep us a free people.

We are a nation together that always responds to protect each other and our way of life. We will continue to fight for our rights. Our voices will be heard. Rise up. We will not be subdued.

Daniel Perlmutter,