To the Editor:

As a lifelong newspaper reader, a new resident to Jackson County and the state of North Carolina, I have a few observations that might be interest.

I am a subscriber to The Sylva Herald. I was amazed at the low rate for yearly delivery to my home. I wish you published more often. During the local elections I especially appreciated the in-detail qualification coverage of the individual candidates published in The Herald.

As an addition to the paper I would like to see more editorials covering more local topics; a section covering the movies being shown at the local cinema; and additional coupon inserts that are usually found in Sunday papers.

I find your local news as good as papers from Saint Louis, Mo., South Bend, Ind., and Mesa, Ariz., all cities that have daily newspapers, and where I resided for a total of 86 years.

A few other observations. Harris Regional Hospital is better than the Mesa hospital, as far as individual nursing attention paid to patients. I say this from personal experience!

The retail stores have polite, helpful and friendly clerks. It is such a surprise to have doors held open, offers to carry purchases to the car, and greetings on entering establishments.  Even the younger shoppers are helpful to a short, slightly disabled, woman (me).

Rosemary Bonadies