A hit to the pocketbook


To the Editor:

Environmental scientists have been telling us for some years that storms will be more frequent and more severe.

You think the people in California who’ve lost their homes to fires, the people in the Midwest and Northeast who’ve been hammered by snow and ice, and the people in Texas who are still suffering from their historic ice and snow storm would agree that storms are more frequent and more severe? Our taxes help pay for the relief that goes to these climate disaster areas. Ever wonder when one of these disasters will hit our area?

The League of Conservation Voters ranks members of Congress on their support of climate legislation. In 2020 almost half the senators scored 75 percent or more, and the average was 48 percent. By comparison, our two senators both scored 15 percent. If you find that unacceptable, please call Sen. Burr 202-224-3154 and Sen. Tillis 202-224-6342 and ask them to support the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act and the efforts of the new administration to deal with the climate crisis.

Gene Tunnell,




Truth trumps lies in the long run


To the Editor:

If you believe in our democracy there is good reason to now appreciate Mr. Donald Trump. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and he did his best to kill our constitutional democracy over the past 50 years of his corrupt life and failed.

Sadly for true conservatives he never had a conservative bone in his body and turned a clear majority of conservatism in the House, Senate and White House over to the Democrats in just four years. His 30,000 lies took Fox News from number one to Lou Dobbs level. And he and wimpy Lindsey (Graham) will continue to destroy the Republican Party.

So indeed, thank you Mr. Trump for helping so many understand that truth trumps lies in the long run. And have a wonderful Fourth of July whether you spend it in a Georgia state prison or with brother Putin in Moscow.

Mike Clark, 


Vaccination program a model that others would do well to follow


To the Editor:

Hats off to the Jackson County Department of Public Health and their COVID-19 immunization program.

That is the smoothest, most well-thought out program I have ever seen. I realize most counties may not have the facilities we have here in Jackson County, but someone sure used intelligent and expert planning to incorporate the facilities available to design a smooth-running system, from the first stop where appointments are verified, to the last where an adverse effect of the shot is checked for – all very professionally administered. 

This could be an example for the rest of the nation.

Gerald Cool,