Thoughts on creating unity


To the Editor:

The other day I decided to stop into a brewery after a good day with a client. I put on my mask and found a table near the open air of the bar. I ordered my usual and noticed a lone person two seats over without a mask. While I have gotten pissed as pissed can be at the folks who refuse to get vaccinated after my wife and I and millions others got vaccinated and now cause the rest of us to go back to the start of the last pandemic, my wife has gotten all over me for being in the blame game so I decided to change my ways and begin building bridges. I introduced myself and he did the same. His name was Joe Schmo and he was part of a group known as the Society To Uncover People In Denial.

So Joe I asked, “what people?” Joe explained his society seeks to find others like themselves who know the election was stolen, the Delta virus is a hoax promoted by the drug companies to sell their rushed to market vaccines and believe that Joe Biden is overreaching to become a dictator. “Biden is not my president,” he growled.

So I asked, “How is it going?” “Pretty well” Joe commented. “We are finding quite a few people like us but a lot of them drop out when they get sick and die.” “Sounds like a real problem,” I observed. “You bet,” he agreed. Making progress I thought. So venturing further out I asked the big question, “Don’t you encourage them to take those horse worm pills with a shot of Lysol?’ Fox News and 45 say that is a proven solution to all that ails us.” Joe glared at me. “Not funny,” he said.

I figured I had done enough damage trying to build unity and moved down a few seats toward the outside seating. Over my second beer I realized that Joe was friendly enough and wondered if he realized the acronym his society had begotten.

Ron Robinson, Sylva