I wasn’t too upset when I first learned the Economist in Chief was imposing tariffs on China. I frankly have been disgusted with plastic do-das and T-shirts that didn’t hold their shape after a wash. Good. At last maybe the country who has no clue what fair trade is about will be brought to task.

But now the end game has stepped up and I’m not happy about the possibility that there could be a shortage on toilet paper. Around our house we bank on Ultra Strong Charmin!

We could possibly be considered hoarders of toilet paper because Sidekick wants to feel secure knowing there is an endless supply!

Now I wonder ... if there are shortages in items like toilet paper ... could war break out? Not abroad but here in Western North Carolina?

Say all of us have stocked up several years’ worth of Charmin (and even lesser desirable brands in a pinch)...will the Catawba sneak over the state line in the dark of night and steal what is rightfully and legally ours?

I would like to see fair trade. I am distressed however that silos of toilet paper might rot and then we would be forced back into the 1800s when corn cobs or leaves were the only option. I refuse to even let my mind think along those lines.

Perchance, if the White House runs out of toilet paper, they will send ambassadors to work a deal that will assure all Americans unlimited supplies at a reasonable price.

If that doesn’t happen then there is one ace left in the hole.

Jackson Paper Company could re-tool and start rolling out their own local brand of toilet paper ... for those of us who care enough to use the very best ... made in the USA.

Carol McCrite,