As the clowns in Washington dance, sing, and do their acrobatics, we are allowed to see a revival of The Greatest Show On Earth. Actually I think the neighbor’s dog would make a better president and a kindergarten class express better manners, show more compassion and humility and make better decisions than is currently exhibited by Congress.

At this juncture I believe “We the People” could self-govern with far better cooperation and accomplishment than those we elected to represent us behind the Beltway.

The ridiculousness of this past week spawned a thought ... let’s all run for president in 2020 ... I mean every able-bodied, common-sense citizen in the country should throw their hat in the ring and declare they are the best person for the job. Why not? It’s already a free-for-all, shark-feeding frenzy to get one’s hat in the ring.

Of course everyone must run on an independent ticket. As front-runners emerge from the pack, a playoff – like football or basketball – would move the best of the best through the brackets to the Final Four.

Instant replay could decide all controversial calls by The League of Women Voters – who would yield to facts rather than the proverbial spin or downright lies.

You get the overall picture. America has lost its collective common sense, it’s decorum, fairness and it’s awesome respect for democracy. We yawn, stretch, return our heads to the sand and pretend everything’s just find and dandy while our foreign enemies dance naked in the street and set their hair on fire. Once favored allies distrust our every move and laugh behind our back.

Lest we forget ... a humble and a contrite heart is our ancient sacrifice. It is never too late to return to these principles that govern all our affairs – principles for whom so many have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we remain free.

Carol McCrite,